Saturday, January 20, 2018

And the Federal Government Closes Down

When I ask who is to blame, what is the answer?
The GOP?
The Dems?

Actually, it is all of us. We put these fucktards in office. We don't vote out people who has been politics longer than the Price is Right. Most of us don't vote in the primaries. Most of us vote in party lines, always. Look who is putting party before country?

We voted people who do not work with a person with a different point of view. All I hear is whining and crying and carrying on- like a daycare.

So what are we going to do about? It is obvious neither party gives a shit about most of us. So why do we keep voting them in?

How about we vote in our respective primaries and vote out incumbents. And if you don't have a choice, then come November vote out incumbents- even if they are from a different party. I am tired old party politics from both sides. We need a government reset.

Till next time...

Friday, January 19, 2018

Get Out of Debt! Start a New Life! Easy Work! Call Now!

Two blocks from the house, Maryn  found the painted trash can. She opened the lid and pulled out the canvas bag. In the dim street light, she saw plenty of green. She walked five more blocks then kicked off her heels in the storm drain. Another block,  she peeled off her fishnet stockings and tossed them on a no smoking sign. Lighting a cigarette, she moved forward. No sirens.

Hailing a cab, she tossed the cigarette. One night of gross sex with a bloated senator and little cyanide equaled 100 thousand cash.  Not too bad for a mother of three.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Resin Cast

drowned in moving amber
peevish grasshoppers jangle
through ascended flowers

seagulls rise and own the day
forsake the night song

In the sink,
kind feet airs
birdsong and pressed flowers
cast in resin

Source: “The Shepard Singing Ragtime” and “Skylark Noon.” from Shepard Singing Ragtime by Louis Golding.

Last summer, I thought it would be fun to cast things in resin. So, I bought resin and went to town. Then I had this awesome idea of making poems and then casting the poems in resin. I bought huge molds. Let's just say it was not a good idea- at least not right now. I do have another idea and that is to make a tanka, print on nice paper, modge podge it and then make a dreamcatcher. I haven't started that idea yet. I hope to soon and see how it goes. The words from this poem were collected from two poems; I used the Powerball feature on With some rearranging and some word additions, I had a poem.

I am sitting here wondering where January is going.

Until next time...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jet Star Jockey by JM Scott Free on Kindle Through January 15, 2018

Hey all, Jet Star Jockey  is FREE in all Kindle markets through January 15, 2018. This poetry collection contains 52 poetry collages.

This started as a poetry challenge for 2015. All in all, I love how most of the poems turned out. Of course, there are some that are not so great.  You can't always get perfection.

If you like any one particular poem, you can order the original and signed print from my Etsy store, Jaded Eklipse.

Enjoy this free sample from the collection.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Into the Garden by JM Scott FREE on Kindle Through January 10, 2018

Hey all, Into the Garden: Acrostic Poetry Collection is FREE in all Kindle markets through January 10, 2018. As the title suggests it is a book filled with acrostic poems.  Each poem title is something you would find in a garden.

For those who don't know, an acrostic poem is a when a word is spelled down the (often) left margin, each letter of the word starts the line. You may have seen these around. I will admit, this one of my favorite form of poetry, right up there with Tanka and Haiku.

The free sample is "Apricot." If you look on the left and spell downward, you will see the word "apricot." I know the titles don't have much to do with the poem. I'm one of those odd balls that is in love with the idea that you, the reader, creates your own meaning or correlations.

Enjoy.... And if you like the poem, grab the whole book for a poetic ride, I hope you won't forget.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Goals

Well it's that time of year where we reflect on the year that was and the year that will be. I often come up with goals for the new year. They are definitely not resolutions, but goals. I have found telling the world about certain goals will make achieve them more. I don't know why this is. I read somewhere it is about accountability.

This isn't a goal per se, but more like a wish. I saw Putin sent Trump a telegram, which is cool. I thought we stopped with telegrams several years ago. I always wanted a telegram. So if Putin could send me one that would be pretty awesome.

Okay on with the goals:

1. Publish the entire Daughters of New America series. I have written Solider Girl. I am writing Survivor Girl and I am planning Solitary Girl.

2. Restart Suburban Vampires,  one chapter a week. That is 52 chapters. Although I don't think it would need that many to finish it. Right now it is exclusively on Watt Pad.

3. Complete "The Untitled Poetry Book." This is an interesting one. It will have a title when it gets published just doesn't have one it yet. It will be a hybrid text. Ransom DeLuca is dying and stuck in his bed. He is also a poet and writes a poem about every person he knows. The poems are created from a past prompt from The Found Poetry Review. I know I mentioned the idea. I have written three poems, I am shooting for 40-50 plus his own poem and a "letter" from Ransom. I am interested to see how it turns out.

4. Continue working on the board One Book- 300 Poems, I've been creating a found poem from each page of the book Waiting  by Debra Ginsberg. I have made 56 poems. I've got a long way to go. I don't plan on finishing in 2018, but I want to be  halfway through the book.

5. Send manuscripts to publishers at least 30 times in 2018. I shoot for once a week, but seem to slack off when I get too many rejections at one time. I did 30 in 2017, I can do it again in 2018.

6. Finish working on the Krampus Kronichles. Ooh what is the Krampus Kronichles? I saw the movie Krampus, and I was interested in the mythology. I did a little research, and I started working on a collection of short stories that revolve around Gerry Mayer, the new Krampus. Because in my world Krampus has to exist within a human, passed from one Krampus to the new one. The Krampus resides in the human for 500 years. Gerry, short for Geraldine, will be Krampus like no other.

7. Exercise more, make better food choices, and drink more water. The water- I already started this. In an effort to save money at the grocery store and for better health,  I have been drinking more water. Even when we are out and about, I choose water over soda. I still like soda and drink it, but I drink a lot less then I used to. I also drink a lot less tea, as in the stuff you buy from the grocery store in the dairy section. Better food choices is another I started but since November I have been slacking, it is time to get back on track. And of course exercising. So the main point of exercising, at least for me, is not for better health but better mental clarity. The better health of course will follow. Now why would someone frame exercise for mental health (and creativity) as opposed to health? Because my writing is important, it is one of the most important things in my life. Framing it to benefit my writing will ensure better success. I did start exercising in October of 2017 but fell off that wagon as well. I know one thing, when it comes to this stuff. There is a lot of failing, but persistence is key.

8. Vote in the primaries and November elections. I don't often vote in the primaries. I will be doing so this year.

So that's about it. I am sure there are more. But these are the ones I want to focus on in 2018.

Happy New Year and together let's make 2018 interesting.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sanctioned Shadows by JM Scott Free on Kindle Through December 31, 2017

Hey all, Two posts in one day. Wow! I am productive. Anyway, I forgot this was free until I looked at my digital post it notes on my computer. Sanctioned Shadows: Stories is FREE in all Kindle markets through December 31, 2017.

I'm going to say it... I am proud of this book. You should see it in print. It is looks good, the cover is beautiful. If I saw this in a book store, I would buy it.

Anyway, this is a collection of 15 stories that explore humanity's shadows.  There are stories of obsession, drug abuse, rage and more.  Enjoy this free sample from the book,  a flash fiction piece called "Saturation" and pick up your copy to read more.

It was 10:30 p.m. and the night did not provide any relief from the ongoing heat wave. Lia sat on the floor of her house with all the windows wide open, peeling her saturated clothes from her body. She was alone. Besides not having a fridge to stick her head in or a friendly neighbor to let her jump in a pool, there was nothing to do but to go swimming at the lake.

She drove through the forest. Headlights illuminated the black evergreens and moths fell into the light like tattered pieces of paper. She cranked up the heavy metal as she sped on the forest road.  She slowed at the park entrance and parked. Excitement fluttered like  moths in her stomach. Gingerly, she walked down the stone stairs. The orange lights around the bathhouse glared against the black lake. Moths gathered and beat the light with their wings. Down on the sand, she stripped off her clothes and went into the lake.

The water was cool but not cold not like how it was when her husband and kids went here all those summers. Fireflies blinked in the distance.  The water crawled over her hips and up her stomach as she lurched forward. She dove down into the water. A half moon came from over the evergreens as she lay on her back and floated on the water.

She let herself breath. The husband who decided he was better off with someone else and left her with nothing but a car, her things and brand-new mortgage payment. The husband, she wished would leave her for years so she didn’t have to be the bad guy finally found his lost love and ran off as soon as he could. She always knew she was just his second choice. She let it all go in one breath.

She inhaled another lung full  of lake air and evergreen as fish suckled the night air for bugs and she let her boyfriends go. Two concurrent boyfriends, she met at work. They were friends and they both wanted her as soon as she was back on the meat market and she couldn’t help herself, she wanted them both. They each called her their girlfriend. A situation that worked out pretty well at least home while they were together. They agreed that she would be committed to both of them and they to her. She never agreed to that but they didn’t know that. They were at a baseball game while she swam in the water. Lia let them go as well. This was her time.

She moved her arms in the water and let her former best friend go. After the divorce he came knocking and she let him in. He wasted no time and had her naked and squirming on the floor in no time. They saw each other at least once a week if not more. She enjoyed him and he enjoyed her. Who had to know?

Lia let her empty house void of appliances and furniture go. A house he wanted anyway and now she had nothing except for a couple pieces of inflatable furniture, a tv, a hot plate and a coffee maker. She was saving for a fridge, the boyfriends promised to get her a microwave but that was months ago and still no microwave.

A vehicle drove over the bridge and she tried to stay still. The vehicle moved ahead and she floated some more on her back.  A white light came from the beach.

“Ma’am, there is no swimming at this time of night,” a man’s voice called.

Lia made her way slowly to the sand. She walked out of the water and stood naked in his white light. She could see him, he was short for a man but had wide shoulders. His brown hair was cut like young Elvis. He was also a good ten years her junior. He stood there with the spotlight on her and suddenly her nakedness didn’t make her nauseous. She stood there, watching him. Lia ran her hands over her lumpy body as if  she were smoothing out invisible clothes.

She cleared her throat, “Sorry, it was just so hot and I had to cool off.” She moved toward him with her shoulders back and her hair around her shoulders, “I’ll just get dressed and be on my way.”

He shut off the light as soon as she was close to him. She didn’t reach for her clothes even though they were at her feet.

“You know, I could write you a citation,” he said.

“Well you have a job to do,” Lia replied and still didn’t move her clothes. She felt his eyes travel over her body. A pulse raced through her, a powerful pulse that oozed sexual confidence. She wanted him and she knew she would have him.

“I won’t though.” He paused, “I still won’t though but maybe do you want to come and make my rounds with me. It is cool in the Jeep.”

She smiled, “Yeah why not, you only live once.”

Lia gathered her clothes and made no attempt to put them on and followed the ranger.

It neared midnight when the park ranger pulled into the ranger station. She didn’t know his name, it’s not like she asked when he bent her over and screwed her or when he screwed her in the back seat of the jeep. She never told him hers either.

“I’ll be just a minute, then I will take you back to your car.” He shut off the engine and the dark night fell around her except for the lone light bulb at the door. She smoothed out her hair and clothes and looked around the Jeep and saw a pistol in a leather holster.

She took it out.  Lia held in it her hands. She always wanted freedom. Freedom to do as she pleased, freedom to screw whomever she wanted. And now she had what she wished. It was all wrong, she was wrong and there was no turning back.

Lia cocked the pistol and pulled the trigger.