Thursday, August 17, 2017

Let's Talk About Race

I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to write what I think about "race" relations in this country.

The title of this blog post is useless but effective.

Race as we know it in this country and probably others is a social construct. We are part of one race the human race. This includes all people of all skin colors. Physically, our differences are small. As a species we have the least amount of genetic variation.

People whom hate "others" will more than likely not change. It doesn't matter what you say or how many studies you throw at them. Or how much you condemn them. They are set in their beliefs. Fine, let the racist dinosaurs die out.

Relations between people of different skin colors suck in this country. And I have been thinking of ideas on how to make things better. I can't think of any. I heard about restitution. I don't think it will solve anything, it sure won't solve the deep seated issues.

As horrible it is,  America's history is dotted with European conquest of people of different skin colors and culture. The Spanish converted native populations in the Southwest, Mexico and South American. Other European cultures eradicated, killed, moved millions of natives on America's mainland. And of course, millions of Africans were brought against their will to be slaves.  We all know this or at least I hope so.

And still I have no idea how to solve our social problem. I am not worried about ISIS. I am worried about us, and how we are fighting against each other. As the saying goes:  United We Stand, Divided We Fall. We need each other.

Please tell me what you think this country can do to be united and equal for all people regardless of skin color.

Till next time...

Friday, August 11, 2017

Nukes are not Toys

Nukes are not toys.

You don't get to slap plutonium or uranium in a missile and release it like caged fireflies.

If you want to rule the world, what is the sense of destroying it? Even you, are not immune on the surface.

Power is an addiction, a desire, always sought but never fully attained. And those nukes, are nothing but the checkmate for the world. On August 6, 1945 the United States dropped an a bomb on Hiroshima. On August 9, 1945 the United States dropped an a bomb on Nagasaki. Both in Japan. Both are shameful events. They happened. There are dozens of pictures if the world needs a refresher on the damage.

History is supposed to be a reminder where we went wrong as a human race so we don't make the same mistake twice. Yet, selective history is the only thing you see through a warped lens.

In 2017, I thought, believed,  we as a world moved beyond nuclear weapons. But I guess not because power, dominion, is more important than anything else.

Nuclear weapons are not toys and you don't get to play God, because God isn't real and the only thing you are doing is feeding grand delusions of greatness. When in reality you are nothing but a name and a face in front of the world's cameras.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Trick or Poem by JM Scott FREE in all Kindle Markets Through Aug 10, 2017

For the last two weeks, every time I have gone to the store there has been a new pumpkin spice item. Yes, I admit it, I am a pumpkin spice addict. First, was the pumpkin spice Life cereal. Then the pumpkin spice instant oatmeal (I bought both of these). I also bough pumpkin spice air fresheners. I was in the grocery store this morning and I noticed pumpkin spice Special K. MMMM Anyway, with the advent of pumpkin spice comes Halloween. Yeah!

Trick or Poem is FREE in all Kindle markets through August 10, 2017. This  chapbook features 31 Halloween and/or horror themed poems including digital poetry collages, pictograph poems and many others. Why not grab your copy today?

And without further ado, here is a sample poem from the book called "Nevemore Alive than Dead." It is a pictograph/text speak poem. Enjoy.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Opinions on Nothing

Everyone has an opinion. I figure in this day and age, I could be a pundit of some sorts. My opinions are worth just about as much as everyone else's. Today, I am going to share some opinions. And I think it would be cool to have my words as a meme. So have it....

Illegal Immigration

*One thing that irks me is when I read comments on illegal immigration and someone will write something to the effect "if there were no illegal immigrants in the fields, your produce will be more expensive." So I guess it is okay to pay the illegal immigrant substandard wages so you can have cheaper produce. These are the same people who want a higher minimum wage

English Tests

* Literacy is power. For every person who comes to this country not speaking English, they could seriously screw themselves over. There is a certain amount of trust when someone translates for you. When you can read and understand the language, you have power to make your own informed decisions. I think the skills test is useless and a waste of money. If I were to move to Mexico, I better know Spanish because I know I could get screwed over.

The same can be said with native Americans who have low literacy skills or illiterate. I know there are some people who just can't learn. And there are others who can. Literacy is power. Know and understand the language and you will know and understand your rights.


*I don't trust any theocratic government.

* There is no war on Christmas. It is war on Yule.

Random Garbage

* I love when there is a severe thunderstorm warning. I love the dark skies and the reverberating thunder and when the power goes out. Lately, thunderstorms at home have been boring.

* I don't know why but I have been fascinated with The Philadelphia Experiment. I have been doing some reading about the guy Al or whatever. And his future map is interesting.

*Love him or hate him, I believe Donald Trump is the harbinger for the true American Renaissance. In Europe, there were Dark Ages marked by religious fervor and the crusades. Then the Renaissance came about, or the age enlightenment,  where science and art flourished. I see a pattern,  and I am looking forward to our American Renaissance.

* Why is it in space we can be BFF's with Russia? I would like America and Russia to get along because we have a joint enemy. I will not mention this regime by name because maybe I am a little paranoid, but if you follow the news, you can  figure out. All I am going to say is I wish there no such thing as nuclear warheads.

*Am I only the one who thinks it would be great if Twitter went silent for an hour?

* Driving down the mountain to State College, I see the most bizarre thing. There is a mailbox and on the mailbox there is a campaign flier for Trump, underneath it is another sign that says "greed kills jobs."

And what are your opinions? Till next time...

Friday, July 28, 2017

What Was Found in the Mason Jars in the Root Cellar of My New House

crimson walls and gratuitous
grab invisible knobs
of brass and steel

nowhere comes too soon
no exit into the melodrama
no entrance into the freedom
from chains that restrict to
fever floods.

the solitary flame of
Aladdin’s lamp
taunts, teases and shrieks

Can’t get to me

silent blackness. Heard
in echoes

cackles and shackles
mask martyred mastodons
while the genie plays god on television

Oh, I know the nightmares

I catch them in mason jars
spread them on toast
and eat it over and over.

The bones of this poem is fairly old, I would say almost ten years. I did a lot of revision on this and it turned out a lot better. Lately, I have been big into revising my old stuff because I can. I feel like I write better poems now. Anyway, I like how it turned out.

I am trying to post more. I know I've said it before, but I was attacked by the lazy, napping monster.

Till next time....

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Into the Garden by JM Scott Free on Kindle Through July 21, 2017

Into the Garden by JM Scott is FREE in all Kindle markets through July 21, 2017. I hope you all grab a free copy and take a read. These are some of my earlier poems. Some are good and some not so much.  I still love writing acrostic poems, but I don't write them as much as I used to.

Please enjoy this free sample called "Black Plums."

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jet Star Jockey by JM Scott Free in all Kindle Markets Through July 16, 2017.

Hey all, I know I should be posting more but lately my brain has been fuzzy. I feel like I have this fog over my brain and my days run together. Anyway who cares about that?

Jet Star Jockey is FREE in all Kindle markets through July 16, 2017. I love how this book turned out. It was a great poetry project for 2015. From what I can see, there doesn't seem to be a lot of other poets who do this, or at least not that I have seen. Well anyway enjoy this free sample from the book.

If you grab a copy of the book, why not leave a review and let me know what you think.

Till next time...

Sunday, July 2, 2017

What the Hell is Going on in the White House

In case you missed it, there is crazy shit coming from the president.

No need to rehash all the wackiness. I don't want this to be insulting to those who voted for him, but how can anyone still stand behind him? I was never a fan, but one thing I always said was DT's downfall would be Twitter. It will be his own doing. First, let's talk voter records....

I am guessing the whole reason why DT's committee wants voter records is to find fraud. Okay fine. I get that and for some reason we have a shit load of money to do this but whatever. Let me save you the trouble....

In 1998, I registered to vote as a Republican.  In 2000, I voted for Al Gore for president. In 2004, I voted GW Bush. 2008 and 2012, I voted for Obama.  Before going any further I changed party affiliations twice in this time.  I was independent then I switched to Democrat before the 2008 primaries . I voted for Hillary in the primaries. In 2016, I voted for Hillary Clinton. I have lived in PA since I was 17 years old and I have not lived in another state since turning 18.

My father in law was a registered voter. He no longer shows up in the log book. I would know since my father in law, my brother in law and myself live in the same precinct. When I sign the book to show I was there (yes, I physically have to sign. I also have my ID ready. However, the people there only ID me once, the first time I voted in that precinct. The same people are always there). I always notice my brother in law has not been in. I also know my father in law's name is not there because he is passed away in 2010. I know this because his name will come right before mine.

Funny someone did their job and removed him from the rolls. Unless of course they have a secret book where they keep the all dead names and vote. Pennsylvania is a swing state and this year, the state went overwhelming to DT. Not exactly sure where there is fraud. I guess maybe he didn't get enough votes in our state. I don't know.


What the fuck? Are there people who really believe this? Christmas is a federal holiday. Almost everything is closed except for a couple of gas stations and the movie theaters. When I was kid everything was closed. Where does this idea come from?

Scientists say Jesus WAS NOT  born on December 25.  The Christian church made it that day because of Yule. And the church was looking for converts.  Evergreen, Santa, and all the other stuff is pagan. I would guess what most us celebrate are  Yule traditions.

So really it is war on Yule. So maybe this year, I should stay HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING YULE as opposed to Merry Christmas.

And I would also assume if Jesus's birth was so important to practicing Christians then this fake war on Christmas means nothing to them because they know their relationship with Jesus. They do not need to be told Merry Christmas to keep their faith alive. Why would they feel insulted if they were not wished a Merry Christmas? It shouldn't matter either way.

Enough said for one day...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

What's Next? After College

Wow, next week I will be done with school. I would have earned 120 credits and my Bachelor's in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in fiction and poetry. Sometimes, it doesn't feel real. I did it. I graduated.

I followed the traditional path. I went to high school graduated then went to college. Then something happened in college. I didn't like my major. I didn't know what to do then I went in freefall. I left college and just bumbled around. Yet, I always wanted my degree. It became a life goal. A friend told me about SNHU and I looked at it and applied. Here I am today.

With my school work ending next week, now it is time to think about what I want to do now. I will have a lot more free time, at least until November. I am going to apply for the Master's program at SNHU so I can be a professor at the school. I am not applying for grad school until September, which gives me several months to work on other things.

What's Next?

  • My poetry calendar. It is time to select photos, write poems and create the calendar. Projected release is late September or October. Of course, earlier would be better
  • Revise and edit, Solider Girl for Kindle. This novella is about a girl named Bryndle who survives an apocalyptic  event. No planned release date as of yet
  • Finish writing Love Always, Seaside Heights. I started this story awhile ago, it is heading for a novella path. Maybe if I am motivated, I will release it to Kindle this year as well
  • Work on my 300 Poems One Book board on Pintrest. I have been slacking on this for 2 months now. I want to get back to making a new poem every other day. 
  • Prepare two poetry chapbooks for Kindle. One is already done. I am thinking of taking poems from this blog to make another called Blopo (a clever combination of blog poems). I am still not sure if this is a good idea, what the hell do I do with the poems on here? Delete them? I don't know. 
  • Go back to freelancing, even part time. 
  • Marketing and more marketing for my writing and my jewelry
  • Send more work out to publishers. I also have been slacking on this. I am going to start with one a week and move it up to 2 a week. 
And that's about it.  That is a lot. I know it is. But here's the thing, I want to carve out my own path in life. And this is how I want to do it. Yeah, I know I am not going to be rich overnight or famous, but I got to work at it. I have be dedicated to my art (in all forms) and consistently work at it. 

Till next time....

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sweet Dreamland Wheels by JM Scott FREE Through June 16, 2017

Hey all, Sweet Dreamland Wheels is FREE in all Kindle markets through June 16, 2017.

Two years ago, I participated in NaPoWriMo with the former Found Poetry Review. And the goal was to create 30 different poems using various found and experimental techniques. Some of these techniques I use to this day because it allows me to discover new word combinations. The poems can be thought-provoking. Some may not even have  "meaning." Sometimes poetry can be enjoyed by the use of language and how the words sounds together. Think of it like nursery rhymes. Many of them don't make sense but they are fun to say.

I can't believe this book is two years old. Where does time go? It seems like it is time to get another book ready for Kindle. It feels like months since I released one. I do have some in the works. I am hoping once, I finished with school (just two more weeks) I will get back into a writing routine.

If you get the book, why not leave a review. It would mean the world to me.

Here is a sample poem that was sourced from a Stephen King novel. Enjoy....

Some Time or Another,  We’ve All Been There

I could see arrangements
in the blind bathroom-
the insectile sound
of nothing there

the October hospital
happened across the pavement
and spiders at three o’ clock

And yet
I remade my bed early.

it occurred to me-
yesterday I over laid
the expensive water
and tumbled over my Joyland dream.

Source: King, Stephen. Joyland. London: Titan Books, 2013. Print.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jupiter on Repeat- A Stream of Conscious Blog Post

Jupiter sounds like unseen hand bells in a windswept wasteland. And perhaps those were hand bells, alien instruments from beneath the surface before Jupiter reclaimed it self. We are on borrowed time here on this planet. It is a matter of time before we are artifacts buried deep in sandstone.

Do you ever really look at people? I find myself looking at each person, while sitting in a parking lot or on the boardwalk. Wondering what they are thinking about. Why are they going into the beer shack, is for a get together with friends or to drown their problems in amber? I wonder who they are, where they are going. Sometimes, if you think about people long enough, you realize they might be wondering the same thing about you, and in the end you are all almost the same- just a spec in the universe. We circle around each other like atoms sharing electrons.

I couldn't mow over the garter snake in my front yard. I thought I had killed him when I mowed over his tail- twice. But once I turned the mower around, he was there. His head upright, flicking his tongue, sensing the air. I moved the mower closer, to scare him. He didn't move. He looked right at me and I looked right at him and I mowed in another patch of yard. Later, I found him under the car. Then even later, I didn't find him at all.

Sometimes, beautiful word phrases will come to mind and they swirl and tumble like dandelion seeds. Then just like that, a wind comes and takes them away. And I find myself wanting to write but the muscle desire and discipline also vanish in the wind. I think that, maybe, I am too hard on myself. What is productivity anyway? And how does that mean anything to anyone? Somehow, through mind numbing levels of Candy Crush, I get my work done. I should be glad for that.

It is like summer just turned on. The heat outside lays across the horizon like spider webs. I want to go swimming, but the lakes are too cold. Inside, the heat has not found its way in. It will by eleven tonight. The thermostat will read 81. I like the summer. I like sitting in the sunshine by water feeling my skin burn even if I am wearing SPF 75.

There are too many thoughts in my head. And my dreams are disturbing. Sometimes, I don't know if my memories are real or memories from dreams. It is in those dreams, I  am  looking for something. I don't know what and sometimes I feel myself losing my breath, somewhere in the void.

I think about the people all around me and the summer heat and all I really want is a cherry Popsicle to make my lips red and listen to Jupiter on repeat.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Blood on the Carpet by JM Scott FREE until June 6, 2017

Hey all, Blood on the Carpet is FREE in all Kindle markets through June 6, 2017. This is a collection of short stories that are more than five years old. I know they are not my best, but I thought at the time I would collect them and make a book because it shows how I have grown as a writer. I know I am better writer today than I was even a year ago.

I am really proud of the cover. I think it turned out really nice. Even though the book is not highly rated, it is still one of more popular books. I think it is because the stories are in the mystery genre.

I thought at one point, I was going to be a mystery writer, but that has changed. I feel my strength as a writer falls into somewhere in speculative fiction spectrum. I am happy with writing the bizarre and the speculative from horror to science fiction to hybrids.

Here is a free sample from the book. It is one of my favorite stories from the collection.  It is a little long, coming in about 1800 words.

Jealous Lovers and Cheating Wives

It was a dark and stormy night and the neon light blinked incessantly. Scratch that, stories like this always start that way, don't they? No this story is about me, Sam Sparkles, Private Investigator and Cricket Dirtloader. Ahh yes, Cricket a beautiful dragonfly (I guess you were thinking she in fact was a cricket but no her parents liked the name Cricket) with a long red thorax and sparkly wings, I loved her as much as I love Lucy, my revolver.

Our relationship, if you want to call it that, started in school. All of us back then wanted to change the world. We wanted to be with any insect we wanted. The others were too scared to take the leap but not Cricket. She took me, a lighthouse in the night, to the prom. Sure the others stared but soon everyone got over it and insects dated and married anyone they wanted.

Cricket and I started as a protest but we grew to something more. She wanted me to marry her and I said I am not a one insect kind of guy. Sure she was a little hurt and our relationship remained platonic and sexual, even when she dated and married Andy Dirtloader, a strong hard working ant.

She had a great husband; he treated her like a goddess. In all fairness, he deserved better because while he gave her the world she was over at my place sharing an afternoon delight.

I didn't think it was odd when she flitted in that sunny August afternoon. I went to her and tried kissing her neck. She shoved me away.

"Sam, Andy's gone," she bawled

"Aw what do you care anyway? You always thoughts  of yourself as my girl," I shot back at her.

"Sam, I do love him just I'm not passionate about him like I am with you."

I grabbed her hand; I wanted her so bad, "show me how passionate you are, baby."

Cricket broke free, "Sam, I'm serious. You've got to help me at least help the kids."

I pulled away and sat at my desk, "Okay Cricket, what's going on?"

She sat in the chair across from me and pulled out a piece of paper. "Look I was on my way to see you for some fun when I saw this note taped on the inside of the garage door." Cricket laid the note on my desk.

The calligraphic handwriting stood out and the tone was formal. It read Dear Mrs. Cricket Dirtloader, It is wise if you want to see you husband alive and in one piece then you will fetch your boyfriend and go to the telephone on 23rd street. Make sure to arrive before 3 pm and wait for a call. You will answer the phone. Thank You. No one signed the note.

"Did you tell anyone about us?" I interrogated her.

"Damn Sam. My husband is kidnapped and you're worried about us?" she snapped.

"Look Cricket, obviously someone knows." I looked at my watch, 2:30 pm. Opening the desk drawer, I pulled out a freshly polished Lucy and holstered it. I handed Cricket some shells, "put these in your purse. We may need them."

I looked her over, her chest rose and fell rapidly, her body trembled and she had sad eyes. I came around the desk took her into my arms and whispered, "One last time baby and we'll never be together again." She relented.

With minutes to spare we made it to the pay phone and waited.

I've waited lots of times often with a camera in hand, waiting for cheating husbands or wives and their fling. The bulk of my work was because of infidelity not just from couples but all partnerships. Women, at times, were vulnerable and needy after I told them the truth. I reaped the benefits of money and a quick roll in the hay.

Perhaps I screwed some guy's wife and now he found out and wanted revenge. But to go to this much trouble? Why couldn't he just bust into my office and beat me like some other's done? So why Cricket? Whoever behind this watched me for a long time and just knew out of all the women that came and went, Cricket always came. And someone knew I loved her but why not take Cricket, why take Andy?

As I wrapped my brain around the why and who, the phone rang. Cricket answered. She uttered, "Hello" and said no more then hung up. She turned, looking at me.

"Well?" I asked

"We have to go to 54th street to another pay phone in five minutes."

"Is that it? What did the voice sound like?"

"It was a woman's voice very prim and proper. She asked if my boyfriend was beside me."

"What she didn't use my name? Maybe you have another lover. Why not? Because you are woman with out scruples."

"How dare you say that? Sam, you are the only one for me. I'm not a hussy." Her scorned eyes burned my soul.

We took off into the wind. I often thought Cricket had someone else especially after she walked in on Lola and me. Lola, a monarch, hired me to chase her husband, a gypsy moth. I called her and showed hundreds of pictures of him and his floozy firefly. Lola cried and smashed some glasses. I consoled her. She shoved me to the bed. Spiteful fire grew in her eyes, she said, "If he can have a firefly, so can I."

Lola spent the night. When Cricket opened the door, an argument erupted and I didn't see her for weeks. I wanted to tail Cricket just because I missed her and I didn’t want her sleeping around, but I didn't. After we made up, she'd come then go; before Lola,  she used to spend hours with me. I never asked her and then one day she was mine again. I saw enough cheating to know the signs.

In some wicked way we were committed to each other even though we had other people.

We made it to the phone just as the phone screamed. Again Cricket answered.

"Now we wait," she panicked.

"Wait for what?"

"The voice just said to wait."

We sat on the bench. I grabbed her hand. I expected her to pull away but instead squeezed it.

"Do you have any idea who did this?" Cricket asked.

"None, it could be anyone. Maybe it is someone who wants you and figures if me and Andy are out of the picture, you can be his," I conjectured.

"Andy's never in the way. He is the perfect husband."

"So why do you come to me?" I asked.

"Are you complaining?"

"No just wondering."

"I love you and what we have. Andy gives me other things that a girl wants tenderness, a nice home and love,” she said.

"You know I do. I just thought you'd deserve better than a bug who unzips his pants every chance he gets."

"Maybe I do, maybe I don't." I kissed her head.

I don't remember anything until I woke up, tied to a chair in a bright room. A large ant saw me stir and called for Andy. Andy?! Cricket sat untied and  motionless on a chair.

Andy stormed into the room, "Sam, you are the biggest sleaze ball."

At the sound of his voice, Cricket awoke, "Andy you're okay." She ran to him.

"Cut the crap, Cricket," he said, pushing her away. "I know all about you and the firefly. You told me it was over between you and him." He laughed. "Old Sam thinks he's the best in the business but Carmine out does him any day."

"What's it that you want?" I asked.

"Your head on a platter so I may have my wife back. Every god damn person knows about this affair you have with her. How long has it been going on ten years? Carmine, give my wife the folder."

The large ant reappeared and handed Cricket a thick folder. She opened it. Without seeing the contents, I knew it had to be pictures of every woman I was with. Tears welled up in her eyes with each picture and let them fall to the floor.

"That's right Cricket," Andy sneered. "Like he'd ever be good to you. Look at those women. I should've done this sooner because remember the butterfly. You were so devoted to me, Cricket. Then… Carmine give our dear public dick his folder."

Carmine laid a folder on my lap and opened it to photos of Cricket with other men, two men to be exact.

"Cricket, is that all bullshit you told me?" I screamed at her.

"Shut up Sam, you have no room to talk. What did you do have a woman right after you had me?" She yelled back.

"You already knew who I am, Cricket. I just didn't see a need to tell you and rub your face in it.” My gaze shifted toward Andy, “what do you want from me?"

Andy pulled a gun, "Well Sam, it looks like the only loser here is you."

      He pulled the trigger. I tried wiggling free and I couldn’t. I always kind of figured I would go like this. But then Cricket jumped in between me and the bullet. She fell to the ground her sweet blood spraying over me like a sad ocean.

Dropping the gun, Andy ran to her sobbing, "Cricket. Cricket, honey wake up. I'm so so sorry." I knew she was dead. Andy got up and staggered to the gun, picked it up and pulled the trigger once more. Carmine and I stared at each other.

She cried. She loved Andy. She went over to him and cradled his head in her arms. It probably started as businesses, as years went by she developed feelings for him. I don't know if he ever gave her hope that there could be more. Andy couldn't let go of Cricket and Cricket couldn't let go of me. And here we were two lonely PI's with our sweet lovers laying dead on the floor.

"Carmine, untie me and you go. I won't mention you were here." Carmine untied me. On her way out she bent down and kissed Andy good-bye. Once I felt Carmine was long gone. I called the police and watched the coroner cover Cricket and take her away.

As I sit here, writing my tale, I think of her everyday. I look up from my desk and hope she comes through the door. Women come and go, now it's only business instead of taking my clients to bed, I take them home and wish them good luck.  There hasn't been anyone since Cricket. I just can't do it. I wonder if Carmine feels the same. Maybe I should call her.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Living the American Dream

three eggs, one box of mac-n-cheese, one
pack of chicken, one half-gallon
of milk, full box of cereal, one loaf of bread
one half jar of creamy peanut butter,
four slices of generic, individually wrapped
American cheese.

Pay day is in two days
but rent must be paid
and the electric
Kerosene is $3.39 a gallon

Government assistance is in two weeks
of $189 for a family of three
for the whole month.

She makes the kid a grilled cheese
and she eats one spoonful of peanut butter

She goes out to the kitchen
opens the fridge
closes the fridge

opens the fridge
hoping cake appeared
behind half empty ketchup

No cake.

The peanut butter isn’t all that filling
She drinks water
until it sloshes
around in her stomach
and checks the fridge one last time.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Graduation Weekend!

Last weekend, I graduated college. At least got to walk in the ceremony and all. I do have one last term which I am working on right now. Then I will be done. I am  thinking about going for my master's but I am not sure yet.

I can't believe it's only been a week since we left for New Hampshire. It really doesn't feel that long. On Thursday, the 11th, we picked the rental car up from the airport. It was a 2016 Nissan Altima and I fell in love with it, I would have loved to keep it. I drive a 2000 Altima right now and I thought that was luxurious the new car was even more so.

We left Thursday night around 9:30 and drove all night, stopping here and there. I really wanted to eat Roy Rogers chicken at one of the travel plazas but they were not serving chicken at 2 am. I did get Roy Rogers chicken on the way back. We made it into New Hampshire around 8 am and checked in.  I had a few hours before my awards ceremony so we went to Hampton Beach, NH.

Award you say? What award did you get, you ask? I was awarded for having one of the highest GPA's in my program. Currently, I have a cumulative of 4.0. I hope I get to keep that GPA until the end.  I graduated sum cum laude.

Before graduation, we went to Salem, MA. We didn't get to do a lot of witchy stuff. We will have to be back. We only had two hours to spend in Salem. We did go the Salem Wax Museum, which was not worth the money. It smelled like old wax and books in the museum and it took us maybe ten minutes to go through it. We did check out Salem Harbor, which was beautiful. If I could, I would pack up and live on the coast. I don't think I could ever get sick of smelling the salt,  the dead fish and salty marshes. Salem wasn't really what I thought it would be like. I liked it, downtown was nice and I would probably live there if it weren't so expensive.

Graduation was crazy. We had to pay $20 for parking. But at least we were right at the arena. And then I walked around the front and joined the rest of the people I was graduating with. There were so many of us. I never did get my hat painted because I could never figure out what to get.  Just like I had some pictures snapped (which turned out horrible) and got my fake diploma.I will get a real one in August, once I am completely done with school.  It feels kind of weird. I think it was the president of SNHU that something graduation is both a beginning and an end. Sure, I am 36 but I feel the future to be exciting and scary at the same time.

On Sunday, we stopped in Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. It was a crazy trip. There was so much we wanted to do and didn't get a chance to. Like go to Maine, Cape Cod, Boston and spend more time in Salem. I guess we will have to plan another vacation to New England.

Till next time...

Monday, May 8, 2017

May and the Weather is Cool

Notice, sometimes when I don't have an interesting blog title that I use the weather? Not the most original, but I suppose it's better than saying, I am just going to babble on about my life.

This week is graduation. Can you believe it? I can't. It's almost surreal because 19 years after graduating high school, I am graduating college. We are leaving for New Hampshire Thursday night. On Friday, I am supposed to get an award for having a high GPA and on Saturday is the actual graduation.

So what happens next? I do have one term left to complete, which I already started today. I will be done in early July. Ideally, I want to continue working from home as a freelancer. I also want to grow Jaded Eklipse and continue working on my fiction and poetry and publishing either through Kindle or finding a traditional publisher.  But, I need to pay student loans and if there is a good job out there possibly with working from home then I might consider it.  I like working for myself, and I don't want to give it up.

I haven't  been doing much writing lately, and I am hoping to get working on some writing soon. I am taking Advanced Creative Writing this term so obviously I have to write stories. I am glad too, because I have been missing it lately.

What is on the horizon for my writing? I need to revise and edit Solider Girl. It is a novella, I finished over a month ago. I need to think of a title for the trilogy as there will be two other novellas that deal with the same apocalyptic event, but features different characters. I have to finish Havana and get it to my beta readers so I can move to the next step. I am still seriously considering taking some of the best poems from my blog and make a book. I have a chap book already prepared for a contest, that I am going to release to Kindle. And lastly, I have to start working on my poetry calendar. That should keep me busy for the rest of year. I also have other writing projects I need to finish.

That's about all for now. Till next time...

Friday, May 5, 2017

What is it About Healthcare

The internet is an uproar about the AHCA that barely passed the US House yesterday. It bothers me too. Because you know what I see? I see 435 people who can't work together and only want to pass party agenda. How did it get this point.  The senate isn't any better.  Chances are this bill won't pass the senate because there is not enough votes. I know Casey will not vote for it and Toomey will because he is a sheep. Actually they are both sheep.

My congressman, Glenn Thompson, said that he voted for it because he wanted healthcare that works for all Americans. That is funny because this new plan DOESN'T. Neither did Obamacare. It was flawed. I understand the price of what some people have to pay for their premiums and their deductibles and it is not right.

I don't care how much the big insurance companies cry about their loss of profit, even though they are still pulling in billions of dollars in profits. And if you think that your premium will go down if this is passed, you are sorely mistaken. Because looking at it from their view point, you are already paying for it then you will continue to do so. It will also make up for all those who drop their plan because of expense.

If this bill is passed, it will directly affect my parents who are in their late 50's and early 60's. It will directly affect me. So I think about it. If I lost my insurance, then I would have to pay more should I get it again.

Not that I hold a lot of stock on what DT says because I think he doesn't know what he is saying half the time, he did say healthcare for everyone. I really wanted to believe that. I really did. But just like most things out of DC it is a  pile of steaming shit.

I also love how so many people are rejoicing because they believe their premiums will go down (they won't,  because the CEO needs his fourth Lamborghini). And how the lazy, poor people will just back to the ER, which by the way costs more to the taxpayer.

Please tell me,  why are some of you so afraid of universal healthcare? Afraid of communism? Afraid of socialism? Afraid of losing your freedoms? Well with the new religious liberty act, only one group apparently has religious freedom and those are the Christians and the rest of just pay taxes for the supposed greater good.

For some reason we have a ton of money to make nukes, you know because that is so important. But we can't do universal healthcare. Our priorities are fucked up. But what do I know? I am  just one of millions of people that is ignored by our representative.

Dear Glenn Thompson, News Flash!!!! People want healthcare. They also want it affordable. They want to go to the doctor's without worrying about medical bills. I don't know why you got into office because it seems like you do nothing for anyone in our district. I am one of those people that used to go the ER for something simple like bronchitis because I didn't have insurance. You think I am the only one? Why not visit some of your rural areas and ask them what they did before the ACA. How many of us used the ER as our only place to get medical care. How many women had a gynecology exam, perhaps their first one in years because of the ACA? How many people are living better lives. Since you don't make an appearance in the district, then you have no idea. Just like your cohorts in congress, none of you have an idea of what the people want.  I know it doesn't matter, because some how in 2018, you will still get elected but it won't be because of my vote.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Girls Who Work in Smoke Stores

sandwiched between the displays
of lottery and the cigarette pack
lined back wall, she scurries
between smokes and the register

lonely, jobless men jibber- jabber- gossip
saying shit
no one has time to hear or wants to hear

and she has to let them hang out
there drinking their coffee playing
their lottery saying whatever they want
to say because the customer is always
right and she needs this job because
the owners keep dangling
some kind of promotion
that she will never get

she looks at me with dark, tired eyes
she wishes they would all go away
and give her five minutes to breathe
It seems like I could be her salvation
wave  a magic wand and buy a winning lottery
ticket then  pass a few grand
to the girl who sold it to me
and I would too
because she knows there is nothing else for her
except for maybe that promotion


I’m not any better than you
just a different set of circumstances
in the end, honey, we burn down to the butt
and turn to ash.

Hey all, a day late but oh well. Here is poem 30, which completes the NaPoWriMo challenge. I struggled. I had stuff come up. I had school work. I was blank, my brain was mush but some how I created some good poems. Sure, I created some shitty ones too. But I suppose one of the best things about writing in general is that you get a re-do (or fifty) in most cases.  I am still thinking about collecting some of the best poems on this blog and making a book, what do you think?

Till next time...

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Shampooed Temple

enlightened polyethylene dawn promotes efficiency
while code

filtration twinkles counter worlds.  I master the oxygen
gazette and extract

shell smudge from timbered sonnets. You
have everything

and cash flashes smiles and toothiest
trolls. I want to describe

today but the shampooed temple
gets in the way.

Hey all, here is poem 29. Only one more day to go. Can you believe it, where did this month go? I have no idea.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Friday, April 28, 2017

Holly Hock in the Headlights

Hey all, here is poem 28, a visual poem. You can make your own by using this tool  I just felt like doing something different today.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Thursday, April 27, 2017

July 4, 2055

For you. 

Half a cascading cloud take over
subordinate missiles nearby my
relocated toxicology

(cascading missiles, relocated)

hypocritical translations are
shadow warriors left for the dead
an electric spritz finds my market

(hypocritical, warriors, electric)

subsequent gold incubates tea stars
our debut culmination records
underground lava domes and arches

(gold, culmination, arches)

the last bunker imagination

Hey all, here is poem 27. I can't believe there are only three more days left of the challenge. Today, I wrote a petit recapitul portatif which is a ten line poem with 9 syllables per line, 3 lines per stanza. Between each stanza is a set of parenthesis with one word from each previous line, separated by commas. I learned this form last year and I like it because I love syllable poems. I also did one about zombies found in  Trick or Poem.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

A Latent Summer Memory

Let me pack you green
sunshine littered with starry

corpses in a bag with shallow
snow pockets as flaming

tears swirling melting
milk. This fleshless memory

of winter’s summer
spoils the romp

from storm tossed ocean
I find Neptune’s apple

wormhole in the maple’s
night field and you

won’t need the disguised sojourn
to drink a malicious mountain

I pluck  happy eyes
and sink through the earth.

Hey all, Here is poem 26, only a day late. I started working on it last night but I was really exhausted. I felt like just sitting in my chair and drooling.  This is a remix of old haiku I wrote several years ago.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

in the shoe box under my bed

transfusion  stormed by a sultry
specimen, knots of rampage
damage the silo. Straits  ravish

the boomerangs of  form
and the calyx of the marine-tethered
nitrate, chastened with the spanking

of roosters.  I hedge duels
and bayonets and the lopsided decisive
hue of wonderland

by nicotine. Wavering the morphine
on the formation torch, wandering
with delirious  frosted

stigmas to the slice  of a reckless superlative.

Source:   Tree, Iris. “Tranquility stirred by a sudden spasm.” Retrieved from:

Hey all, here is poem 25, only 5 more to go. I can't believe how fast this month went by.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Saturday Night Revival

dark matter
from claptrap preludes
and the fiction election
across the lost lake

hope inside, come on in, you need us

you linger over
spectroscopy and
create metaphor

prayers for you, paradise is for the good sheep, are you good?

my composition
is  a metallic
and air theory
you play may-day

as I corrupt the spirit’s

we know your scared, eat this cracker and pray, it will all be okay

our joint vision of near
populates our pockets with

It really is too bad
education is diluted to
                dull waves
and allegiances to

Hey all here is poem 24.  And I am caught up now.  Now I am pooped.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Canoeing the World

Hey all, here is poem 23. I haven't done any emoji/pictograph poems sine I worked on Trick or Poem. And I thought today would be a good day to do one. Don't be fooled, this takes longer than it looks, at least it does for me. Perhaps, it is because I am not a big emoji user. I am fascinated about emojis though and how people use them especially on social media. I am interested in the meaning they convey. However, I am also wondering why we seem to be going back to pictorial representations instead of using words. 

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo


Source: Thoreau, Henry David. Cape Cod.  Kindle for PC, location 267.

Hey all,  Here is poem 22. I know I am a little behind but I went offline Saturday through Sunday and visited my parents. I got back last night and I didn't feel like doing anything. I am going to try and catch up my poems tonight. I can't believe this month is almost over. I am thinking of making a poetry chapbook with poems from my blog. There are some golden nuggets on here. 

Find more poets here at NaPoWriMo

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lightening Strikes Chain Gang

Only Employment was Included!
labor prisoners

search the Edison
elevator but only find
an Iowa farm

And They Have No Warden!

outdoor candles observe
thought near the eye
one last time

The Syllabus for Electricity Ignite His Placed Life!

Source: “Events in Brief.”  The Delinquent 1914. Retrieved from:

Hey all, I know it is a little late, but here is poem 21. I thinking I am getting sick or it's tree pollen. Either way, my brain is a pile of radioactive mush. Today, I made a found poem. I took a section of my source and ran it through the "Powerball" feature on Applied Poetics. Then I took what was left and made the poem.

Find more awesome poets at NaPoWriMo

Friday, April 21, 2017

Blessed Drudgeries

You crease  over the trepidation,
you crash  the lonely  breath—

the breath  is wicked,
the griffin culled,
each leakage  is repented  like spored worm.

You butcher the trapezoids
with blessed drudgeries,

you symbolize and crow—

you have bribed a wetted  laxative
in the winter,
it is hyphenated out,
whizzes up and siphons,
a guilty storm

Hey all, Here is poem 20. I like how this one turned out. It is has a nice cadence to it. I don't have much to say right now.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dimensional Hitchhiker

Crystal shadows
creep through daylight splinters as moons swim in a rose sky
with sharks

from silver dust
the dimension hitchhiker emerges from the tornado dry heat cracks
into stalagmites

one life.  one death.
one more life. another death. different faces- same
old essence

she collects
thousands of dreams memories, bits
of yesterday’s souls

and deja vu
through water ripples words will set her free and whole only on
the page

Hey all, Here is poem 19.  This one is surrealism and fantasy, with a bit of reincarnation. It was inspired by the phrase "dimension hitchhiker." I hope you all like it.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jupiter Clouds

questions   fade  in   moonlit  restraints
Jupiter  clouds infest the smoking  spot
light, I am the   jaded silver you keep in
the floorboards and you are the congeal-
ed infestation I twist  in   crystal  games.
what is it like to  own day and night? the
flick of the light bulb stains stoic records
no angel is supreme and  I lick the Milky
Way  with my sky wand.  And it is good.

Hey all, Here is poem 18.Today I took some words and phrases from my old poems and remixed them to make a new poem.  Then I decided to make  the poem as square as I could. Was there a reason? I don't know, what do you think?

Find more awesome poets at NaPoWriMo

Monday, April 17, 2017

Obligatory Hoodwinking

In this faithful
domain, onions

lactate and traces
of cultures scrub

deranged submersions
the tollhouse wants a

retro rocket and global

this saucerful
sorcery is my

stationary salvation

abstracts, jinxed
fellowship and anthrax

after the obligatory hoodwinking
I regain consciousness.

Hey all, Here is poem 17,   a surrealist poem. Because I love surrealism and I find it fascinating. The greatest thing about surrealist poetry is that you create your own meaning for the poem.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Dawn of the Birds

As the sky fades
from Prussian blue to
Persian blue
they wake up-
a worm breakfast
and a fresh puddle bath
from yesterday’s rain
all before the sun hoists
itself over the die cut mountains

they hang up
their dirty tail feathers
shake out the nest
squawk and chirp
across the street to each other
like neighbors in the old city
when laundry was social hour

because a lot has happened
since nightfall, they gossip
about us and what we do
behind closed doors

Yeah! Here is poem 16 and I am caught up! So this one is a bit more fun and whimsical because poetry doesn't always have to be so serious. I was up at early one morning and the birds seem to talk to each other at dawn and just made me wonder what they talk about.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Driving, 3:30 a.m.

I prefer the blackness
cut with dim headlights
land squids in the distance
like good old gods
from that century
before madness
geodes and soda bottles
on the side of the road
glitter in the sky
and those dreams
are lost in the tribal
waters trapped
in broken aquifers
I am looking
up there somewhere
and are you looking
back at me

this message is all there is
when we are all gone.

Hey all, here is poem 15.  I was driving on the road late at night. And there is something really magical, surreal about driving on the highway at the time of night. Although I have a hard time seeing unless I am by myself, I love driving at the time of day.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Halos in Darkness

whimsical wickedness
halos in darkness
tonight the leaky clover
sizzle  and wallow
temptations drizzle, the howl

shoplifts lingering
thoughts, a feline  tourniquet
in this blatant destiny  hollow
arranges breakneck whitewash and
the backward stanza

here it is now-
skirmishes  in the collective
with dromedaries  as  fugitives

and blankets of odd thoughts
in my garden of the moonless sky
filled with
halos in darkness
and whimsical wickedness

Here is poem 14. A surrealistic poem for you. I have ideas for two other poems, I am hoping they turn out as good as they are in my head. This is an old poem  and revised it heavily and it is like a brand new poem. Nothing like recycling old poems. Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Benediction Turmoil

When TNT  isolates  loyalty
who’s fear would it be?
tsunami herds turmoil
by benediction

fission is literature
burying the forgery  of memories
flares of oration realize
snapping slander,
scouring coal

tremors  burrow
the suspension command
back to a charmed  wasteland

distortion highlights
the bladed desecration
gritty circuits
stampedes the  lofty  horizon
formation ticks once again,

the slaughter will be blunt
and worship will be right


Hey all here is poem 13. After this poem I am three poems behind There have been forces beyond my control and I couldn't write any poems. And then when I did have some free time, I had to work on my school work.  Well I am going to try working on another. Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Looking for That Real Kind of Magic

my cut clown car creeps
among ambulance alleys and
cherry lunches-
sapphire sarcasm streams as
the serpent saves santeria.

Hey all, here is poem 12. I actually sort of followed the prompt today. The prompt was to use consonance and assonance (repetition of  consonant or vowel sounds). And this poem is also a tanka because why not, I love writing Japanese style  poems. I've been thinking about witches as I have been watching Salem  on Netflix and I keep up with The Originals on the The CW.  I also read a paper about MacBeth today and of course there are witches in that.

Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Immortality

Hey all, Here is poem 11. I know I skipped a day. I was just worn down last night, and when poetry writing time came, I didn't want to do anything but sit around and drool. This poem is part of my Pinterest project One Book- 300 Poems where I create a poem from a page in Debra Ginsberg's book Waiting.  

I am off to write today's poem.  Be sure to find other poets at NaPoWriMo

Monday, April 10, 2017


And for something a little different... a poetry collage. I suppose it's not all the earth shattering since I have done them before, but I felt like doing one today. The poem is a reconstruction and remix of three different haiku I wrote several years ago. For a little help with the mixing I used this Dada Generator and wrote the phrases I liked and then created the poem. To find more awesome poets check out NaPoWriMo

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spark Plug Trauma

Stargazer wine whispers
Permeated freedoms. My
Apple pleasures surrender sleepy
Relics to the holy grail
Kept on toll booth bunkers

Prowling beyond the veil
Lemon grass tonic and moko jumbie
Under the vestige. And I bisect
Gluttonous heliotropic souls

Hey all, here is poem number 9. Today's prompt at NaPoWriMo was to write a 9 line poem. And I thought why not? Here is an acrostic poem using the words "spark plug" which happen to be 9 letters, 9 lines. And guess what it is not a doom and gloom poem.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Today Was Once our Independence Day

The highway is empty; the black road stretches into the black night. The mountains just sit there against the denim sky whispering I told you so.  Ain’t nothing left in the town just neon pink store fronts and stores open twenty-four hours that no one is in. Because no one is around. The vacancy of possibility when there is nothing but empty towns and hospitals. It’s been how long? Time moves different now because the worries are different. No one to collect taxes. I hit the accelerator because I can, who will stop me now. Gray haze lays across the gentle slopes of the Alleghenies and the mountain turbines still blink off and on their safety lights for airplanes that won’t be flying overheard any time soon. Maybe they are sending a message, HELP US, to someone something (God, aliens, humans in Andromeda). Ain’t no help tonight and there was no help when it all went down. Adjusting the static on the radio just waiting for that other voice to break the black night while the family sleeps in the silence of our safe car, recently borrowed from the airport, full tank of gas, and I always wanted a Mercedes and the leather feels good and it smells new and fresh. I never had a new car before. Just as I speed toward home tucked beyond  the turbine SOS

in the valley, one 
red firework blossoms.
today-once it was July 4th

Hey all, so I am not sure where this gloom and doom is coming from. What inspired this poem was I was driving back from State College on I-99 and there was one firework, a red one to be exact. I don't know it just seemed odd and stuck with me. I let it percolate for maybe an hour and sat down and my computer, not really sure of what direction to take and the words just flew out of my fingers. I actually like this poem, is that wrong? A haibun fit the poem nicely.  Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

Backward Sky

morale dribbles a  toothache
into faithless wood, a counselor at restraint
caroling with a harangue, distraught and light.
she sleeps with  the contraption of her brew.

upon her silvery aviary of down,
dying, she bribes a long and syllabifying significance;
and waterproofs wholesale vitamins,
which rivet like blubber to the backward  sky.

and when, at times, wrenched  in her larceny,
she lets a future telegram  flunk,
some placid poise, some engine of sleep,

tame his homeless hardware. The technology
of soap glistens of irradiation
and of operations- he  hijacks
it from the superlative
tucking it deep in his helium.

I know it's a little late, but I will write another later today. It is like my day vanished before my eyes. I spent a good portion of the day working on my Shakespeare paper. Once that was written, I had to write my marketing paper. Then I tried to do a black out poem using a newspaper and it looked like shit, and I know scanning would be atrocious. I don't how other poets make their poems look cool. I guess I am going to have to use magazines. I just can't draw in books, it is a weird affliction I suffer from. Anyway find more awesome poets at NaPoWriMo.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Right Now

I Should Be
writing poems
and not making
pasta. I Should Be
telling you how the wind
sounds right at this minute
it’s all been done before
the wind seeps
through adjectives.

Right about now, I Should Be
somewhere else,  tomorrow
or yesterday making academics
faint with my genius

the furnace kicks on
just as the coffee pot
spews it’s last drip
and I find myself
living too many lives at once
the blurry transcendence
of chaos

And here is poem 6. Poetry writing has been difficult these last few days. I don't know if I am putting too much pressure on myself or my brain is somewhere else. Or who the hell knows. Today's poem is a free verse and stream of conscious poem about how I can't write a poem. Which is a bit ironic since I wrote a poem. Sometimes, when I want to write a poem and I have nothing inspiring, I work on a found poem. But sometimes there are too many source texts. Anyway, show some love to other poets this month and find them at NaPoWriMo

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sweet Infringence

slowly over a cup of gold
from the black rose lake
steel glass thorns
 into shadow worlds
for pure love of the waiting

waiting for rapture
to coincide with wild flowers
and I bleed wild flowers
through the garbage
and intertwine in lava

lava erupts from melodious
serenity, come encase
my heart mind and burn forth
with sweet infringence.

infringent roots grow deep
in the ancient world.
The roots grow deep.

deep, pure sounds murmur
to my noisy mind and burn.

burn gold.

And here is poem number five. Today, I took an ancient poem (one from the 90's) and used this tool to remix the poem to form a new poem. I like some repition, which is a poem thing (so there is a fancy, literary word but my brain is kind of mushy right now. I have no idea what it is at the time) I haven't used a lot of. Oh yeah, I made up the word "infringence"  because I like the way it sounds. I have no idea what it means, what do you think it means? Find more poets at NaPoWrimo

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Night Whims

Water buffalo
Hunt from Orion’s white belt-
I need their life myth
Medicine trapped in star glass
Skeins of mozzarella drip.

Here is poem number four. So today I did an acrostic and a tanka.  The acrostic is made with the word "whims". Find more poet at Napowrimo

Monday, April 3, 2017

Shrinking Outlooks

I don’t buy protests
but distracted deadbeats
thrusting  novel medicines
into insomniacs.

My well-informed tonic
is restrained in England
we combine our modesty
finding spare rubbish

The pelican doses your stuff
I am alive and inquire an opinion
on shrinking outlooks.

Source: Wodehouse, P.G. A Wodehouse Miscellany.

Day three, so far so good. But then again, it's only day three.  Eventhough, this is a found poem, I am surprised on the final product. There seems to be a hint of politics, what do you think? Find more poets at NaPoWrimo

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Crystal Cane

diamond crack
and caramel
on the mouth
of a cool oven

saffron mingles
with raspberry
fillets, ginger
coughs fancy
papers on boiled
acid drops

clarified in-
nocence fringed
at the edges
of small bands
of gold, boxes
of glass divided
into fulm-
inating powder

acidulated mirth
rubs to sugar
fire twists
sugar into
mold baskets

effervescence will flow over

How to Make Candy.

Today, I grabbed words from an old candy cook book (1891 I think) from These words came from the section "Crack and Caramel." I found the section heading humorous. Anyway like other poems I write, I write down a bunch of words and phrases I like and make a poem from them. Find more poets at Napowrimo

Saturday, April 1, 2017


The menagerie of lilies-of-the-valley and cotton candy flowers flourish in seawater. A somnambulant  sephora reflects international sunsets as tides of breaking music and the impulse of the aurora aggregate broom flow from coyote cloud stones. In the cave-story pulsar, my iris arrests pictures, a haunting sensation settles in the shadeling grove, and the evocation of the hidden book splashes colors on the wind.
Magic curtails the 
living, gods come out to play
I close the shutters.

Yeah, it is National Poetry Month! This is the first poem:  a haibun,  a mixture of prose poetry and  haiku. If you want to read other participants' poems in National Poetry Writing Month or if you need more prompts to get you started, check out NaPoWriMo

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

National Poetry Month Ahead

First things first, I was sad to read that The Found Poetry Review will no longer be publishing. I have learned so much from the last two National Poetry Projects I participated with them. I learned how to make poems I never thought was possible, I learned that poetry is a fluid art form. And honestly, I wouldn't be where I am with my poetry without these people and their effort to bring found poetry more respect. I really appreciate all that they did.

So since National Poetry Month starts this Saturday, I will be participating by writing a new poem a day. Actually, I have some stuff planned in April so I will have poems scheduled for posting when I am away. These will be all new poems.

Speaking of poems, I am still working on the One Book 300 Poems for Pinterest. And I have decided to make resin wall plaques with small poems embedded in the resin. I also have to start working on my poetry calendar in the next month as well. This is the year for poetry. I love creating and writing poems, there is just so much possibility. I just wish more people loved poetry like I do. Just think only a few hundred years, poetry was everywhere, and people learned poems and shared them with friends. Whatever happened to that? Now it seems like less and less people care about poems.

I skipped Nanowrimo last year, and I hoping to that I will something to work with by November. I like these writing challenges because it makes me feel like I am working toward something. Oh I know I should be working on something all the time, but I just need a little motivation just to keep going. We've all be there.

Till next time...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dear DNC, What the Hell?

I have been a registered Democrat since 2008. I was an Independent beforehand but in this state I have to a be a party member to vote in the primaries. Anyway, since November I have answered a lot of emails on what I think is important for the party to focus on. I have done surveys sponsored by the party. And I get no response from anyone. Anyway...

The other day, I checked the mail and I got a paper survey from the DNC. I open it up all excited because I want to share my opinions. I actually felt like they were interested in my thoughts and opinions. So the first page is typical survey questions then I turn it over and there it is, they want money. Not only do they want money, I have to pay at least $3 to have my survey answers recorded.

WTF? I have to pay the DNC to have my survey answers recorded? That is the most fucked up thing.

So when Hillary Clinton was running for president, she was raising all this money for the Democratic Party. However, I do not know what they used the money for. It sure wasn't for the District 5 candidate. I don't know who it is off the top of my head. I know one thing on Facebook, I was seeing ads for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, Glenn Thompson and Pat Toomey. Who is missing from this Katie McGinty and the district 5 candidate. And I know from running TARGETED Facebook ads for Jaded Eklipse, they are a fraction of the cost then running TV ads. So apparently whatever money was raised for the last election cycle was not used to facilitate democrats in this state.

But let's go even smaller, state governments. I was inundated with Republican mailers for state representatives and only once did I receive something from a Democrat candidate. Would you believe the Republican won? Again not even targeted ads on the web for any democratic candidate except for Hillary Clinton, not even Katie McGinty who was running for senator.

Look, I  may not have a degree in marketing but something seems off. Here I am a prime target, female, mid-thirties who likes Hillary Clinton on Facebook and I know if I can do targeted ads for Jaded Eklipse so can others. Sorry I don't vote for letters, I vote for people. I will have vote for people across party lines.

You wonder why the Democrat party is not cohesive? Instead of cultivating the movers and shakers in the bottom of government, they only care about the top dog. Why the fuck would I give money to the DNC when that money  definitely does not help the smaller offices, the ones that actually deal with the people.

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

And Spring Comes- Again

Today, I was reading The Taming of the Shrew, there was a pork roast in the Crock-Pot, and sunshine streamed in the western facing windows. And it really did feel like spring. Of course it felt like spring last month as well. Last week, in fact last Monday, we were supposed to get the worst snow storm of the year.  There was a winter weather warning and everything. We got some snow, definitely not as much as they were calling for, but for some reason school was cancelled for two days. Now there are only patches that dot the emerging green grass.

I live in the north central mountains, we used to get a lot of snow.  Snow that would start sometime in late October and stay on the ground for most of the winter through March. We used to have several snow storms in one season. And now, I am not sure how the Tussey Mountain makes enough money to stay open. Of course they can make snow. And although I am not a skier, I even know the fresh powder is better for skiing the man-made snow is more slippery.

I am only 36, but I remember Pennsylvania being a lot more snowy than it is now.  There is something changing with the weather and weather patterns. And my time on earth is only speck to the age of the earth. That is something to think about.

There's a lot I want to say like "fuck the government" but I think I should formulate a much better post than Fuck the Government. I believe it, though. And I think all the dipshits in congress should make DC minimum wage. It's funny to think we are supposed to be their bosses but we don't get a say in their pay. Enough about that, I'm not in the mood for government chit chat. What is there left to say?

This past weekend, I celebrated my fourth wedding anniversary. We've been together for 16 years though, which is a lifetime or it seems like it. We decided to spend our time in Maryland. We went to Rocky Gap, a casino resort in Cumberland and I won $193 on one machine, playing a fifty cents minimum bet. BOOM. That was pretty awesome, and  I am not very lucky at the casino, so this was amazing.

Well that's enough for today. I want to work on Solider Girl, I am getting so close to finishing it.

Till next time...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Atomic Dust in Starlight

toothless piloting across
the wasteland, clutching fresh
photographs of  lonely
your dusty reminder

thirty highway rest
stops come and go
while you travel
west, collaborating mirages
of smiles and birthday cakes
hurricane wanderlust

a half-charred guide
disseminating the Milky Way
you find eyes in card
board box windows
but keep moving
there’s nothing to see here
but the same illusion

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Why do People Hate Poor People?

If you haven't yet, check out this article on The Washington Post.

Of course hating poor people is nothing new. There are these mythical people called Welfare Queens, living in penthouses, driving Caddies, all on the government's dime. Oh wait,  they are not mythical-just members of congress.

Back to the notion that all poor people are lazy and if they would only 12 jobs they may get out of poverty. I am not saying there are abusers because there are just not as much as you think.

What makes people (which I am guessing those people are middle class. Of course who knows it seems like everyone hates poor people even richer poor people) hate poor people?

I know- it's jealously. Working poor and poor people live in luxurious  house trailers, apartments and run down houses. It totally makes sense. Then  there are those who get section 8 which help low income people pay for rent, again they are not living in some gated community. And you think your Homeowner's Association has a lot of rules? Section  8 housing has even more rules.

Poor people get food stamps. Free lobster, steak and caviar. Even if a poor person did buy that, it will cut into their monthly allowance and most people don't want to waste their money when they can buy processed food for a fraction of the cost.

Many of the beneficiaries of food stamps are disabled, elderly and children. While a smaller percentage are parents of children and even a small percentage are single able-bodied adults, who can only be on the program for a short amount of time. So if you want the elderly and children working for food because they are such a drain on society that kind of sounds like the turn of the 20th century.  For many people on the program they get whatever on food stamps and buy food for the month. There are multiple studies showing toward the end of the month, calorie intake in much less.

Poor people get Medicare. I have been saying this the 90's. We need Medicare for all. By raising the Medicare tax, every worker (even those wretched working poor people) pays into Medicare. I believe this, healthcare should be for everyone. We know it will benefit everyone.

And who are those working poor? They work at McDonald's, clean your $100 hotel room, serve you coffee, serve you dinner, anytime you buy anything in a store from a person who is not management. They pump your gas and check your oil. They may even work for a small business. A couple of years ago, we had half our roof replaced. The two guys that did it made $10 an hour. That's only$1600/ a month and $19,200 a year, which is the high end of the working poor.

All I ever hear is if poor people would do this and that? And what about you? Maybe you should be more appreciative of the money you do have and things you can buy. To a poor person, a person making $50K a year is rich. If you have a gorgeous house and your mortgage is too high, well isn't that your choice? You can spend money the way you choose and for some reason people will pay for their expensive phones and 9000 channels they never watch at the cost of food, and then complain about how rough it is for them.  I can safely say any poor person would rather have your problems then their own. And poor people, at least those that work (not the ones on SSI/SSDI) want to move up. Want to make more money, move to a better place. Do you think they enjoy making pittance wages? Do you think they love getting food stamps? No.

You want less people on the system, then why not pay them more?

Thursday, March 9, 2017


They sent him a letter and told him God was fake. How could he be real when they were all sick and dying of cancer. Pastor James O’Keefe, cleaned his semi-automatics and read the letter again. He sent each a personal letter asking them to come to service one last time. There would be no scripture reading but fellowship and free food. Free for them anyway since he just maxed out his credit card for the food, money he could never pay back since there would be no one left at the church to put money in the coffers. How could they do this to him?

On Sunday,  he opened the doors to the small white church. They filed in. Once they got their overflowing plates, they took their seats. As promised, there were no prayers or scripture readings. Instead Pastor James O’Keefe chained the doors. No one was leaving.

His one begotten flock laughed and delighted themselves as he stood guard at the door.  No one bothered to talk to him or even look his way. What the hell happened to these people? First they turn their backs on God, then on him. It was not his fault or God’s for that matter that these people were sick. There was always heaven and eternal life without pain.

Pastor O’Keefe looked outside the church windows, watching two birds chase each other. A gun shot went off. People screamed. He turned his attention back. John Masterson stood on the table holding two revolvers.

“John?” Asked his wife, whom he shot without thinking twice about it. More people screamed.

“This your fault!” John screamed. “We are sick because you all didn’t want to fight the company. I told you, I told you all they were making us sick.”

He fired more rounds. People ran to the door.

Pastor O’Keefe took out his guns and the flock stopped.

“John, the lord has a plan for all of us. We will be granted the highest places in heaven,” the pastor said.

“Amen,” a couple of others agreed.

“You believe that shit, Pastor? That God wants us sick and dying. Why us? Why anyone? What the fuck kind of God is that? Why does he love the rich ones more?”

“How do you know that he does? That he loves us all equally?”

“Shoot him, Pastor,” Nancy the organist said.

“While we are coughing up our blood, they are breathing fine, some fucking god,” John yelled.

And some of the congregation gave an even heartier “Amen”

“John get down from there and let’s talk,” the pastor said.

“Talking is done,” as he unloaded his revolvers shooting people.

“Save us,” someone said.

The pastor shook his head, “I tried to save you once,  but you left.”

John stopped firing. Half the people were dead. He took the pistol turned it on himself. No one stopped him and he fired the last shot.

“Maybe you all need mercy,” the pastor said and shot the rest of them dead.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Damn, It's Winter Again

This week I was on break and I had all these big plans of getting so much work done. It was going to be epic. I was going to be productive and write and edit. Okay so I did some writing and editing, but I didn't get done nearly as much as I wanted.

I've been stuck with Solider Girl off an on this whole week and I really thought I would have the first draft done this week. No. Close- maybe. I broke through the block and I had idea rolling I am hoping to spend more than a half hour writing it tonight. More than likely it will be a Kindle book because it is already a novella. It's not going to turn into a novel. I have two more large projects I want to finish before starting new ones, unless it is a short story or poem. I started a story called Love Always Seaside Heights. I'm not too far into that one yet; I have a feeling it will also be a novella and not a novel. And finally, there is a novel I have been working on for the last several years called The State of Ares a post-modern Utopian/dystopian novel. It will definitely hit novel status because it already has 30,000 words written with plenty more to go.

I also planned on pumping out a bunch of Suburban Vampires and that didn't happen at all. Luckily, I do have a bunch of chapter stockpiled for at least eight weeks.

Revising Havana is not  going well. I wrote the entire thing without any kind of break Many times in the rough draft of a novel, I will at least put *** between scenes. Later on, I move stuff around and make chapters, often times keeping the scene breaks. Havana was not created like the others. For one it is more of a stream of conscious novel. I asked people on Facebook and many said they need something, chapters or whatever. So I am sort of randomly breaking the novel into 3,000-4,000 parts and calling it a chapter. Though it doesn't feel right to me, not for this novel anyway. Another is the word count, last I looked Havana  is around 55,000 words, which is kind of slim. It seems like it should be more but it again it doesn't feel right. It is a YA/new adult novel and maybe the word count is sufficient for that age group. I want to get the first revisions done and give to a couple of people who said they would read it.

I wonder, should I stick with my gut instinct  or just assume I am wrong?

Well that's about all today, back to the computer screen.

Till next time...