Saturday, May 27, 2017

Living the American Dream

three eggs, one box of mac-n-cheese, one
pack of chicken, one half-gallon
of milk, full box of cereal, one loaf of bread
one half jar of creamy peanut butter,
four slices of generic, individually wrapped
American cheese.

Pay day is in two days
but rent must be paid
and the electric
Kerosene is $3.39 a gallon

Government assistance is in two weeks
of $189 for a family of three
for the whole month.

She makes the kid a grilled cheese
and she eats one spoonful of peanut butter

She goes out to the kitchen
opens the fridge
closes the fridge

opens the fridge
hoping cake appeared
behind half empty ketchup

No cake.

The peanut butter isn’t all that filling
She drinks water
until it sloshes
around in her stomach
and checks the fridge one last time.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Graduation Weekend!

Last weekend, I graduated college. At least got to walk in the ceremony and all. I do have one last term which I am working on right now. Then I will be done. I am  thinking about going for my master's but I am not sure yet.

I can't believe it's only been a week since we left for New Hampshire. It really doesn't feel that long. On Thursday, the 11th, we picked the rental car up from the airport. It was a 2016 Nissan Altima and I fell in love with it, I would have loved to keep it. I drive a 2000 Altima right now and I thought that was luxurious the new car was even more so.

We left Thursday night around 9:30 and drove all night, stopping here and there. I really wanted to eat Roy Rogers chicken at one of the travel plazas but they were not serving chicken at 2 am. I did get Roy Rogers chicken on the way back. We made it into New Hampshire around 8 am and checked in.  I had a few hours before my awards ceremony so we went to Hampton Beach, NH.

Award you say? What award did you get, you ask? I was awarded for having one of the highest GPA's in my program. Currently, I have a cumulative of 4.0. I hope I get to keep that GPA until the end.  I graduated sum cum laude.

Before graduation, we went to Salem, MA. We didn't get to do a lot of witchy stuff. We will have to be back. We only had two hours to spend in Salem. We did go the Salem Wax Museum, which was not worth the money. It smelled like old wax and books in the museum and it took us maybe ten minutes to go through it. We did check out Salem Harbor, which was beautiful. If I could, I would pack up and live on the coast. I don't think I could ever get sick of smelling the salt,  the dead fish and salty marshes. Salem wasn't really what I thought it would be like. I liked it, downtown was nice and I would probably live there if it weren't so expensive.

Graduation was crazy. We had to pay $20 for parking. But at least we were right at the arena. And then I walked around the front and joined the rest of the people I was graduating with. There were so many of us. I never did get my hat painted because I could never figure out what to get.  Just like I had some pictures snapped (which turned out horrible) and got my fake diploma.I will get a real one in August, once I am completely done with school.  It feels kind of weird. I think it was the president of SNHU that something graduation is both a beginning and an end. Sure, I am 36 but I feel the future to be exciting and scary at the same time.

On Sunday, we stopped in Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. It was a crazy trip. There was so much we wanted to do and didn't get a chance to. Like go to Maine, Cape Cod, Boston and spend more time in Salem. I guess we will have to plan another vacation to New England.

Till next time...

Monday, May 8, 2017

May and the Weather is Cool

Notice, sometimes when I don't have an interesting blog title that I use the weather? Not the most original, but I suppose it's better than saying, I am just going to babble on about my life.

This week is graduation. Can you believe it? I can't. It's almost surreal because 19 years after graduating high school, I am graduating college. We are leaving for New Hampshire Thursday night. On Friday, I am supposed to get an award for having a high GPA and on Saturday is the actual graduation.

So what happens next? I do have one term left to complete, which I already started today. I will be done in early July. Ideally, I want to continue working from home as a freelancer. I also want to grow Jaded Eklipse and continue working on my fiction and poetry and publishing either through Kindle or finding a traditional publisher.  But, I need to pay student loans and if there is a good job out there possibly with working from home then I might consider it.  I like working for myself, and I don't want to give it up.

I haven't  been doing much writing lately, and I am hoping to get working on some writing soon. I am taking Advanced Creative Writing this term so obviously I have to write stories. I am glad too, because I have been missing it lately.

What is on the horizon for my writing? I need to revise and edit Solider Girl. It is a novella, I finished over a month ago. I need to think of a title for the trilogy as there will be two other novellas that deal with the same apocalyptic event, but features different characters. I have to finish Havana and get it to my beta readers so I can move to the next step. I am still seriously considering taking some of the best poems from my blog and make a book. I have a chap book already prepared for a contest, that I am going to release to Kindle. And lastly, I have to start working on my poetry calendar. That should keep me busy for the rest of year. I also have other writing projects I need to finish.

That's about all for now. Till next time...

Friday, May 5, 2017

What is it About Healthcare

The internet is an uproar about the AHCA that barely passed the US House yesterday. It bothers me too. Because you know what I see? I see 435 people who can't work together and only want to pass party agenda. How did it get this point.  The senate isn't any better.  Chances are this bill won't pass the senate because there is not enough votes. I know Casey will not vote for it and Toomey will because he is a sheep. Actually they are both sheep.

My congressman, Glenn Thompson, said that he voted for it because he wanted healthcare that works for all Americans. That is funny because this new plan DOESN'T. Neither did Obamacare. It was flawed. I understand the price of what some people have to pay for their premiums and their deductibles and it is not right.

I don't care how much the big insurance companies cry about their loss of profit, even though they are still pulling in billions of dollars in profits. And if you think that your premium will go down if this is passed, you are sorely mistaken. Because looking at it from their view point, you are already paying for it then you will continue to do so. It will also make up for all those who drop their plan because of expense.

If this bill is passed, it will directly affect my parents who are in their late 50's and early 60's. It will directly affect me. So I think about it. If I lost my insurance, then I would have to pay more should I get it again.

Not that I hold a lot of stock on what DT says because I think he doesn't know what he is saying half the time, he did say healthcare for everyone. I really wanted to believe that. I really did. But just like most things out of DC it is a  pile of steaming shit.

I also love how so many people are rejoicing because they believe their premiums will go down (they won't,  because the CEO needs his fourth Lamborghini). And how the lazy, poor people will just back to the ER, which by the way costs more to the taxpayer.

Please tell me,  why are some of you so afraid of universal healthcare? Afraid of communism? Afraid of socialism? Afraid of losing your freedoms? Well with the new religious liberty act, only one group apparently has religious freedom and those are the Christians and the rest of just pay taxes for the supposed greater good.

For some reason we have a ton of money to make nukes, you know because that is so important. But we can't do universal healthcare. Our priorities are fucked up. But what do I know? I am  just one of millions of people that is ignored by our representative.

Dear Glenn Thompson, News Flash!!!! People want healthcare. They also want it affordable. They want to go to the doctor's without worrying about medical bills. I don't know why you got into office because it seems like you do nothing for anyone in our district. I am one of those people that used to go the ER for something simple like bronchitis because I didn't have insurance. You think I am the only one? Why not visit some of your rural areas and ask them what they did before the ACA. How many of us used the ER as our only place to get medical care. How many women had a gynecology exam, perhaps their first one in years because of the ACA? How many people are living better lives. Since you don't make an appearance in the district, then you have no idea. Just like your cohorts in congress, none of you have an idea of what the people want.  I know it doesn't matter, because some how in 2018, you will still get elected but it won't be because of my vote.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Girls Who Work in Smoke Stores

sandwiched between the displays
of lottery and the cigarette pack
lined back wall, she scurries
between smokes and the register

lonely, jobless men jibber- jabber- gossip
saying shit
no one has time to hear or wants to hear

and she has to let them hang out
there drinking their coffee playing
their lottery saying whatever they want
to say because the customer is always
right and she needs this job because
the owners keep dangling
some kind of promotion
that she will never get

she looks at me with dark, tired eyes
she wishes they would all go away
and give her five minutes to breathe
It seems like I could be her salvation
wave  a magic wand and buy a winning lottery
ticket then  pass a few grand
to the girl who sold it to me
and I would too
because she knows there is nothing else for her
except for maybe that promotion


I’m not any better than you
just a different set of circumstances
in the end, honey, we burn down to the butt
and turn to ash.

Hey all, a day late but oh well. Here is poem 30, which completes the NaPoWriMo challenge. I struggled. I had stuff come up. I had school work. I was blank, my brain was mush but some how I created some good poems. Sure, I created some shitty ones too. But I suppose one of the best things about writing in general is that you get a re-do (or fifty) in most cases.  I am still thinking about collecting some of the best poems on this blog and making a book, what do you think?

Till next time...