Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Very Good Idea in the Works

One thing that I want to do on this blog is create a serial web novel or whatever you want to call it. A very long story written especially for here, where I would try to make a new chapter every week or so. And of course, I want to write something long (50,000 words or there abouts is a novel) because I would like to write (or I should complete the two I started) a novel in the near future.

I've been thinking about vampires. I know vampires are over done or maybe not. Don't get me wrong, I love vampires. I love vampire books (except for Twilight but that is a story for another time), vampire shows and vampire movies. I don't write much with vampires because I wanted to be different. All right I am not dumb either vampires are really popular and there is a lot of good (for me of course) to come from writing a vampire story. Hopefully, I will get more readers. More readers equals more fan base. And let's go all the way with the good so maybe it will be so popular, someone from Hollywood would contacting me for the rights to make a movie or television series. How awesome would that be.

I think most writers would love to see something of theirs on a big screen, either at the movie theater or at home just some don't want to admit it.

In a perfect world, I would have a schedule where every week I would religiously post a new chapter. Ha, the world is not perfect and I don't do well with keeping schedules. But once I start it, I will finish it regardless of how long it takes me. Why? Because I have this belief there is this one person (all it takes is one fan) who only comes here to read the new installment. That is the thing that will keep me going, that one reader (fifty is better though). I know I should write for  myself but I need a bit of ass kicking to stay motivated.

The excitement is starting to build and my mind keeps wondering to this place where the story will be born all I need is a few names, an image or scene and the rest will fall into place.

Wait for it all because it will great, you'll know when it hits...


  1. Looking forward to it you know you have at least one reader I love your stuff

  2. I think it is a very good idea and you are very good at writing stories.