Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Friday

Who doesn't love Friday, especially one that ends a three day work week? So everyone happy Friday. In addition to being Friday, I also have some good news. I am getting a poem published in Ardent! Magazine. The magazine is published by Poetry in Arts. Very exciting!

I submitted to this magazine months ago and I never heard from them. So I check the website to see how long they normally take (some magazines will say how long a response time will be, you don't want to nag them too much) and my submission was way longer than the response time. I got the email and I was pretty pleased with myself. It seems like I forgot to add my mailing address. I thought I put in on but I guess not so it was an electronic submission. When I submit through the internet (unless it is through Submishmash), I always make sure I construct my email as a business letter which includes all contact information.

I also wrote to another magazine inquiring about a story I sent them. They are a college ran magazine so I probably won't here back from them until they are back in school. Who knows maybe I will be published there as well.

It seems like 2013 will be a great year for me. By the way the poem will be in April/May edition of the magazine. You can order it through the website for sure but it may be in stores like Barnes and Nobles as well.

I also want to share about our post Christmas snow. Remember I got my car stuck on the mountain last week. Well I drove to work in my car and actually drove it home, well sort of anyway. I made all the way up the mountain and through town and I got stuck about 2 roads from my house. My husband came and towed me out with a chain. Hey I at least made almost home before getting stuck.

He says  I should get better tires. Mine are good but he thinks I should get some mud and snow type tires. I think I will see how much they cost at Wal-Mart or Sam's club and get some in a couple of months.

And there you go, this week summed up just for you. May the corn be plenty and the moon be a fool.

Monday, December 24, 2012

He Gave Them Christmas

It was October 1930, Roderrick Van Hausen III, walked behind the hearse that carried his parents to their burial plot. It should have been raining but instead the sun shone bright and it was warm. Why couldn’t the day be more like Roderrick’s mood- miserable and sad. His Uncle Jack placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. He knew Uncle Jack would come live with him and take care of him. His dad told him that a couple of years ago, that if anything were to happen to him and Roderrick’s mother, Uncle Jack would take care of him.

He didn’t want to leave even when his parents were lowered into the ground and the grave diggers began to throw the dirt over the caskets. Uncle Jack pulled him away, “I know you are sad but things will get it a little better. Your parents would want you to live for them.”

The next morning, Uncle Jack called for Roderrick in his father’s study.

“Good morning, Roderrick. I want you to put on your best suit and pack one suitcase of everything you would need. We are going on a little trip- you and I. I think this is for the best. You will see.”

Confused, but not wanting to argue, he did as his uncle said. He chose the largest suitcase and packed clothes, pencils and his drawing tablet. He looked in his wallet, he had five dollars. He didn’t know where he was going but he figured is he needed more money, Uncle Jack would give it to him because his parents would always give him whatever he asked.

Roderrick carried his bag downstairs, “Uncle Jack where is Sarah and Norman?” Sarah was the house manager and Norman was the butler. In fact, he did not see one servant since he awoke.

“I gave them the day off to mourn, they loved your parents very much,” He replied. “You ready to go?”

Uncle Jack took his bag and placed it in the trunk and Roderrick sat in the front seat. Soon, they left behind his house and the far away New York City skyline.

“We are going?” asked Roderrick

“Outside of Buffalo, I have some business there,” Uncle Jack replied and that was the last the two of them talked. They stooped outside of Albany for gas and they were back on the road again. Roderrick slept as they went through one town after another. He was asleep when Uncle Jack shook him, “we are here.”

Roderrick opened his eyes and they were parked in front of a old house with rusty tin patches on the roof. It was a dingy white clapboard house with faded blue shutters. In front there was a cover porch. There was a little sign to the right of the front door. Roderrick squinted to see it better, it read, “Our Lady’s Abandoned Children’s Home”

“Why are we here?” asked Roderrick but Uncle Jack already had his suitcase out of the trunk.

“Come on.”

He followed his uncle up to the door and his uncle knocked. A nun answered the door and invited them in. Children ran up and down the stairs. The girls squealed as the boys pretended to shoot them. They looked at Roderrick and whispered then disappeared into another room. The nun led them to the front parlor. She motioned Roderrick to sit a chair as she closed the door to the parlor after his uncle went it. He went to the door to hear what they had to say.

“Mr. Laskey, I hope you had a safe trip,” she said.

“We did thank you.”

“I am sorry to hear that you can not take care of your nephew.”

“I thought they had money but they bought so much on credit, that there is nothing left and I just don’t have the resources to take care of them.”

“Children, can be quite happy just being with loved ones. All of my children here are victims of the depression. Their parents couldn’t take care of them. Any one of them would love to be with their parents if they could.”
“I understand and I did not come to this decision lightly either. I love that boy as if was my own.”

Roderrick couldn’t believe what was going on. His uncle was giving him up. There was no money? He knew his dad, he always had money stashed in the walls and in the mattress and anywhere he could stash it. His dad never trusted banks since he believed all bankers were crooked. And when the stock market crashed last year, they had plenty of money. He listened closer.

“Okay Mr. Laskey please sign this paper, it is to relinquish your rights to this child. Sign this paper and I become his legal guardian until the age of 18. You do realize, you can change your mind but you will have to go to court.”

“Yes I do.”

“May I ask, why did you bring him here all the way to Buffalo when there are plenty of children’s homes in New York City and I am sure much better ones.”

“I think the change of scenery would do him good, with his parent’s recent passing.”

The door opened and Uncle Jack knelt down in front Roderrick, “I am sorry I have to do this, champ but times are tough. When things get better, I will get you back, I promise. I love you, champ.” Uncle Jack hugged him and scurried out the door.

“Hello Roderrick, I am Sister Mary Allan, I run this little place. I hope you find some happiness here.”

Tears streamed down his face. He wanted to throw something or hit something but instead Sister Mary Allan hugged him hard and he cried into her black habit.

Read the rest of story in Santa's Shorts available on Kindle, included in Kindle Unlimited.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Thursday's Mis-Adventure

Yeah, I know today is Friday but I got home way too late last night to write about last night. I would love to tell you that I had a run in with a ghost or I went out and saw a band then got on stage and did a couple of songs but none of that happened. No, this is a story about driving home. A drive that should have only taken about 30 minutes or a little more instead took hours... Let's start from the begining.

After I picked my daughter up, we drove back down to State College to meet with my husband for his lunch break.  No when I left work at 3:30 it was sleeting about 15 minutes later it changed to all rain. And it rained all the way back to State College. After, we got the food from the golden arches (let me just tell you those new spicy chicken sandwiches are really yummy) we met with my husband and it began to sleet again.

I had some shopping to do at Wally-world which I knew wouldn't take me long so I went over there with my daughter and got some things. We left Wally-world and got gas. Before this, my husband said I could switch vehicles with him and take the jeep home (4x4 vehicle but I am pig-headed).

After getting some gas, I started home. It sleeted on 99 and I just drove slow, the roads were passable. No sooner then  starting up the mountain, the sleet changed to snow. But it wasn't flurries this was an onslaught of snow. It came from all directions, swirling and whirling around. The mountain is already incredibly dark to begin with and the snow made it worse. My speed went from 45 to 20 to about 5. I down shifted into first right at the steepest part of the mountain. I started sliding and my  car was getting hot oh yeah and I smelled something burning (more than likely my clutch). I pulled over and called my husband. He left work to come rescue me.

He came and he took the car and I took the jeep with my daughter and we started back up the mountain. He gets a little further when some girl in front of him gets stuck which means he gets stuck again. Neither him or the girl can move. She asks us for a ride into town and we agree. So we leave my car there because there is no way we can move it. Now at this moment traffic is still moving on the mountain but not fast.

He begins to climb the mountain when we come to a standstill. The traffic is no longer moving. The four of us are sitting in the jeep just stuck. Eventually, we see some tow trucks and even a plow truck. I should mention that I was stranded on the mountain for almost an  hour before my husband could get to me and I saw the plow truck make only one pass. We spend four hours on the mountain. We get home at 11:30, use the potty and go back out to get my car since the snow changed back to rain.

We head back down the mountain and look for my car but it is gone. So we stop at the State Police and ask what happened. My car got towed and of course the police officer said the state had to the right because they had to clear the road. I asked him what happened on the mountain because I was on there for four hours. He said, the road got icy and Penn Dot let it get out of control. Wow what an answer.

Speaking of Penn Dot, I drove to work yesterday morning and they were out either salting the roads or throwing anti-skid at 7 am when it wasn't even doing anything. But I rarely saw them on the mountain where there was so much snow. And today, when I went to rescue my car from the tow place they were out everywhere.

And that was our little mis-adventure in the snow. At least everyone is okay.

Stay warm, eat cookies and watch Christmas movies all night

Monday, December 17, 2012

I am Free Download Addict

Hmm there are several words I love, one of them being "free". So one of the publishers I like on Facebook had free ebooks from Amazon. Yes I had to get them. I go to Amazon and download the free kindle app. (Notice the word free keeps popping up?) Anyway I download the free ebooks and then I have this brilliant thought maybe there are other free ebooks. And there are! Life is so good.

I downloaded hell of a lot of ebooks for free of course. Then I start downloading free mp3's from amazon. I spend almost all day Saturday downloading free stuff. I am the reason they make hard drives freaking big. I need all that space for all my free downloads. While perusing Amazon Mp3 I am downloading music samplers left and right (come on portions of albums for free who could possibly resist?) One extra good thing was I finally got some Christmas music since I barely had any. There are so many more samplers to download, like 30 or so. You think I won't download them all, you know I will probably download most of them. The word "free" hooks me everytime.

Okay since I got a bunch of free ebooks, I actually thought to read one of them. I don't remember what it is called since I was only reading to see what the world was buying. I am assuming this book is for young adults and older and it is what some would call a supernatural romance. I don't care for romance, supernatural or otherwise. I don't want to review the book because it probably won't be glowing.

What I want to talk about is how I see myself as a writer. I read this book and I know that I am a good writer maybe better or maybe the same. The only difference is she had a book pubslished and I do not and the reason that is possibly because she makes the time to write where as I  write whenever the mood strikes me. One thing I should do is make the time to write, everyday or at least every other day. The husband tells me all the time I should write all the time. In fact, he asks me if I got any writing done and more often than not, I say no. He really does try to keep me going.

In fact, he has been going through my publisher's books. You know the industry standard for trying to be published regardless of what you write. He tells me all the time to write more and maybe I should. Maybe for this year instead of having a poetry project maybe I should spend some time writing- however it comes out.

And with, may the owl know your secrets and sing them across new fallen snow.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

As many of you know there was a school shooting at an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut. According to the Huffington Post, there 27 dead, 20 kids and 7 adults. And this story really bothered me, bothered me more than Columbine and I was in high school at the time. More than the Amish school house shooting here in Pennsylvania. This has everything to do with my daughter being in an elementary school. Reading through the comments on the Huffington Post, people are already yelling for gun control. Oh I will get to that in a minute.

I want to know what were the thoughts of the shooter. How can he look in a kid's face and just shoot. I am sure there many who can postulate on his frame of mind. Maybe he was depressed or schizophrenic or something that led to this. There are reports his mom worked at the school and she was also dead. So why did he shoot the kids. I am  not condoning the shooting of his mom but at least there is a reason, good or bad. I don't understand.

When I was in school, it was pretty safe. Of course, there are dangerous schools out there and those people live with that day in and day out. Sure the government tries to help but some of the inner city schools are dangerous. Maybe because this was a small town and things like that just aren't supposed to happen. Anymore, they do. There are those who believe Columbine started it all. Those kids opened fire on their school and then killed themselves. There were movies and books and so much media coverage, everyone knew about the Columbine shooting. Aren't there other ways to claim fifteen minutes of fame as opposed to entering a school and shooting innocent people.

I can think of other things even if they are illegal, big ass bank robbery where the person dresses in their birthday suit. I know it is nutty but no one should die. If he wanted his death why didn't he just jump off an overpass? Why go through all this, why ruin other people's lives if his was possibly so miserable?

Every time, there is some kind of shooting, the whispers of gun control run adjacent to the actual news story. I am pro second amendment. I believe people can own weapons but they must take responsibility for such a weapon. What will gun control do anyway? When booze was illegal wasn't there still moonshine being made in the hills and there were speak easy's where the booze came from some other place. Having stricter gun laws will not do anything except add more charges to the perpetrator. If someone wants a gun and has the money then they will have it.

If someone wants a gun bad enough they will get it. There are already laws in place for people who have a had a history of mental illness can't own a gun. But that doesn't mean they can't steal a gun from their neighbor or relative. And even the extreme people who wants guns banned all together, there will be guns illegal or not just like alcohol. What about he people who have no known record, they can buy a gun so where does gun control really get?

Would stricter gun laws prevented the tragedy of today? I think not. Because if he was out to do harm to other people and didn't have gun, who is to say he wouldn't have made pipe bombs? Maybe he wasn't that smart. So go simpler with a Molotov cocktail. I still think this would have happened, guns or no guns.

Because this mother fucker decided to wake up one day and kill others and himself.

I want to give my condolences to the victims' families, the school, the survivors and the entire town.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So This is Tuesday

After two weeks at my new job, I finally get to do real work. I almost forgot how much I love the smell of melting solder and flux. And so far things are good there and I am really liking the job and of course I really love how my day is done at 3:30. And I also like how I only spend eight hours of my day working, instead of 12. Anyway enough about work... let's talk about something else.

I am finishing up most of my current writing projects. I still have to finish editing the other ebook and then I have to write 2-3 thousand short story for kids and then I will be done with my freelance work. Hopefully, once I get that done, I will write another chapter of Suburban Vampires. I know that makes everyone happy.

And really this should be a longer post but sadly I didn't have anything to say. I felt like writing some even if it was only a couple of hundred words. I can't wait until my ebook comes out. I think it is a good story even if I am tooting my own horn. I am reading this writing book and this guy pretty much says if you get paid for writing then take the job (he also condemns writing some one else's school work, that will be a story for another time).

I know its short but oh well, may the moon slap you in the ass.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekened Round Up

And so today is Sunday and I know it has been several days since I wrote but you should know me by now, I am always unorganized. I think it adds some color to my life. So I want to share what has been keeping me very busy these last few days.

I finished another ebook, this morning in fact. I had some trouble with this story because I really had no idea where it was going. Many times when I begin on a story I have a basic idea of the plot. With this particular story I had a name and a character trait. So I began on the path with no direction. Eventually, I let my fingers do the walking and I finished it. I even like how it ended. Sometimes it is nice to go on a writing adventure with no idea where it will go. Now I will have to edit it and I have some other short articles to write that go along with the story. The articles won't take me long though. I should have it done this week sometime.

I started my new job two weeks ago (for another company) as an electronic assembler. I had specialized traning this past week and now I am a certified electronic assembler which is pretty cool. And this certificate, I can take with me to another company. This job is pretty good so far, I am looking forward to this week because I hope I will be doing real work. I will say one thing, since I am working a normal schedule I seem to have more time to focus on writing which is always a good thing.

I was days behind my haiku writing and I also caught them up this morning. Go me, I am on a writing whirlwind and it feels damn good. I am still thinking about next years poetry project. I want to try something new but I seem to keep falling back on haiku or something similar or even acrostic poetry. I don't know maybe something will come to mind soon enough. I just need to find something that will keep dedicated to writing that is quick to do. The whole point is try to write everyday but sometimes I don't have all the time in the world for writing. And some projects I have are the ones that need some time and devotion. But we will see. I really should work on stuff that I already started.

What I need is a secretary to do my sending out of stuff and I can sit back and write. Sure that will happen when everyone knows my name.
 So what else is there, oh yeah I did some decorating for Christmas and I watched all the new Bones that appeared on Netflix. I also started watching a pretty funny show called Reaper. And with that I think that is about everything or at least what I can think of right about now.

Till the moon shines on the lone lily caked in mud.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Haiku 3

one extra day
who cares
time moves on its own clock

stationary light
pierces obsidian
full moon night

small moment
ensnared by words

dismantled derrick
displays dollar store doll

In honor, of my recent happy email, I decided to post a haiku series. So what is this awesome news? I am getting a haiku published in Frogpond, the Haiku Society of America's journal. The haiku will be published in the winter edition of the magazine. How awesome is that. I am so glad because I am starting my way on fullfilling my life long dream as being a published writer. Slowy, I am moving upwards but going up slow is better than going nowhere fast.

I still don't know what my next poetry project will be for the upcoming year. This idea kind of hit me and I had to run with it. With almost a month to go, I have been slacking more but I catch up. I must stay dedicated because I just do. I start a lot of projects and many of them are unifnished. So actually finishing something is a big deal.  I haven't decided if I want to edit my book down to a manageable level and try to have the book published. I would like to start perhaps sketching some pictures for the haiku. I suppose that will make it more of a haibun but still the same principal.

Enjoy the haiku, love to hear what you have to say.

And this road is paved in gilded words, beautiful words that glitter in the darkest of days.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Egg Hill Church

A really old headstone
About a month ago, the husband and I went to the Egg Hill Church. If you remember, I was supposed to write about this when we went there but things came up and I never got around to it. It was also today the local newspaper had an article about a local paranormal group that does investigations. According to the article, all these people are certified and ready for business. Just one more side note before I get onto to the real interesting part of this post, I used to tell my parents that I wanted to go to college for Parapyshcology (really fancy term for ghost hunting and study of paranormal activity) but I missed out. It wasn't until a couple of years ago Penn State has a paranormal society. Damn, if I would have known that then I would have joined.

View of Egg Hill Church from Road

So back on topic, Egg Hill Church and Cemetery is supposedly a haunted place. There is a legend that sometime in the mid nineteenth century, the reverend at the church poisoned the adult congregation and slaughtered the children in the basement. There has been many people who went here to see if there was any paranormal activity and people also tried to find any truth for this legend. There are no records what so ever of this massacre. There was an article in The Centre Daily Times right before Halloween talking about Egg Hill and how people still make the trip on a rocky road to find this place and meet the ghosties.

Old headstone leaning against
basement door of the church

With all that being said, I went to Egg Hill and I took some pictures. There is some really old headstones. The church is a simple wood plank church with a chain link fence (the fence was added to deter people away from it). It is actually registered as a historic place. The church is sealed off and there are no trespassing signs. I just looked around the outside and the graveyard. I did peak in the basement and maybe it was the way the light came in but it looked like old blood on the wall. Now the foundation is made of stone so it could have been iron in the rock or from the roof which I believe is also metal. 
Church bell tower

I don't know what I am supposed to feel if there really is a place that is haunted but it felt like any old place. It was quiet and peaceful. The church is tucked away deep inside the woods. And the road there is rocky and you can only drive 5 miles an hour. There is a lovely creek that runs alongside the road. A person lives right near the church so don't think  about going there to break in  to do whatever. I didn't disturb anything just looked around.  Also, I'm not going to post the directions you can find where it is yourself, should you want to go.

Wait for the bumps in the night and on your back, scream silently because no one can hear you.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today is Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and when I got up for work this morning, there was snow and it was still falling. Sometime between 11 and 12 most of it disappeared. Pretty weird but what would anyone expect anyway.

So I know it's been a few days since I posted but I wanted to make sure Chapter 1 of Suburban Vampires was on top for a few days plus it gave me some time to finish and catch up on other writing projects. I did finish that story for the ebook and I got paid. Now, I am just waiting to see where it will be published and I will let you all know. I finished the poem for my friend and now I got myself two more to do as well. Yeah me!

I started my new job this morning and so far it is okay. Of course, I am new and there is so much training type of stuff but that is to be expected anyway. Hmm, I am trying to think of what else is new.

Believe it or not, I can't think of anything. I just wanted to make a little post because I know it has been a few days and I didn't want you all to think I ran off.

Of course, I did buy the winning powerball ticket tonight so you never know. I could win and I will say one thing, if I did this blog will include a lot of travelling because we will be doing a lot of that.

There you go, may the snow be warm and your hot chocolate loaded with whipped cream.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


So day was (well technically it is still Thanksgiving because I am writing this at 9:30 pm) Thanksgiving and it was a nice and quiet day.

Okay so I did not make the crust for the pie, I cheated and bought the frozen pie shells. Since pumpkin pie takes a good while to bake and I did not have all the time in the world to make crust but there is nothing more I love than pumpkin pie. So I just had to make some pies. By the way they were fantastic. I always eat mine with gobs of Cool Whip (not Reddi-Whip, I would eat whipped cream if there was no cool whip available).

I made the turkey earlier. It was a 15 pounder and I stuffed it plenty with bread stuffing. I also made homemade mashed potatoes, candied yams, corn and homemade gravy from giblets and drippings. So after eating two plates this afternoon and just had another plate of leftovers I am stuffed. What a meal!

Speaking of food and I am not sure why this thought popped in my head but one thing JK Rowling did in her Harry Potter books was describe the feasts in great detail. And did that make me very hungry and wish that I could go to Hogwarts. But I digress.... let's talk about something other than food.

So I had some nice surprises in my email today. Two people from odesk want me to write for them. I wrote back today so after I get a reply hopefully, I start working on some new projects. Also, one of my friends called today and asked me to write a poem for him which I will be paid for.  As for the story I just finished, I have to do some tweaking and then it should be good. I will probably work on that as soon as I am done with this post.

I start a brand new job on Tuesday and it is a job that pays well and is something that I really want to do other than write that is. Everything with this job happened so fast. I had the interview last Friday, they called me on Monday and offered me the job. I am in the first group to be hired. Perhaps, everything happens for a reason, even if at the time things didn't make sense at all.

Well I have some writing to do. I did not forget about my vampires. I should work on it very soon especially if I get some other writing projects going.

And this is where we part on this well trodden path into the garden of Eden.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Living the Crazy Life

So right about now, I am living the crazy life. And you know what-  I kind of like it. But the good news is, it will slow down some. At least a little less crazy. I fill my days doing so much and it is no wonder that I have been in bed at a reasonable hour.

I felt like rambling today because I think things are going to get even better and that always puts me in a good mood. Still waiting to hear back from that story. I think I mentioned that I sent it to them but I am waiting to hear back and hopefully I will get paid. I did ask where the ebook will be published so I will be sure to let all of you know.

I went to the grocery store today really hoping they had pie crust and sadly they do not. Well I guess I got to practise my pie crust making skills just in case there is a zombie apocalypse and there will be no dough. That also means I will have to learn to be a farmer to be self- sustaining and to shoot a gun better than Annie Oakley for protection.

Speaking of zombie apocalypse, why is there so much hoopla lately about the ever present zombie apocalypse? Of course, the world is supposed to end on December 12. I thought it was supposed to end last year too. Really, if one would think about the end of the world can come at any time, zombies or no zombies. But let tell me you, I have watched enough zombie movies and I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse. There will be no mercy from me. You could even call me an expert on zombie killing.

With this freelance thing I want to do, I have to create a portfolio so I will be working on some of that in the near weeks and hopefully I can start picking up work. I do not want to make freelance writing my lone income, more like extra money. I am very choosy on the work I want to do but I think I have the luxury since I am only free lance writing to be a paid writer. Until I make enough money by selling my own works, I will have a real world job. I love writing but I hate applying for the freelance work, it almost seems like a lot of work to begin with.

So with that, I am going to finish this oddball rambling post with a good bye (short and sweet and to the point, I know a little different than me.)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy Days

Thanksgiving is only days away. Yesterday or was it the other day, I got my turkey, the potatoes, the yams, corn, and pumpkin. Couldn't find pie crust, so I actually have to make my own. I prefer the raw dough that you roll out and slap in your pie pan but they were out. It's not that I can't make my own crust, I am forced to make my own crust when I make turkey pot pie ( as in the pot pie that is meat and veggies in a pie crust) because I the pan I use to bake the pot pie is a rectangle and most pie crust comes round and it's really not all that sturdy. I tried to use the roll out dough for pot pie and I spend more time ripping it.

Pies will be made on Wednesday. MMMmmmm. I can smell the pies cooking. Pumpkin pie is my most favorite pie in the world. Apple is  a close second.

So with the holidays coming up, I am a bit stretched for time and my writing bug doesn't feel like writing. Another reason for such a delay in posts. I am still thinking about SUBURBAN VAMPIRES. Honestly, though I just need to sit down and write it because it is all there is my head. I just need to go from point a to the computer screen to here.

I did finish the story for odesk and I submitted it. I also have been trying to pick up some more work from there as well but we will see what that future holds.

Well let's see, there is nothing else really going on in my life. Well nothing really worthy of posting, just day to day stuff. Gosh what a short post today, I will try to make an effort to make a longer this week sometime. The ideal thing would be to post chapter one of SUBURBAN VAMPIRES.

Tell the next time, may your cranberry sauce be chilled and the turkey hot...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I soared on the back of an eagle
made love in the clouds
then took a vulture back down.

I raced a cheetah up Everest
and won gold medals
all the time I smoked pot
with the king of Monaco.

I beat a sequoia, once,  pounded
it to paper wrote a Pulitzer
Prize winner.

These are the stories I
will tell my fans,
my adoring public who buries
me in cash and accolades.

Stories fade to dust
as does my cosmopolitan
and I’m here with
empty paper and an empty glass.

I hope you enjoy this poem as I am a little busy finishing up this other writing project. I don't want to leave you all in the dust while I shoot up to fame.

And by the time we meet again, there will be mounds of spaghetti in your back yard (not really but I thought it would be funny)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Working on Writing

It's been five days...

Oh I know I am slacking on posting but the good news is I am writing though. So I think I mentioned in the last post, I am going to try freelance writing. As far as I know I am accepted for the story idea I submitted for ebook publication. I really thought this was going to a peice of cake but I was so wrong. I proposed a story, I already wrote and I figured I would add some more stuff to make the word count.

It's been awhile since I even looked at this story so I thought I only had to write an additional 2000 words. HAHA. The story was only a hair under 3000 words and the minimum word count is for 6000 words. So that means I had to fatten the story up by 3000 words. Well I almost have the story done. I am up to 4500 words and I still have some more stuff to add. So go me.

It is so nice to be writing and actually enjoying writing again. Of course, I told the guy I would have everything done in three weeks. It hasn't even been a week yet and I am moving a lot quite nicely. Once I finish fattening the story, I am going to edit it several times and then I have some other quick things to do with this particular job.

Oh sure it sounds so nice to be a freelance writer but I really don't care for looking for jobs and I don't really care for huge articles with a low pay rate. But I have to start some where and it is always at the bottom.

Other than that, I am enjoying this weather. So nice to run around (not like I am running anywhere) outside with a tee shirt on. Back to the story, I want to get it done so I can write the first chapter of SUBURBAN VAMPIRES. Oh yeah I had to throw it in, so you all can be excited about it again.

Until the next time we meet on this moonlit road by the broken headstone where all signs point to the devil.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Working on Freelancing

As you noticed, or maybe not, I am looking for freelance work. Because this is what I want to do not to make a living off of but for extra cash and start becoming a credible writer. I joined this site called oDesk. And it is much like elance (if anyone knows what this is.) I admit it, I am a complete newbie when it comes to looking for freelance work. Most of the time, they don't teach you this kind of work in college. I think you can take some classes on the web or some other place to show you how to do things but really I am going to go old school here and live and learn.

There are jobs I won't even bid on because I will not write other people's papers. I will edit them but that is about it. If you can't do the work then you shouldn't pay for it either. I believe that is completely unethical for anyone. I know there are writers in this world who wouldn't care what they were writing as long as they were getting paid.  But I say to each their own.

I joined oDesk because there were oppurtunities I was interested in and these are more the creative writing jobs. The one I just applied for is where I write a story and then I will sell the story to these people who will make an ebook out of it. Guess what though, I get the byline and I get money. Yes, I lose all rights to the story but I am okay with that. I put a lot of thought into it and I believe just getting my stories to circulate will be a good thing. At least right now since I am starting out in the world of publishing.

And of course, my fans I will be sure to let you know everything to know how this ebook goes. If this works out maybe I will be invited to write more stories.  This is a win win situation for everyone.

Until next time, let the snow cover the mud and watch the stars shimmer.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day Tomorrow!!!

Well I did my homework, I am a good voter. Well not really, I did my homework for different races the one is for state representative for my district and the other is for president. My husband personally knows Glen Thompson, he is running for United States House so I am voting for him again.

So for the state representative the race it is Tommy Sankey, republican, and Mark McCracken, democrat, and I am going to vote for McCracken. I went to both of their websites and read what they had to say. If you remember, I rambled on about political mail and I how much I get from Sankey. McCracken is also a supporter of the second amendment, which I am a  huge supporter of constitutional rights.

And for whatever else at the state level, I more than likely will vote for incumbents. I  know, bad voter right there. I do it all the time. Unless of course, the incumbent is crap and I want to make sure my vote counts and have someone  else in office.  I know you all really want to know is who I am voting for president. I think most people would think that to be important.

First things first, I went to each of candidate's website. And Obama's is written in clear and concise format. I don't have to have a PhD in political writing to understand what it is going on. Romney's site is not as easy to read. In fact, there was so much text I got bored. Not saying I am  stupid but I don't want to get lost in political language. I really only care about certain issues. One of them being social security. I don't know what Obama wants to do, I couldn't find it, Romney's plan made no sense. Other than he wants to increase the age for full retirement. Holy shit, how much older do I have to be? I already have to be 72 years old to get full benefits. I guess I must be one breath away from the grave before I can get full benefits. My luck, I get my first social security check and then I kick the bucket. Well I guess that's money saved.

I care about jobs and job creation. I like seeing tax credits for business who want to keep jobs in America. I also believe in clean, green energy and I know that is one huge job creator for the US and it is a job that can never be out-sourced. I also care about health care and honestly, I don't like either's plan so no one wins there.

And I'm voting for Barack Obama. Comments are always open, would love to hear them

Publishing Poetry

With a title like that I am bound to get people like me, people who are starting out in the world of publishing poetry. Oh, I have been writing for years and I know that doesn't count for much. I know being poet doesn't bring all the riches in the world. Even winning the Pulitzer Prize gets you ten thousand dollars ( I know that is hell of a lot of money and if I did win, I sure wouldn't turn it down). Being a poet means not making thousands of dollars a month in royalties (and it does seem many small presses don't even offer royalties.)

I don't write poetry to make money but that is only a benefit. I love poetry. I have all sorts of poetry books scattered around the house. How to write poetry, anthologies and everything in between. I  think I have more poetry books than how to write a story book. Anyway... I always wonder how people can even get a poetry book published. I have one written. I love this book, sometimes when I read it over, I am in awe of myself. I actually feel like I am reading someone else's book (I  know how it sounds- but who cares? I have to have some pride in my work).

I feel like two different people. Writer girl and the everyday girl. Sometimes, I write something and I can hardly believe I wrote it. Now this book is called Into the Garden it is a book of acrostic poems. Okay don't get scared... there is nothing like this in the world. This is different and unique and maybe that is why some people don't want to look at. It is acrostic poetry which I think I am pretty good at. It is not written like:

B is for beauty that you posess
E is for an equality in heart
T is for time I spend with you
H is for hands in mine always.
No, mine are written more like this:
Cautious with the feral wind     
And I wait in slipping dusk for  
Truth to fall from the sky.          
You get the idea. These poems are arranged in gardens: flowers, vegetable and fruit. And the titles of the poems are things found in each garden like tiger lily, cauliflower and others. No, I won't publish any on here because I want to keep the entire book pure. As in I want to keep it whole and that's why I don't even send the poems out to magazine publishers (they are acrostic so of course some people have a stigma to this form, thinking it is childish).
Next to haiku, I love this form of poetry because it offers a challenge. You have to say what you to say in certain perameters. I have been writing acrostic poems for years. I made some for my friends  and family and then I would frame them and voila, a totally unique Christmas present.
It is one of my dreams to write poems for these types of poems for people and get paid for it. Back to Into the Garden, I created the title before anything else. In fact, this was an idea born on a hot summer's day while I was beside my own small garden. The very early winter of that same year, I finished the book. I spent the following year editing, typing and pruning my love.
Here is a sample from the poem "Hibiscus" ...Go/Into the garden, where/Succubi feed you dangerous/Cakes made of lies.
I know you want more, tell the world you want more.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Haiku 2

cut cobblestone path
calm, white plantation
bodies hang from cypress

it titubates
cotton candy on the tongue
surprise snowfall

prismatic eye
from shadowy corridors
straight jacket peril

where laugh begins
where it dies under cloud fall
ridged life

Its been awhile since I added to my online collection for This Salacious Life.  Most of these were written in February. The first batch was written in January through the beginning of February. I have a lot of haiku to choose from. I select ones that I want to send away for printed publication, those bad boys you won't read until they are published. The ones I select here are the ones I may have sent away at one time, or I like a whole lot. There are plenty that are bad and they will stay hidden in the actual book document.

My goal to publish in order is because I think I gotten a lot better with this form. I should hope so, I am  almost done with my poetry project for the year.  So the next  time I post some on here they will probably be written from March through April.

I would love to hear what you have to say. The comment box is always open.

As always may your coffee cup be brimming with hot WAWA coffee.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sweep by Cate Tiernan

I am a sucker for really cheap books.  It is huge weakness for me.  I will read any book that costs a dollar or less unless it is just a romance book. Not to say the books I just read didn't have some love story element to it. It is safe to say love is everywhere and sometimes love is just the bigger part of the whole story. It is my thought that love is the root of all evil (not money). Why? Look at love- people get jealous, people will kill for it, steal for it and whatever else love possesses people to do. Anyway back on track on cheap books....

While shopping at Ollie's one day, I found myself drifting over to the books and I found Sweep by Cate Tiernan, it is series of novels for teens. This particular book had three separate novels in it, Book of Shadows, The Coven,  and Blood Witch. Thank god, they were the first three books.  Okay this book was $2.99 but it did have three novels so I really only paid a buck a book.

I read all three in one day, there are very quick to read. So lets get to the basic story line. A girl meets this enigmatic hunk who is Wiccan. She is quite taken by him. Eventually, he forms a new coven with the friends he met since he is  new in town. The main girl, Morgan, comes to discover she is a real witch from a witch bloodline. The story weaves love and jealousy, high school drama, spells and circles and magick of discovering of the Wiccan path.

One thing is incredibly evident, Cate knows her stuff. She didn't pull the Wiccan stuff at her ass. I am assuming she probably practices.  I did like that about the book. And I am sure I said something about witch's are cool. Though it seems like Secret Circle a series of books by LJ Smith (same author who wrote The Vampire Diaries). I have not read the books but watched the show on Netflix and there is a lot of similar story lines.

I am not going to rip apart her work at all.  For many reasons: she is published, so who am I to judge her work. I don't have books published. Her novels are for teens and I write more for an adult audience. Her books must be popular because there are 12 more in the series. I do want to share what I learned from a writing point of view.

*When I was a young teen I read The Fear Street series by RL Stine, things have changed as far appropriate content for teens, especially in the sex department. There is mentions of sex but there is not pages and pages of sex. This especially good to know if I want to write for a younger audience

*How the story is crafted. One thing that is harped on almost every writing site is character development and don't tell show. Of course this is a large series so character development can happen over a longer period of time. There is an equal mix of showing and telling. And to me it seems like she wrote these stories because that is the way she wrote them. These novels are more story driven and not character driven, this is how I exactly write. I want to tell a story.

*Description is always awesome. Some of her descriptive passages were just amazing with a beautiful mix of colors and scents especially since all books took place in fall through early winter. She really chose some nice adjectives to enhance color.

And with that I am done. Read a book, stay under the covers and watch shadows dance on the wall.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Tale

It was a dark and stormy night (don't all fireside tales start with that) there was a rocking vampire. Night's special daughter, hair streaked with purple and blue eyes that would remind you of the Atlantic Ocean. She ran through the rain looking for shelter.  A man chased her with a stake in hand to rid the world of one more blood thirsty creature. She didn't choose this life, she was a victim but she grew to love the night and the never ending feast of flowing blood before her.

A church loomed before her, the man closed in. She tried the red door and she slipped in. All the penny candles were lit for it was All Saint's Day and the church glowed with serenity and peace. She ducked into a confessional.

"Good evening miss, what is troubling you?" the preist asked.

"There is a man chasing me. I think he is in here. He watched me come in."

"Be still." She heard his door open. Then heard both men talking.

"Father, there is demon blood in the church."

"You will not harm anyone in the house of God."

"I am doing God's work. The girl is a vampire, she feasts on the living. She is Satan's daughter."

"And we feast on the animals of the world. And we are all animals. Go or I should call the police. And I don't think they will believe you especially over the word from a preist."

"You will be sorry when she takes your blood. Then who will be your savior?"

She heard the door slam. "Miss you can come out."

Slowly, she left the booth and gazed into the young man's eyes. His wolf eyes glimmered in the candle light. And if there is ever a thing of love at first sight, this would be it. A man of the cloth and a daughter of the night. Sometimes love has no reason just answers to a soul's contentment.

So they lived secretly, he broke all the vows but it didn't matter. She wanted to turn him but he didn't want that. After many years they had a daughter, who was blood thirtsy as well but in a different way. Years went by and the hunter came back with the witch who discovered the unlikely family. She cursed the family and they would suffer.

He died shortly after the witch cursed them. Both the vampire and the daughter anguished over his death. Yet, he came back. He broke from the simple wooden casket and dug his way out the earth and made his way home. Not a vampire nor a zombie just a dead man, doomed to walk the earth forever. He always had pain from decomposition and his face had no skin. His bones were brittle and he hurt all over.

They made do they were happy to have him home again but now they had to go into hiding. Their daughter played dress up one day in the bright sunshine. She wore a lovely white dress and pretended she was a bride. A car from nowhere came down the street and smashed into her. The vampire and the preist knew she would come back and she did.  Now they really had to hide.

Now the only night they can go out with out fear of being caught or cursed was Halloween night. They spent all night walking the streets sometimes getting candy but  most of the time they enjoyed their one night of pure freedom. Maybe you saw them tonight, maybe they came to your house. Maybe you thought they just had great costumes on but they are the real deal.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gingerbread Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

On average, I spend more time browsing through Netflix and adding titles to the instant queue than I do actually watching things. I do watch quite a bit but some are Hollywood movies like the Hellraiser series or they are not even worthy of any one's time.

Last night as the very disappointing remnants of Hurricane Sandy meowed through, I watched Gingerbread Man  3: Saturday Night Cleaver. Three words: HOMICIDAL GINGERBREAD MAN.  I was intrigued, curious, and all other adjectives about this movie. I already knew going into it the cheese level would be off the scale but sometimes it is just plain fun to watch a stupid somewhat gory horror/comedy movie.

I never saw the other 2 but I don't think you need to (hell, I am not even sure they exist, I am sure they do but who cares anyway). So the bad ass gingerbread man is freed from his prison, some how finds himself in this laboratory where they are experimenting with a time machine. And he gets his doughy ass sent back to 1976. Not just any old place in 1976 but a disco roller skating rink. The movie just gets better from there.

The movie spoofs Silent of the Lambs, Carrie and even Porky's the spoofs are cheesy but also a little funny. Though this is not a Troma movie, there are some of the same elements. Raunchy sex scenes and sex jokes (definitely the Porky's spoof scene), there is some gore (hey for some reason a roller skating rink just happens to have a giant tub of hydrochloric acid and there is a nail gun) but it is totally fake and funny. The storyline is stupid as hell but look at the title of the movie, really how serious can you be with a HOMICIDAL GINGERBREAD MAN.

Sometimes a movie like this (check back into Poultrygeist ) is reminder that we need to just watch something for stupid's sake. And as writers it is a gentle reminder that it is okay to have fun with writing and that we all don't have to be serious all the time. There is plenty of time for serious movies, serious story lines and serious character development.

With that my little chickadees, may your trick or treat bags hold steady and the candy plentiful.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What About Sandy?

I am glued to Hurricane Sandy.  Perhaps because it is a big storm and I have a thing for storms. Give me a hurricane any day, tornadoes I am deathly afraid of. Anyway, my family who is lucky enough to live in eastern PA (Philly and Allentown area) will be graced with her presence and she will come knocking at their door pretty rough from what I understand.

I, on the other hand, have no idea what kind of action we will see from the store. The Weather Channel isn't all that helpful. If Sandy hits closer to Philly then New York, we will definitely see some action. If it hits further up the Jersey coast then we will see less. According to one map, State College will have more weather then we will. Good news is, that snow they are talking about should be in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virgina and North Carolina in the Appalachian mountains. One less thing I have to worry about.

This is exciting, I love a hell of a good storm (except for tornadoes, unless I am watching them on TV and they are hundreds of miles away). And yes I did some preparation. I bought some propane cans. These are the little ones that fit in the camp stove. I do have a camp stove but I got them for our propane heater. Our power did go out last night for a time, more than likely a transformer blew and they fixed it pretty quick, it is nice to have alternative heat source since our furnace uses electricity to turn on.

There is a slight panic in the air because I went  to Wal-Mart to buy the propane and they were sold out. Tractor Supply was also sold out completely. My brother in law's Wal-Mart was also sold out. We found them at True Value. Lucky for us, they had quite a bit but people were coming in to buy them.  We actually had to go to the grocery store not because of the storm but because we needed stuff. Save A Lot was out of milk save for skim. So went to another store to get the milk. Unfortunately, we had to buy wheat bread because they were out of regular white. 

And I got some batteries for our flashlights. Again, our power went out last night and we used our cell phones and candles for light. 

I am ready for the storm to hit. I want to sit back and experience all that nature has to offer.

So for now, this is the end, may your sandbags be plentiful and your roof stay over your head.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Photos from the Corn Maze

Well I got some pictures from the camera from last weekend. If you need a refresher check out Pumpkins and a Corn Maze. I know there is a storm coming up the east coast and of course I have some thoughts about that but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Enjoy the pictures before the world goes to hell.

Before the entrance, douglas fir
Pirate flag flying proudly above the corn
Pay your respects with a bit of blood

I heard blood is good to keep the bones shiney
An alien autopsy now we know the truth

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunny Friday and Bad Moods

I was planning on writing about Egg Hill but I am not in the mood right now because I am a little annoyed so I don't feel like writing about that topic.

So I am supposed to go through this employment service for this new job and I show up this morning for work and guess what- they had no idea I was supposed to be there. It is like anyone's worst fear coming true. Now, I have no idea what is going. All it seems like is a lot of phone tag and I feel like a damn puppet.

As you can guess, my mood is a little sour. Let me go into further detail about the past events pertaining to this job. I went to emploment agency over a month ago to apply for this job it was temp to hire. After 90 days I would be hired on. Sounds pretty good right. Anyway the employment agency says the company is pretty quick but I didn't hear anything. I even called the agency two weeks later and they never called me back.

Then I come to find out the company I applied for through the employment agency was participating in a job fair. I went with resume in hand and actually talked to one of the human resources people. She gave me her card and told me to call her. I did call the following Tuesday after the job fair.

Here's where it gets weird... the employment agency calls on Thursday and says the company wants me to start right away. And it was supposed to be this coming  Monday. Then they say they want me to come in on Friday. And all this happens.

So damn annoying...  No one seems to know anything and there is nothing I can do at this current moment. Maybe I should just cast a spell or read the tarot cards and see what my future holds.

This is where the story falls, a light in the dark goes out.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tonight is the End

At 5 tonight I will leave home and I will drive down the mountain one last time. I will work for some hours and then I am done. Oh yeah, I got another job. No more 12 hour shifts, no more leaving work at 6 am, no more waking at 4:30 am (or earlier depending on if it snows and I hear the Penn Dot truck), no more only enjoying sunshine on day shift when wintertime is here. Oh yes, such a wonderful day. I hope tonight goes quick.

I got another job in a field in which I prefer (soldering and assembly), a nice 40 hour work week, done early in the day and here's the best part off every weekend. I am so ready to work a normal time. I would actually have more time for writing because my work will be regular, I would have more time to work on my jewelry and on my store. And of course more time for camping with out taking time off of work, more time to spend with the family.

Where I am at now I work 3 days on and 3 days off and at first it was great but really I spend my first day off napping because I don't get much sleep on working days. I was here for almost 2 years and it is time for a change.

I start at the new job Friday morning. I am a bit nervous (who wouldn't be) but I am also excited to start something new, I can't wait until Friday! And I must be excited because I used an exclamation point in the last sentence.

Aside from getting a new job, I got a reject for my poetry book yesterday. I sent the manuscript in June and I was kind of hoping since they were taking so long to get back to me that they were really pondering my book. And maybe they were. I have gotten rejects within weeks of sending something and sometimes I wait for months before I hear anything back.

As of now I still have a story out to one publisher, a batch of poems to two publishers and a haiku batch to Frogpond. Now back to the drawing board to find a book publishers. Maybe I should do the contest thing but they cost more money then I really want to spend.

Well that is all, my home time is dwindling down. Until we meet again on this gravel road through the haunted forest.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkins and a Corn Maze

The sky promised a typical autumn day filled with chilled gusts and maybe some rain but with the days quickly coming to the second best holiday in the world (Halloween) we had to get a pumpkin. I remember those days when my parents took me to a pumkpin patch to pick out my pumpkin.

I've only lived in the area since I was 20 and I didn't have a huge desire to go to  a pumpkin patch because if I really wanted one I would just go to Wal-Mart. Anyway we were supposed to go to Way Fruit Farm and lucky for us, it was closed so my husband mentioned Harner Farms. And that is where we went to. Good thing too because they also had a corn maze which was really fun.

The brown stalkes reached to the sky and the sun decided to come out and shed some light on the maze yet the wind blew. The stalks smacked against each other and there was a quiet in the corn eventhough you could hear other people in the corn. There was also a fall festival there and my daughter played some games, we bought some baked snacks and of course we got the pumpkin.

Halloween is my favorite holiday right up there with Christmas and July 4th (I've always July 4th don't know if it is the beer, the fireworks or a little of both. Maybe it is because that is our Independence Day.) And this year the three of us will be dressing up.

My daughter will be a zombie bride. I have to start making the costume. I bought this really nice white dress at the thrift store so all I have to do is rip it up, make it dirty and throw some blood on it. I am going to make a bouquet out of brains ( don't fret, I am using cauliflower and some red food coloring). I am going to take the brains and make a bridal bouquet with it. In my opinion it is going to be freaking awesome.

I am going to be a vampire punk rocker chick. And my husband is going to be a dead preist. Yeah and if there isn't a bizarre story to be told here. I was thinking about making one anyway when the day comes.

If we are lucky we can hit two different towns for trick or treating. That way I can get plenty of snickers and peanutbutter cups. Yummy....

And there it was, a perfect fall day one to be recorded to remember always. Until next time...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hey Man, I Need Some NBA Tickets

Jake's phone rang while he was in the middle of fighting with his wife. He looked at the caller id, it was JJ, his pain in the ass brother.

"JJ, this is not a good time. It better be important," Jake said. Hi wife stormed off into the kitchen.

"I need some nba tickets."

"Yeah could you be more specific? And when the hell are you interested in basketball. Is it a girl?"

"No, I wish. I want to impress a prospective client."

Jake shook his head, he knew prospective client was just an euphimism. His brother was trouble and Jake always got him out of trouble. The very reason why he and his wife were fighting. "Where are you?"

"How about los angeles lakers tickets? Everyone loves the Lakers, right?" JJ replied.

"Against Philly or New York?" Jake knew some people and he could get decent seats in either in Philly or New York. He hated helping JJ but they were family and he couldn't turn him away. And maybe this time JJ was on the right path.

"No, I want staples center tickets. That's where they play right?"

"Your in LA?" Jake asked.

"No but I will be landing there soon. I knew I should stay with you guys and I know my parole officer will have a field day but I had to do this. I have a chance at something real here. I could make a lot of money and I bet I won't have to steal or set fires."

"I don't understand, what are you getting yourself into?"

"I met this guy who is a private eye and he wants to hire me and my  illegal skills to help him out. Anyway, I am supposed to meet up with him in LA do a job and see if I am the guy he is looking for. Well he loves basketball and I told him I have connections. Well I want to prove it to him by getting some awesome seats at a game."

"JJ, you get caught," Jake said.

"Yeah, well not all the time, like twice. I just don't you tell everything I do. This is my straight and arrow path just like you wanted for me, except this is my path and it is a little crooked."

Jake exhaled, "all right, I will see what I can do."

"Thanks little brother."

"I'll call you in a few hours but first I have to make things right with Sandy."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Very Good Idea in the Works

One thing that I want to do on this blog is create a serial web novel or whatever you want to call it. A very long story written especially for here, where I would try to make a new chapter every week or so. And of course, I want to write something long (50,000 words or there abouts is a novel) because I would like to write (or I should complete the two I started) a novel in the near future.

I've been thinking about vampires. I know vampires are over done or maybe not. Don't get me wrong, I love vampires. I love vampire books (except for Twilight but that is a story for another time), vampire shows and vampire movies. I don't write much with vampires because I wanted to be different. All right I am not dumb either vampires are really popular and there is a lot of good (for me of course) to come from writing a vampire story. Hopefully, I will get more readers. More readers equals more fan base. And let's go all the way with the good so maybe it will be so popular, someone from Hollywood would contacting me for the rights to make a movie or television series. How awesome would that be.

I think most writers would love to see something of theirs on a big screen, either at the movie theater or at home just some don't want to admit it.

In a perfect world, I would have a schedule where every week I would religiously post a new chapter. Ha, the world is not perfect and I don't do well with keeping schedules. But once I start it, I will finish it regardless of how long it takes me. Why? Because I have this belief there is this one person (all it takes is one fan) who only comes here to read the new installment. That is the thing that will keep me going, that one reader (fifty is better though). I know I should write for  myself but I need a bit of ass kicking to stay motivated.

The excitement is starting to build and my mind keeps wondering to this place where the story will be born all I need is a few names, an image or scene and the rest will fall into place.

Wait for it all because it will great, you'll know when it hits...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

And Its the Writing...

Yesterday, I came home from work and there she was sitting on the couch writing. No, not me but my daughter. She sat there very focused as she created her story and drew corresponding pictures. And I remember someone else who did the very same thing with the same kind of fervor.

I have been writing for well over 20 years. I've been obsessed with the written word for a lot longer than though as I am an avid reader and always was. I started writing poetry when I was about 10. When I went to 6th grade I had a teacher who encouraged journal writing. Except I didn't care for writing about the going ons in my life. Really, I had much better ideas. So I wrote stories. My teacher loved them so much. I loved doing it as well. My stories were written as if they were a radio show, I even included some really odd advertisements as well. And this was where it all began all those years ago...

Years that followed, I always some kind of notebook on hand with a pen in the other. I would write on long car trips by flashlight if needed, while on vacation and even visiting the relatives. And everyone around was okay with it. They encouraged it. I wrote because I was driven to write. There were voices in my head (metaphorical voices, I am not really that insane. I am but I ignore the other voices) and stories that had to be told. I wrote all the time. 

My mom would tell you about how I jumped out of bed in the middle of the night just to write a poem I was thinking about. My grandmother would tell you about how I was so involved in writing a story, I didn't realize I fallen off the couch and got wedged between the sofa and the coffee table (I am still not sure how that really happened. All I know is she had to rescue me.) I thought like a writer and I still do.

It wasn't utopia in the writing world. I put myself through hell with writing. I know or think I am going to be famous but as of yet I am not. I am rejected constantly but I keep sending stuff out. I even quit writing all together. Or at least I tried quitting, soon I would find myself writing a poem or a story because I have come to realize that I can't turn off the writer mode even if I wanted to. I could try ignoring it or beating it into submission but it always comes back. Always. I have so many excuses now for writing as much as I should. And that is what they are excuses. There are no good excuses for not writing. Probably just trying to avoid it or maybe some other unknown reason.

Maybe I am afraid of being great or taking a chance. I might not be working hard enough. I might not have faith in my work. Although the faith thing is improving. I am just still lost in the body of work I have and where to send it to. See above to taking chances. I think I follow very little rules about the publishing game. I don't read the magazine only because it doesn't help. I do send simultaneous submissions. The only rules I follow are format rules. I just tempt the fates and I hope they bite somewhere.

But what I should be doing right now is actually writing because I do have so much joy in the act.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meet Juniper

Since seeing  The Karate Kid a million and half moons ago there is always one thing I wanted ( sure I wanted to be a black belt in karate and do that crane kick with precision but then again I was a young kid when I first saw the movie) a bonsai tree.

I always thought they were cool. Who wouldn't though it is a tiny little tree. I could never find one. Really, I could have put more effort into it since I used to go to New York City all the time, I am sure I could have found there or even used the web. Last week, I went to Wegman's and I saw a customer carry one out. I really got happy because now I could buy one but I had to wait for payday.

Payday came and went and yesterday I made a special trip just to Wegman's and for $17 plus tax I got a lovely Japanese Juniper. 

Isn't she lovely. Since it is a Juniper tree the name is Juniper. I never had one before so I have to get a book from the library in the near future to learn how to prune it and how to repot it when that time comes. According to the little tag that came with the tree, bonsai means "tree in a tray" and this particular tree is 4-6 years old.

My main character's  name in my novel that I am working on is Juniper Laurel, so this is a nice little reminder that I should be working on my novel.  Yeah I am cool.

Other than my tree there is nothing new going on just working and enjoying the awesome leaf changes. I love the fall.

Until next time may the pizza on your plate be overflowing....

Friday, October 5, 2012

Desert Marquee

Big Dreams on the marquee,
cutting through the dark curtain on the
desolate desert,
an enzymatic catalyst
for failing.

For some people who are expected to succeed, fail;
for some people who are expected to fail, succeed.

Late winter stars fall behind the marquee,
where do we go when we die?

To know the answer, will always be too late.

The lights of the marquee shine on
until the bulbs break and the solemn,
courteous stars meet once again with the desert.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tis the Season for.... Politics

Yeah, it is 2012 and the time for presidential election but lets zoom in. Zoom way in to state politics. Don't worry though I will have plenty to talk about when it comes to Obama and Romney.  So the incumbent in my area Bud George is retiring from office and he has been there since the we became a commonwealth (for those who don't know Pennsylvania is where I hang my hat). With this opening there are two persons who think they are worthy.

Obviously, one is a democrat and one is a republican. I just want to make on thing clear I am  registered democrat only because in this state you have to pick one or the other to vote in the  primaries (oddly, I rarely vote in the primaries however, I voted 4 years ago when Hillary was against Barack). When it comes to voting time I will choose candidates because of their ideas regardless of their party affiliation.

Almost everyday I get a piece of mail from candidate Sankey, he is a republican. Really, I have so many fliers I could make an impressive political pyramid. And the big thing he is really playing is how he is small business owner and he wants to create jobs. The catch phrase is something like a real job creator. He owns a business but I don't really recall him hiring a lot of people. I have fliers showing his work shoes and his past accomplishments. Oh yeah he loves the area and cares about us.

I care about the job market. I want America to keep jobs here, I believe in higher minimum wages and all that because I want America to be self sufficient as much as possible and rely less on other countries. The one thing I do know is since it is getting expensive to ship from overseas to back here, some jobs are coming back to the states. He wants to create jobs as does everyone else but you know what he never says how he plans on creating jobs. Obviously, being a republican he wants to lower taxes and things like that.

I don't want to argue about party platform. And maybe sometimes certain ideas work and other times other ideas work. Ideas must change and adapt just like the people have to. But honestly, I don't think it is enough. Cutting taxes may help business "a" and business "b" hire maybe three or four people but does that mean that these people will make more than $7.25 an hour? Does that mean they will have benefits that won't slaughter their paychecks? No it just means 4 people now have jobs and really if we want to dive in semantics he did get jobs created.

I can go around saying I want to create jobs and it sounds so nice. But I am the voter and I want to know how he will create jobs. What are his plans to encourage a more diverse industry to come his voter area? And not just job creation but what about jobs that are quality in pay and benefits.

So here's my thought, send me one letter with all his ideas and thoughts. With all money spent on fliers, he should have saved the money and hired someone new for his company.

Oh yeah, love this time of year...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

About the Ghosties

Remember, I said last post I am starting a new hobby called ghost hunting. No, I don't plan on getting equipment (even though if you browse enough on haunted house websites you can buy your stuff to find the ghosts) I just want to see something or maybe feel something.

I do believe in ghosts and I would really like to see some proof. Though I had what some would call a paranormal experience. I just call it weird experience and I am the one with the over active imagination  and I am the one who also really believes that there is something else surrounding us.

The science brain that I have knows that we have energy inside of us. And energy can not be created or destroyed just changed. So maybe ghosts are residual energy from someone else. Who knows? Let me tell you about my experience, actually I have two.

When I was about 13 or so I lived in a ranch house in Delaware. It was not a antique house it seemed relatively new. I had the room in the basement.  I used to have the feeling I was being  watched it used to creep me out so much I would hide under the covers. So I got black curtains and I always kept them closed but I still had the feeling of being watched.  Of course, I was in the basement and maybe there was a real person outside looking in, there are a lot of perverts out in the world. One night, I had the window open and I went to bed the next morning I woke up and my window was closed. It was one of those small basement windows that open inward. My parents didn't close the window. Okay maybe there was a gust large enough to close the window. I doubt it though.

The other story,  I lived in a 100 year old plus house in Bellefonte. And my experience there was just odd glints of orange light from the corner of my eye, mostly in the middle of the night. So it could have been tiredness or outside traffic. Sometimes, I would hear someone coming up the steps when everyone was accounted for including my cat. It sounded like a person coming up the stairs. Yeah, I know it was an old house and it could have been settling but it seemed more like footsteps.

Lets bring this around full circle, I was researching last night on the internet of supposed haunted things in my area that I would like to see. I was researching Egg Hill and soon I found myself on You Tube because someone made a documentary on the place. And you know when you are You Tube they have a suggestion sidebar. Well I started clicking on some other ghostie videos. One was hard to see but most seemed really fake. Maybe it is because I am not experiencing it first hand and there are so many explanations for the phenomena going on. Some of the videos are plain fake and that's an obvious fact for a blind person.

So soon, I will be going out to these places and maybe I will see or hear something or maybe I won't. At least it will be adventure nonetheless.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Defying Gravity Plus Other Going Ons

It's been a few days and I really wanted to write last Sunday  but I have no idea what I did on Sunday. Anyway, so I decided on a new hobby. Ghost hunting and visting interesting places that require some adventure spirit and gas money.

I got a book from the library called Weird Pennsylvania and it is chock full of supposedly haunted things and other interesting places that aren't found browsing at the local tourism center. There is a bunch of things to do in Bucks County (just north of Philly) but that will require a lot of planning and researching especially in the map department.  So I came up with a little road trip to visit some interesting things in western Pennsylvania especially Bedford.

First stop, Gravity Hill a little bit northwest of Bedford in the town of New Paris. I got the directions from the book but you can get them from the Teapot visitors center in Bedford. If you ever heard of Gravity Hill it is a place where it looks like things will move uphill. I heard about these places years ago. There is one in Bucks County and I tried to find it when I lived there but I spent hours driving around and never did find it. The one in Bedford is all advertised either there are little markings on the stop sign right before the hill.

The drive was excellent as we wound through rolling farmlands with an ominous black clouds in the horizon. We found Gravity Hill and it was not all that I expected but it was still cool. There are two parts of Gravity Hill , the first part doesn't do much but the second part well that was much better. We put the car in neutral and the car did seem to move uphill. It is supposed to be an optical illusion and maybe it is. I still thought it was cool anyway.

So after that we went to Schellsburg because I wanted to see these sculptures in the woods. We find the place but the sculptures are marked off with no tresspassing signs and I just didn't have the balls to go into the gift shop and ask if I could see them. So we continued on the Lincoln Highway (Route 30 W). We stopped at a scenic overlook in the Alleghany Mountains and soon we found ourselves at the Flight 93 Memorial.

If you ever do find yourself in Shanksville, PA on Route 30, then do make it a point to stop here. It is couple mile drive from the entrance off the road to the actual memorial. It is a large open field with just the road. When you park in the parking lot, this is your last chance to finish smoking or whatever. When you enter the plaza the debirs field is on your left. Walk a little while and there is impact sight and way out in the field there is the original memorial that reserved for only family of the ones who died in the plane crash. The wall of names is at the back. And each peice of marble has one name of the deceased on it. It is somber and sad but for some reason there is great peace and serenity there.

After the memorial, it was time to eat and then we found our way back home. I have a bunch of pictures but I have to take them from the camera yet so look for them in the near futre.

Until the next adventure comes...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hear My Plea, Bring Back The Secret Circle

I love the paranormal. I love paranormal shows like Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and of course  The Secret Circle. I used to watch Charmed and Roswell.   I don't have cable and I don't get much through the air other than PBS so I watch all my shows through Netflix. And there is nothing more I hate when I am completely hooked on a series on Netflix and then I come to find out the damn show was cancelled. I know some of you know how that is.

With all the new supernatural shows it is a wonder this one was cancelled. Maybe witches aren't as cool as vamps. Of course vamps are hot right now. What is agitating is that the show ended so good, I was really looking forward to more because I felt we were really getting to a juicy story line too.

Okay, so the CW doesn't want to carry it, there has got to be another network willing to take the plunge, what about FOX or maybe even TBS or TNT and why not Nickledeon ( the show is rated TV 14 and that is a stretch for this network but they can make it work and maybe even gain a more diverse audience. Although I love Nickledeon and I would watch Spongebob Squarepants any day)

I heard rumors that Netflix, wanted to have its own original content hey this is perfect. I read somewhere that solo magic is more expensive than circle magic. Who would have thought magic comes with a varying price tag.

There seems to be a lot of people who love this show and are trying to bring it back. I am just another gal with the same home. So maybe in the near future I can watch more episodes of this show because witches and magic are just as cool as vamps.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Retrospective Retribution

At exactly 6:42 a.m. the alarm shattered the blackness. She rose from her bed and turned on her bedside light. The faint light cut through the darkness. Cammy Ann went to the bathroom and showered for exactly 5 minutes then with her hair bundled on top of her head she went to the closet and selected a lovely lavender lace dress that she finished only yesterday. Dressing deliberately, she fixed her hair grabbed a cup of coffee with exactly one eighth of a cup of 2 percent milk. By 7:02 a.m. she put the car into drive and drove to the In it a Minit store. There was one other car in the parking lot, a beat up green Chevy Malibu. She took enough notice just to notice it but she had a schedule to keep. Inside she poured a cup of coffee and took her measuring cup and measured her precise amount of milk and bought one pack of 120's and two newspapers.

Cammy Ann opened the pack slowly in her car and took out one cigarette and lit it. She let the smoke enter every part of her body. She closed her eyes as she always does and exhaled it all. Without knowing someone else was in there, someone or something cracked on the back of the head. The world as she knew it vanished.

Cammy Ann woke to blackness,. The space felt small and the air felt stale. She reached her hands in front of her and felt metal. She slammed her bound hands against it and screamed. She stopped, her head throbbed. No one answered her. Kicking her legs, grappling in the dark she found nothing that could free her from this prison. She wasn’t sure how someone would know but she knew she was in the trunk of a car.

Minutes went on and no one came to her rescue. Eventually, the trunk opened and a man stood above her. She recognized him instantly.

"Mitch, what’s going on? What am I doing here?"

His small lips frowned and he pulled her out the car. Cammy Ann struggled against him but he held her close to his body. His arms tightened around her ribs. They were in a dark place with one overhead light. She couldn’t see much other cold and gray cement bricks on the wall. He carried her to the one corner. Raising her frail body he hooked her to a chain that hung from the ceiling. He feet dragged on the floor and she looked at him sadly.

"Crazy fucking Cammy Ann. Little miss predictable." He slapped her across the face. "You ruined me, you bitch. Oh everyone said how brilliant you are and how great of a teacher you are and that is why I went to Ryder State."

"Mitch, why are you doing this to me? I have class, they will be lost without me. You know that. What about my students? Mitch. Mitch. Answer me," she pleaded with him.

He punched her in the nose. The bones cracked and blood oozed onto her lips.

"Could you shut up? This is retribution."

"Please give me cigarette. I need one."

He smiled and took the pack out of his pocket, "well yes it is about that time. What is 8:42 and time for your smoke. You are weird." He took a cigarette out and broke it. Then he broke another and another until they all laid on the floor. "I know all about you Camilla Ann but you go by Cammy Ann because that is what your grandma called you the very same woman who encouraged your art and said you were talented and great. Really the same stuff I always heard growing up. I was told I was great until you came into my life..."

She cut him off, "really you came into my life. I didn’t choose you or seek you out. You chose me."

"I want to show you something. I want to show you how great I’ve become. What is it you always told me, to let my emotions speak and not the message. I’m going to give a retrospective of my work in the last year. You will regret everything, bitch."

He walked away from her to the far end of the wall and turned on the light. Huge fluorescent bulbs hummed to life. Huge canvases were hung on the walls; terrible portraits of her. In one her head was on a stick and her body laid on the ground with maggots crawling out of it. Another was him and her and he was on top of her naked body. She was in every painting, many had her disemboweled. One had him eating her insides. Her stomach turned and she threw up. The vomit oozed down her soiled lavender dress and mixed with the blood.

He smiled proudly and crossed his arms across his chest. "Look how I invoked emotion. Look at the realism. Look how I made you so beautiful while I took you apart. Look at the fear in your eyes." Mitch came up to her and lifted her chin to meet his gaze, "I always wanted your approval, I loved you so much. You told me I was a run of the mill artist that I was okay. Maybe I should do graphic design or illustrate kids books or make logos. You said I could never do high art. You said I wasn’t good enough. You said my work missed something. Then you took me home one night, to your bedroom in black and your one light in every room and you let me take you and you told me I was special. Remember that night?"

Her heart fluttered and sweat ran down her face. She felt frenzied. She needed to smoke, it was late too late, "please Mitch one cigarette. I can’t handle this anymore. Please. Please. Please, Mitch."

"No. You will live. Then after that night, when I wanted to see you, you just blew me off. You threw me away."

"What are you going to do with me?"

"I want to hear how great I am. I want to hear about how you made a big mistake and how you think about me and wish things were different. You know then maybe I might let you go, be my partner. I know how you like the single life. I am fine with all of that."

She looked into his deep brown almost black eyes. And she really remembered him, the vacant eyes, the art that was souless until now. She had her life and it was just fine why change it now? There was schedules to keep and he didn’t fit but neither did her dying. Her death was even planned for forty years in the future on her birthday, she will take sciaenid and sleep a blissful sleep.

"Mitch, I do remember how I was truthful to you. But see what you did here, I might not think this is lovely but I see the pain, the hurt I gave you because I used you for own pleasure. These works are I am not sure what the words are but they leave me speechless. And maybe I should have given you a chance, I have never been anyone’s muse before and I must say I find it quite exhilarating. In fact, even being here like this chained and at your mercy is even more exhilarating."

He smiled and searched her eyes for truth, "I know you don’t lie, you are truth. You work always showed truth and I should have known about that night but I couldn’t help my heart wanted you. Without you, Cammy Ann I would be just another painter on the boardwalk."

"Kiss me, Mitch. Take me into your arms and just take me."

He came toward her and lifted her body off the chains. She laid into his body and felt his cold warmth. Mitch came in for a kiss and she took and let his tongue enter her mouth. It was now or never, she clamped down his tongue . He screamed and tried to back away but she bit harder. Blood oozed from their mouths. She tasted the dirty blood and wanted to throw up. Her teeth connected together and Mitch fell to the floor, screaming. Blood poured from his mouth. She spat the tongue on the ground.

With her hands stupidly bound in front of her (if she were in charge of this fiasco hands would be bound behind the person) she dashed for his work bench. She grabbed two paint brushes and went over to Mitch. His blood pooled around his head. Cammy Ann drove one paint brush in his eyes, he screamed and choked blood. She the shoved the other paint brush in his other eye. His shriek rattled the building. He curled into a ball and screamed and cried.

She went over to her smashed pack of cigarettes and found one. Slowly, she brought it to her lips and lit it. She drew the smoke into her lungs. After standing bound and smoking for several minutes, she tossed it to the floor.

Cammy Ann went to her car and called 911. She opened the garage door and looked outside. He brought her home or someone else’s home and stumbled out into the sunshine. A woman with a cigar hanging out of her mouth and curlers dangling from her hair rushed from the house into the garage.

Cammy Ann heard her scream, "oh my baby boy. What did that bitch do to you?" With no intention of hurting another person, she ran away down the road looking for the cops.