Sunday, January 31, 2016

Moonswallow Gates by JM Scott FREE Until 2/4/16

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that my first novel, Moonswallow Gates is FREE on Kindle until February 4, 2016 on all markets.  Here's an excerpt from the novel

After calling Aaron, Valisa went for breakfast and ate alone. Taffy was working and not really able to talk. Anyway it gets tiresome talking about witches and magic and a family legacy she doesn’t know how to deal with. Of course, she had to sign a bunch of papers at Aaron’s office. She wondered what color suit he would be wearing. Probably black. He probably only wore dark suits and white shirts with conservative ties. He could be a freak under those professional clothes like a book worm librarian that has a BDSM dungeon in the basement.

Valisa had a basement, as well but she didn’t go down there. It was weird that her uncle Malachai died in the basement. Speaking of the dead, how come she didn’t see Malachai at the party and where was Valicia? How come they weren’t there? The biggest question was Alexander VanHorlson. Too many questions. Not enough answers. It was time she had her own party and invite some of her friends. And this Saturday would be perfect to have all nighter party.

An older round woman led Valisa to Aaron’s office. It was what she expected it to be, with pristine polished hardwood furniture. There were no piles of case files or random papers on the desk. There were rows of books in the alphabetical order. Tucked in the a small shelf was a picture of a full moon with a wolf’s face in the moon.

"Good morning Valisa. How are you?" Aaron asked. Today he had an olive green suit on with a white shirt and green tie. This was a surprise. His sharp features were softer, kinder. Mel was right, he is pretty hot for an older guy.

"I just have some papers to sign for you and then I will take care of everything. You have plenty of money, right?" he said.

"Yeah I got plenty of money."

He opened his brief case and pulled out a thick pile of papers. One each page were red sticky flags for the lines for her to sign and there were blue sticky flags for the initials. She sat in the leather chair and he sat across from her and watched her sign her name.

"Aaron?" she asked in the middle of signing, "why did you say servitude to me until you die?"

"It’s a family thing, for generations now my family has taken care of the Ravensquires. It was a pact made between my distant relative Maynard Surrey and Valicia Ravensquire. I don’t know much more than that. You think your family has secrets mine doesn’t share their’s either," he answered.

She watched him and wondered what it would be like if she picked her up (of course in this fantasy she would be a lot thinner) and tossed her the desk. He may even smudge his desk but he wouldn’t care because he wanted her since he met her at graduation. And that he also had fantasies about her on the desk.

"I’m having a party Saturday night, I’m thinking about inviting some of my friends from college. That house is weird sometimes, you know that right?" Valisa asked and then she said, "I want you to come. I trust you and Taffy hates the house and I am not sure if I trust Helen. I may need some help controlling the house."

He smiled and it was sweet and devious, "thank you, I will be there. You don’t need me to help control the house. You control the house, remember that. I would have to say that it’s been running you lately," Aaron said.

"You could say that. It rained squirrels the first night and last night I partied with ghost people." Valisa said and finished the paperwork, "you know my friend Melissa will probably come, you might like her."

"Your friend at graduation? Perhaps you never know."

She did promise Mel that she would hook her up with Aaron but she wouldn’t mind having a go with him. She finished the last paper.

"Thank you Valisa," Aaron said and smiled. His fingers touched hers and it made her slightly giddy. How old was he anyway? Did it matter? Maybe this was just the magic she had that she already used on Jordan. If she had known about it sooner, she could have been the queen at high school and college. She could have been the girl she always wanted to be and life would be given to her on a silver platter. Wasn’t that what just happened only a couple of days ago? Wasn’t she given keys to a magnificent house and loads of money and with just a wink and a suggestion she got what she wanted? Life was good but even Valisa knew that behind every good moment there are 90 other bad moments. Valisa waited for the fairytale to end.

He walked with her to the door and opened it for her. He placed his hand on her back, "I will see you Saturday night. Should I bring anything?"

"Just yourself and if you have a wife, I wouldn’t bring her."

"No wife, I’m single," Aaron said.


"Why’s that?" he asked.

"You never know what will happen at a post college party," Valisa answered.

"I know, why do you think I’m coming?"

"For a sweet young chick?"

"No because you asked me to and I can’t say no to you," Aaron said. Wow he was good.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jet Star Jockey by JM Scott FREE Until 1/27/16

I know I talked about my poetry collages several times before and I probably mentioned I was creating an ebook with all the collages. I am happy to say Jet Star Jockey is now FREE until January 27, 2016.

Creating these poems were sometimes difficult (especially when I had several to do in one week  to catch up) and other times it was easy. The most important thing was creating the poems.

How they were created: I ordered state travel guides and cut out pictures I liked. I also cut words and phrases from the same guides, and other magazines. I also made a word and phrase list and printed it out. I did the picture first then the poem. Sometimes I would write a brand new poem and other times I would use my cut out words and phrases. If I needed to add words, then I would do so using different fonts and sizes for the new words to mimic the cut outs.  All poems were made on 9x12 acid free paper and I used UHU glue (also acid free). When the poems were complete, I used Mod Podge for a nice acid free gloss. 

There are various styles of poems in this collection but some of the most prevalent are haiku, tanka, acrostic and avant garde.

To make the book:  I scanned every single page in then photo-edited them to the best of my ability. I also put a black frame around each image so it would set it apart from the page. I thought it looked better that way, the originals do not have a frame around them. Then I used the Kindle Kids book creator and assembled the book. I do plan on creating a print version but not for a month or so.

If you are interested in purchasing an original signed poetry collage, visit here. They are $30 USD with one dollar shipping domestic and three for international. These are listed on Etsy and my store takes paypal, credit cards, and the Etsy gift card.

Here is a sample from the book enjoy

Until next time...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Into the Garden by JM Scott FREE Until 1/17

Hey all, so winter finally hit. Within in a week it went from above average temperatures to frigid temps and snow. We have a few inches in the last few days. Unfortunately, winter is here. I am hoping it will be a short winter. Anyway I want to tell you all my first poetry book, Into the Garden is FREE for all markets until January 17, 2016. So come on and grab a copy.

Here is a sample:


Comatose creativity in this carnivorous carnival,
Acorns falls from oaks and are scrunched
Underfoot right away.
Lewd winds from the north corrode the
Interior. Sweet, hot
Fire fills the air. I
Look forward to autumn with
October’s gray skies and half naked trees.
Wednesdays come and go and when I look in the
Eleven inch mirror there is a
Reflection of truth and power

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why I Need an AK-47

I've been thinking about guns lately. Which is something I don't normally do. I woke up thinking I should really embrace more of my Bill of Rights. Sure, I got freedom or speech or so I think anyway. And I got voting rights but I am not sure where that get's me (that is a topic for another post).  Which brings me to why I need a an AK-47. In my state of Pennsylvania, a semi-automatic weapon is legal.  And I want a gun to protect myself and my property. After much thought the AK-47 is the superior weapon to embrace my second amendment right.

I know I will pass the background checks. How? I have several done for employment. I had a thorough one through the FBI just to work at the YMCA.  Background checks- free and clear.

Here are the reason I need an AK-47. The world is a scary place, it really is and with a weapon such as this, I know I would be able to sleep better at night knowing I have the ultimate in home protection. Just because I don't live in a big old city, doesn't mean there aren't some scary and life threatening situations just lurking around the corner.

1.   Critters in the trash- raccoons, skunks, possums. They hop in the trashcan looking for some rotten vittles. I don't want to be bit by  such a critter;  they could have rabies. Who the hell wants to get rabies shots? Not I. With an AK-47, I can take care of the critter problem. I guarantee you word will get around the critter circles, they will not be visiting my trashcans again.

2. Someone might break into my house. Hey this can happen anywhere. Look I am not a good shot, I probably would shoot the wall with a pistol but with an AK-47, I will definitely shoot the perp at least somewhere. That cocksucker also will not try that shit again.

3. Bath Salts. I am talking about the designer drug not what you take a bath with. It doesn't matter where you live, people do drugs. How am I supposed to know when some crazy, hyped- up bath salt fucker doesn't come around my house looking for trouble. With an AK-47, he or she definitely would not be causing trouble at my house again.

4. Crazy, hungry, rabid bears.  I like to walks in the woods in the state park.  I know bears live in the those woods,  but I have never seen one. It is always possible that a crazy, hungry, rabid bear will come out of the woods and see me as a delectable dinner. With an AK-47, I can definitely take down the bear and save my life. It is always good to be prepared because I am sure that happens.

5. Aliens. Not legal or illegal humans that come from a different country, but these guys:
You know it. I know it.  We don't what kind of intelligent life lives in the universe. There are rumors that aliens have visited Earth.  I don't want to be unprepared should they visit my house. With AK-47, I should be able to get off a couple shots before they even try to take over my mind, or steal my shit. Aliens are wiley fuckers. So you better watch out for them.

6. And this is the most important reason: ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE. When the time comes, I don't want to be the one screwball without an AK-47. You can buy your emergency food pails from online (which I would do soon). You should also  stock up on water and oxytocin. Because your survival against zombies and non-zombies who are looking to steal your supplies is an AK-47.

What do you think? Until next time...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hey it's 2016, When Did That Happen?

Another year is upon us, what are you going to do? I don't make resolutions because I won't follow through with them. It is sort of like starting things on a Monday that doesn't happen either. Though I did come up with a new writing challenge. I spent a lot of time focusing on poetry the last few years and I thought I should focus on fiction, short stories to be exact.

I don't have a lot of good stories. Of course two years from now, I may think my current stories are poo (I wish a poo emoji right about now). I don't have a lot to send away to magazines except what I do for school.  I used to write short stories all the time too, back in the day when I used to think writing anything more than two thousands words a lot. Inspired by the Ray Bradbury quote about writing a short story every week that you are bound to have a couple of gems.

That's the challenge, one short story written and revised every week with a word limit of 4000 words.  That is 52 stories in one year, this is something I should do in my sleep. I have the skills I suppose I need the dedication.

And more dedication is where I will be in 2016. I wrote a writing goal list for all the works in progress, I will finish them all, writing anyway.  

For the current project, I did think of an idea to help with the challenge. And that is using the same main character for a bunch of short stories. Her name is Gerry Meyer (Geraldine Frances Meyer) and she is half demon. I have many adventures planned for her. The hardest part will be writing complete short stories instead of novel chapters.

I am working on assembling the poetry collage book from last year's challenge and that should be ready sometime this month. It will be ready for print probably in March. So keep your eyes open. 

That's about it,  I think that is enough. Until next time...