Saturday, May 19, 2018

June Bugs

In the day it's bumble bees, their squat little bodies hover in the air  and look right at me. Their wings invisible in the late afternoon sunshine. Then back into the hole, it constantly burrows kicking wood bits like spring snow from the board. And no matter how many times I cover the whole, every year they come back to the same hole.

June bugs pelt the screen during the night like addicts looking for light Buzzing and fighting the screen. Humid air hangs over the long grass and dandelions.

Whippoorwills, but I call them whirly birds because  their song whirls in the night.

It  is almost June, but the hot days come and go like thunderstorms and most days feel like April.

Without looking for the video, I can tell you there is a Bugs Bunny cartoon called June Bugs, but I have no idea what is about. You know other than Bugs getting the upper hand in whatever situation he finds himself in.

I always wanted to be a cartoon voice, but then I never was an actor anyway. I always wanted to write an animated movie. But like all movie ideas, they just collect dust in the back of my mind.

Here I am thinking about all this stuff, and I don't know where to end. I want to breathe in the sunshine.

In Heart of Darkness, this line sticks with me "something that had a right to exist- obviously- in the sunshine" and I am no sure why, there's something there but Derrida is failing to speak to me from the twenty pound book.

And then while sitting among sheets of paper, a phrase flits across my mindverse language is a lie. And maybe it is. I think that is monostich, which is something I want to work on but for some reason, I don't. Like a lot of things.

On Mars, there is more day light and heat, and also night and coldness. But I would still go there, maybe in my next life.

Language is a lie and June bugs seek the night light, while bi polar weather does nothing predictable,  Pink Floyd tries to give me a cigar. So am I going to far, am I going to fly high?

Monday, May 7, 2018

Dear Democrat Party

You call me on the phone about once a month asking if I would donate money. I politely decline, because what I really have to say doesn't deserve to be unleashed to the person calling.

About four times a month, you send an email with a survey about how I feel what the Democrat party should focus on, and then you ask for money.  And since I don't give, I really don't think you care about my survey answers.

Primary Day is May 15, 2018 in Pennsylvania. We just had a redistricting. My district was 5 and now it is 15.  With a week out from Primary Day, I had no idea who my candidates are. So I found out. I am wondering what the hell do you do with the money that you raise? It sure doesn't feel like you are helping out the local candidates. Why?

With a week out, I have not seen one Facebook ad for either candidate. This is odd since I have ran Facebook ads. I like Hillary Clinton's page. So if I were running an ad, I would target Pennsylvanians who are in Glenn Thompson's district and who like Hillary Clinton and/or Bernie Sanders or Tom Wolf.  Trust me it can be done, I know how to set up Facebook ads because I target certain people with my Facebook ads.

And this is why the party doesn't connect with the people in my people district. I don't have regular TV, so who knows if the candidates are running television ads. I listen to Pandora, and there are no ads on there either.

It seems as though the Democrat  Party cares only about presidential elections, and the superstars of the party like Nancy Pelosi or Elizabeth Warren (no offence just an observation). I believe the real power of the government lies within the people (idealistic I know. It is a fancy facade that we built this country on, but means nothing now).

I hear this talk about a Blue Wave, and where I live which is blue collar who overwhelming vote red- I don't see this happening. Perhaps the party just doesn't care about us, here in the center of Pennsylvania flanked by two major cities. And you wonder why people feel left out. It is because we are. If you focus on two major issues that face us here in 15 and other districts like ours, you will see people vote Democrat. Raise the god damn minimum wage and get healthcare under control. You either go all in with universal health care, or you bring the costs down. Either way low wages and high healthcare is what the people care about right here.

For folks who live in the new District 15 (formerly district 5). Here are the Democrat candidates running for District 15 Susan Boser, who labels herself as a progressive candidate, and Wade Jodun, in addition to Democrat ideals, he is for a strong military. I wasn't paid by either candidate to provide this information.

And to make it fair, the incumbent for District 15 is Glenn Thompson, he is a Republican who has been in office since  2008.

I strongly believe that voter apathy is because the government no longer works like it should. I know I contribute to this because I never voted in a primary. I will vote next Tuesday for one of the two Democrats.  We all need to vote. In the primaries and the main election, all the time. Because this is supposed to be our government.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Octothrope BYOTP

40,000 Americans are injured by toilets every year, maybe because the e flat flush makes them giddy or  like Steve Jobs, they are soaking their tootsies (and it takes 142 licks to the center of a tootsie pop-btw) in Apple company toilets to relieve stress. The astronauts shit on a 19 million dollar toilet on ISS (el presidente’s toilet is just gold). It’s BYOTP in Cuba, and if you’re desperate, socks feel a lot better. World Toilet Day is the 19th of November the same day World Toilet Organization was founded. Yes, there’s a World Toilet Organization.

Dial 672 to reach someone in Antarctica  because who knew there was even landline or cell service way down there. Penguins are more advanced then people know. Ever get a call from an unknown number,  you pick up & no one’s there? Because penguins don’t speak-
penguins need to work too- they have to do something besides being a penguin.

So octothrope (#) this while soaking you feet in your boss’s toilet, shitter politics- just say no.

Hey all, Here we are the final poem of NaPoWriMo. Woo. So this is a bit more, okay a lot more fun, then any of my poems this month. Who doesn't love poems about the toilet?  So I did follow the prompt for today. It felt like it should be a narrative poem. I really like how it turned out.

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Exception was Advancement

And here is poem 29.  Some of you may know that  I have been creating a poem from each page of the book Waiting by Debra Ginsberg.  You can find all the poems on the Pinterest board, One Book 300 Poems. They are either whiteout poems or blackout poems. And today I realized there is more than one way to create a poem from page of text. Today, I rolled dice and circled the corresponding word. I did this three times  to create a word bank. From the word bank, I created a poem.  All these words are found in the original text. I did change some verb tenses or parts of speech but that's all. 

To keep with the style of the whole board, I made into a graphic. Let's be honest, poems are a lot more interesting when there is some visualness to it. 

It has been weeks since I worked on this board. Every week I plan on doing three. And every week, time vanishes and then another week happens. Yeah, I live in a weird time and place spectrum. Sometimes, it is amazing that I actually accomplish a lot through the week. 

Well, I am all caught up now. Tomorrow is the end of NaPoWrimo, this month went by fast. 

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Glad You're Not Here

Yesterday, I geared up and found the cavern once again. I was alone as I maneuvered the depths where no sunlight dared to separate the murky water curtain. The pressure became unbearable. Yet, I persevered. Until the cavern open like a mouth of an angler fish. Inside, it was like wading in the ocean not far from shore. The water here is crystal and pure. And there my treasure lies. Sponges that look like coral. I’ve read about them many times in those old books you once gave while you thought you were dying, but it was a false alarm and you wanted the books back but I hid them, devouring every word of the ancients. As I cut the sponges they bled with a diamond and emerald blood, it shimmered like molten metal fresh from the kiln. And they screamed. Shrieked. Wailed. My ear drums and eyes began to drip blood. Yet, I preserved. Once I collected enough, I slowly started  to the surface. Their screams stopped. Now the real science will begin. In notes like this, I guess the right words are “I wish you were here.” But the truth is I don’t wish you were. I’m glad you’re not here. Truth is mine. Fame is mine. And you are just an old man rotting in the shadows.

Hey all here is poem 28, I got back late last night and was tired as hell. Good news is I did get some writing done for Solitary Girl.  I followed the prompt for the day. It is one of my favorite styles of poetry- narrative poems. I really should write more of them. I try to write the drabbles but I have been losing my way. This is technically a post card poem. I think think it is both a poem and story.

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Life Very

The gallows, wooden figure
                                           suspended in mystery
imitations express
                             falsely the whole

life in suspension
                           suspension of prudence
                                                                which prudence?

Veiled vanity on published
                                         leaves . That’s my
sacrifice, resurrection
                                   duty, resurrection and the universe

I story exhaust and cross nature
                                                 suspended from the gallows.

Source: Waite, Arthur Edward. "The Hanged Man" The Pictorial Key to the Tarot. Accessed 28 Apr. 2018.

Hey all, here is  poem 27. I have no idea where I was yesterday. It was like I was somewhere else. And it's weird too, because I was working on things and then 9 pm hit and the world seemed to vanish. Oh well. So I followed the prompt for the day. All these words came from the interpretation of the card.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Destiny be Damned

the primrose talisman
and the drugstore masquerade
light the Venetian volcano.

I ride perspiration
pony after the meteor
tapering  while ripple
fritters rain down the valley

so the chancellor
tells me the future
and I run the other
way drawing my
own tarot- destiny
be damned.

Hey all, Here is poem 26. Today, I jotted some random words and phrases and wrote a poem, pretty much whatever came to mind.

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