Thursday, July 2, 2015

Clandestine Emasculation

the jump of flame
the human soil
the infamous malice
the clandestine manner
the alpha reputation
the oblique underhand
the imperial white house

the boudoir eavesdroppers
the lodges of magic
the secret memoirs
the pestilent greeting
the looking-glass fire

the ambition
the hate

the prescription of emasculation.

Found poem using words and phrases found on Google result pages 1-5 for the term "back stairs slanderer"


I'm trying to be more dedicated with all my writing and since I am almost done with my term at school, I had a free day to really work on writing. Right now, I am working on poems. I just wrote this one and for some reason I just had to post it on here. I don't know why but it seemed like a good idea. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Suburban Vampires Chapter 7: Sexy Blood Sisters

Jess Foster waited for Whiskey to call. This was her weekend she was going to change. She was 16 when she met Carl Vincent. Carl was a vampire and he promised to change her. He was her true love and gave her everything she could ever want. But that was a long time ago. Then shortly after graduating college, she met Ray Foster, a brilliant and almost greedy investor. It was a nice arrangement. At one time she loved Ray, she popped out a few kids and life was good but she always thought about Carl. Then Whiskey of all people turns into a vampire. Whiskey or as everyone knows her as Lynne. Not a hair out of place, married to a lawyer with lovely children who are smart. Jess knew the real Whiskey, the one that liked to get drunk while the kids were sleeping and talk about everyone else in the neighborhood. Whiskey had two faces the together soccer mom and the devil waiting to bust through the skin.

Jess loved Whiskey for everything that she was, the most cunning of two faced women. But it wasn’t really two faced the other women were. Since Ray went to jail for embezzling, the other women, the other moms, shunned Jess. Whiskey could care less about Ray and his thievery. She played nice with the other moms and women but pretty much hated them all. Whiskey and Jess weren’t "silver". Silver was Whiskey’s term for anyone who had a silver spoon in their mouth. Jack was wealthy and Drew came from a upper middle class family. Whiskey was nothing like them but Whiskey always wanted a silver life. This always struck Jess as odd because she played the part so well but behind closed doors she hated the people in the silver life or at least the people she knew. Jess, too, always wanted the silver life and that’s why she married Ray. Silver always come at a cost, Jess knew that. She often wondered what did Whiskey give up to have the silver life.

Ray’s mother picked up the kids an hour ago and Jess hopped in the shower and put on a nice pair of jeans. Whiskey didn’t say where they were going. It didn’t matter though. Jess looked out the window and saw Jess talking to the yummy 20 year old neighbor David LaFete. Whiskey smiled and touched his arm. He was bare chested. And all though David was super thin with tattoos all over his arms, he was so damn hot.

Whiskey knocked on the door, "you ready to go?"

"So where are we going?"

"I know this place in New Hampshire. I rented a cabin for the night. It won’t take long and we will be all alone," Whiskey said and kissed her on the cheek.

"Does Jack know?"

"He knows that we are not to be disturbed. I said I need girl time, so let’s go." Whiskey smiled and Jess loved Whiskey’s smile. It was so god damn sweet. Since Whiskey became a vampire, she was more radiant.

"Are you scared?" Whiskey asked as they crossed over into New Hampshire.

"Yeah a little. So I have to know, why did you go along with Jack. It doesn’t seem like something you would do without thinking about it."

"With Jack, I don’t know, I just do things," Whiskey answered and frowned.

"Maybe he made you do it with his vampire control," Jess said and changed the radio station.

"I hope not. But I guess that can’t be undone."

Whiskey pulled into a wooded path a drove to a small cabin. They carried in their bags and Jess flopped on the sofa.

"So how does this work?"

"Jack bit me first then gave me his blood. I have to feed on you all the way for it to work. You sure you want to do this?" Whiskey said and sat down next to Jess.

"I have never been more sure in my life." Jess’s heart rate increased. This was the time and she was scared as hell. Scared and excited. The last time Whiskey fed off of her, she had to go home and masturbate for an hour.

Whiskey reached over and started rubbing her shoulders. Then she kissed Jess’s neck.

"I’m ready Whiskey," Jess whispered. Whiskey bit hard into her neck. There was an electric feeling at the wound. Whiskey stopped with blood pouring from her mouth. She was so sexy. Whiskey dug into her arm and drew blood. Jess took the blood and it was cold but sweet. Whiskey bit down again. Jess suckled the blood then there was nothing.

So much pain. Jess woke up screaming on the floor. Whiskey came over and laid next to her.

"It will be over soon, Jess," Whiskey said and stroked her hair. Then Whiskey gave her a blood bag. Jess took drank from it.

Whiskey lay next to her for some time then she said, "so let’s have some fun."

"What did you have in mind?" Jess asked still woozy from the transformation.

"I don’t know," Whiskey stood up. "There’s a bar down the road from here."

"No Vampire etiquette?" Jess asked.

"Fuck no, stick with me and follow my lead and we’ll be okay." Whiskey grinned.


The found themselves at a dance club where the bass pounded walls. There was no neon or cheesy bar name. It was just called The Hole. They didn’t pay a cover, Whiskey made sure of that. Whiskey was 33 and she looked 21. Jess caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and she could have swore she looked different as well. Jess sat in a booth and Whiskey brought over large mixed drinks.

Jess sipped it. Something nagged her, it was the pumping blood of everyone around her. She wanted everything in site. Her fangs grew. Whiskey grabbed her hand and kissed her lips then whispered, "you have to remember not to eat everything you see." Whiskey kissed her again and her hunger turned to desire and she kissed Whiskey back.

Two men who barely were 21 approached them. They looked like college kids and smelled good. They were definitely silver. They slid in the booth.

"So you guys together or you looking to party?" One of them said.

Whiskey smiled and drank the rest of her drink, "tell you what, buy us more of these and we’ll see where the night takes us."

They smiled and got up. Everything was happening quickly like a impressionist painting. Everything around Jess was swirling and chiming. Whiskey asked if she was doing okay. Jess nodded.

"Let’s have some fun with them before we drink them," Whiskey said.

The boys came back with two large umbrella drinks.

"So where do you girls call home?" the one with the brown hair asked as he put his arm around Jess’s shoulder and snuggled closer.

"We are from Boston. I’m Hayley and this is Rachael," Whiskey said.

"Cool, so I’m Pete but my friends call me P and my buddy is Taylor."

Whiskey was so smooth, she glided closer to P, looked over at Jess and winked. Jess looked into Taylor’s eyes and tried slipping a message in.

"So really I have only had sex once in my life and she was my cousin," Taylor announced at the table.

"What the fuck, Tay, what are you talking about?" P said.

Jess and Whiskey laughed. Jess said, "you know I love the ones without experience. Me and Hayley love taking the new ones under our wings."

"How many has it been, Rach?"

"At least six" Jess said.

P then jumped in, "well I’ve only had sex twice and it has been awhile. So you work together?"

"We are not hookers, we just enjoy playing with others," Whiskey said and guzzled her drink.

"I’m ready now, just talking about it makes my panties wet," Jess announced. "Ooh that’s right, I don’t have any on." Taylor knocked over his beer.

"What do you say guys?" Whiskey said.

"Yeah, we are up for it? We going back to your place?"

"I don’t think so, we are staying with family friends. How about yours?"

"We live in a dorm."

"Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it."

The four of them piled into Whiskey’s SUV and she drove them to a Bates Motel looking place outside of town. Jess watched her walk to the office. The boys were sat in the back seat. She never cheated on Ray before. It’s not that it didn’t cross her mind, but he always seemed to find out and there was always punishment for digressions. Always. Whiskey showed a key and they followed her to the end room. As expected, it had two beds that were well stained and cheap wall art on plastered walls that were yellowed with age and nicotine. It smelled musty and stale but it didn’t matter.

Whiskey locked the door behind them and went for P. Jess followed her lead and shoved Taylor to the bed. The guys fumbled clumsily with their clothes .

Whiskey got off of P and said, "me and Rach have to freshen up. You don’t mind do you?"

P shook his head. Jess followed Whiskey in the bathroom. Whiskey shut the door.

"Are you nervous," Whiskey asked and slipped off Jess’s shirt and undid her bra.

"I never cheated on Ray," Jess blurted out.

"He’s been in jail for how long? Four years? What did you do?"

"I have a massive dildo collection," Jess said.

Whiskey kissed her neck and slid out of her dress.

"We’re not sleeping with them. We’re just taking our desert but we have to make it look good. When they are excited it makes the blood pump faster," Whiskey said. "So when you feed, hold his wrist and when is heart really spikes let go. I know you will want more but you have to control it. I’ll be with you, the whole way," Whiskey said.

She opened the bathroom door and they stepped out. Whiskey looked at the men on separate beds, "on the same bed," she said.

P obeyed and laid next to his friend on the bed. The girls got on the beds and kissed the skinny chests. As P kissed and fondled Whiskey’s breasts. She looked right into Taylor’s eyes and then bit him on his neck. Jess followed and down in his inner thigh. Whiskey held his wrist, his pulse sped up. Whiskey pulled away and looked right into P’s eyes. He stopped touching her. Jess let go of Taylor. He laid still and dazed as if he were on three e tabs. Whiskey went for the inner thigh and Jess went for his neck. Whiskey let go, feeling a little high and giddy. Fresh blood was always better than in a bag. She licked her lips and licked the wound. Jess didn’t stop. Whiskey tried to pull her away. Jess shoved her away. Whiskey tried again but it was too late.

When Jess pulled away blood fell over her naked body. Whiskey found herself drawn to the blood and licked it off her body.

"Did I kill him?" Jess asked quietly. She knew she killed him and she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. All she thought about was Ray and she got so angry. She would love to kill Ray. Was it wrong? To kill the man who brought her pain with a glittering price tag.

Whiskey nodded, "wash up and meet me outside."

Jess went into the bathroom and watched Whiskey work. She went through their pockets and found a pocket knife. She took it and cut P’s dead body between the bite marks. Then she took Taylor’s shirt and wiped the blade clean. Taylor still lay on the bed dazed and high.

Whiskey spoke to him, "you and your buddy brought some drunk girls back. You all got high and you decided it would be fun to play vampires. So you cut your friend and drank his blood. Those two girls were scared and ran off. You don’t remember anything else,"

Jess washed her face and put on her clothes. Whiskey came in and hugged her.

"It will be okay. Got one more loose end to tie up."

They closed the door and Whiskey went back to the office. Jess shook in the seat. She actually killed a person. What happened to her. Whiskey was not shocked. She thrust her new confident self into the driver’s seat. She was made to be a vampire. Cunning, cool and smart with more power than anyone could ever imagine. How could Jess ever measure up to Whiskey?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sweet Dreamland Wheels by JM Scott

Hey all, it has been pretty crazy with me these last few weeks. We went to the Jersey Shore at the beginning of this week. Now I am finishing up school work for the week. I wasn't planning on writing another book post but oh well. Anyway Sweet Dreamland Wheels is FREE for the next several days.  This book was created during the month of April and it is filled with found and experimental poetry. There is so much to talk about with this book but first lets talk about construction of the book.

Remember when I published my other poetry book Into the Garden and I said it was a nightmare because formatting was a bitch? This book was created using Kindle Kids Book Creator, a free tool provided by Amazon. If you are a poet and are looking to publish your poetry with the proper format, then you must get this tool. It is very simple to use. To construct the book your pages must be in PDF format. For this book all pages I set for 4x6. Then I manually added each page in the book. Because of the short pages the poems sometimes go to another page, but because of the formatting, no two poems run into one another. Since this worked so well, I will be reformatting my first poetry book to match this one.

The cover- it's pretty wild right? The center picture is actually coral in a fish tank and I did a special effect and it sort of looks like a face. Then I used a vector drawing colored it with various skins and pasted the photo in the center. The background is sand. I really like how it turned out. One great thing about poetry books, is the cover can be a little wild.

I hope you get your free copy and I really hope you enjoy the poems. Here is a sample that is found in the book.  Till next time...

So This is Really the Apocalypse

Drops of blood pitter-pat
down Phoenix Road
fresh stalks of piranha
rolled oranges
with fucking rough underwear,
and swallowed the scraps.

I saw los chicos
on the sticky trail
blanked and blurry
forfeited their hearts
with no great loss.

The girl got eaten by an orange,
a raw throat
rolling in the gutter.

Source: Cortese, Kate. “Swallowed.” Nano Fiction. Nano Fiction, 10 May 2014. Web. 25 Mar. 2015.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Get Your Summer Reading On! Books by JM Scott

Hello, For all intensive purposes summer is here and you are going to need some reading material. Currently, I have two books that are FREE and a brand new one I released today!

Blood on the Carpet is FREE! Until this Saturday June 6, 2015. This collection features one long short story and a bunch of flash fiction stories all in the mystery genre. Many of the stories have a female main character. It is an excellent read because the stories are so short and  perfect for reading stuck in traffic (that is if you are a passenger), on the beach or at the amusement park while you are waiting for kids to come off the rollercoaster.


Heart of a Goddess is a horror short story. Leonard meets the woman of his dreams in a snowstorm. He discovers she is Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of the underworld. She promises Leonard an eternal life with her if he brings her a beating human heart to consume. This was my first ebook I self published. And it is very special to me. I am in the Mythology class at school and we just learned about Morrigan and I got warm in fuzzy inside because I thought of this book right away. This book is FREE until this Saturday, June 6.

Finally, Sweet Dreamland Wheels my latest poetry collection is now live on Kindle. It is not on sale yet but will be soon. Currently, it is $1.99 in the US market. This book is all found poetry or experimental poetry. Some popular authors I used as sources are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, HP Lovecraft, CS Lewis, Joyce Carol Oates and others. Other sources included a menu, finding words while on a walk and listening to conversations. I will write more about this book in the coming days.

If you like you what read, there are plenty more of books to choose from in different genres and prices. And if you Kindle Unlimited member, you can read any of my books for free, anytime.

Till next time....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bacon and Coffee Under Grey Skies

I find elephant slaves
and pampered parrots
under the enraptured investigation
of glorifying realism
- a terrible ancient empty.

Drop evolution
a second time
and chew the roach bubble
of the harlequin martyr
who cheered overnight
- a fruitless skeleton fire.

I buy my friend
a chemical America
and forget the film industry
the saint, the gambit, the pride
-a majestic machine life.

Poem created from words found on Google search results for the phrase "charlatan elephant"


Sweet Dreamland Wheels, my upcoming poetry book features all found poetry. It will be available on Kindle the first week of June.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Book cover picture grabbed from
As many of you know, I make a weekly poetry collage from state travel brochures and other magazines. When South Dakota came, I found out Pioneer Girl  by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is the annotated autobiography. So the next stop was Amazon. It was on backorder. My husband purchased it for me  two months ago and I finally received it last Wednesday. Today I finished it. It is an excellent book and worth the $30 paid. Should I ever find myself in South Dakota, I will definitely be visiting De Smet and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.

I love the Little House series. I read all the books when I was young and my brother in law gave me the entire set that he found in his house. I also love the show. There are really no words to describe this book. According to the introductory information Wilder wrote this book and hoped to sell it. With her daughter Rose Wilder Lane, they made it publication ready for a juvenile audience. But there wasn't enough interest in the book. As a suggestion to Lane to make it more salable, to make a series of children's books from the original manuscript which Wilder did. She wrote this autobiography when she was in her 60's.  This book is the original manuscript with thoroughly researched annotations, photographs and maps.

If you read any of the books the material is the some what the same but the annotations are there to guide on who what really happened and who is really who. The Little House books were fiction but based on Laura's life. This book is Laura's life.  The annotations in itself were interesting and the pictures were awesome. If you are like me, you probably thought Charles Ingalls in the show. To see the real people is just so interesting.  This book is American history, the western part of American history. Reading Pioneer Girl is sort of like listening to an elderly person talking about the good old days. 

It makes you think about your own history and your family's history. Could you find the census records or newspaper clippings from the town a grandparents lived in as children. Could you find old photos? I think you could. Years ago I went to Ellis Island and I found my great grandfathers record of immigrating to this country from Germany. I made a copy and gave it to my grandmother.  Our history is interesting. That is something to think about for all of us. Maybe we should write down our lives so our kids know where we came from. 

Till next time...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Suburban Vampires Chapter 6: Blood and Desire

You can read previous chapters here

There was something happy and something sad the moment Drew packed his final bags into the car. Divorce, wasn’t it to be sad? There was something in Drew’s eyes, happiness. She saw that look before when she told about their first baby. This was too easy. Even the kids didn’t seem fazed about their Dad moving to Boston, that in itself should be odd. Whiskey knew all about divorce. Maybe it was the changing times. They were thrilled about coming to his house every weekend. Ariel had friends in Boston and she was busy making plans with them. And Janelle’s two kids were close to Elsie and Jakob’s age and, of course, Janelle had one of each. Drew hugged each of the kids and Whiskey knew one day, she would have to “die” young. Would her kids be nonchalant as they are now? She shook her head.

“You doing okay?” He asked. He was always so nice and caring.

“Yeah I am actually okay,” Whiskey said.

“So I guess this is it?” Drew asked.

“I know it’s weird isn’t it? Because I feel like I should screaming at you or throwing something at your head,” Whiskey said and smiled.

“What and get the neighbors talking?”

“Hell, they are already talking. I’m in the quiet whisper with awkward glances until I get closer than they ask me how is the weather phase,” Whiskey said.

“Lucky you. You could come back to Boston. Your alimony and child support will cover it,” Drew said.

“I like it here, Drew.”

They said nothing. Drew smiled and said, “okay so I’m heading out do we hug or should I just kiss you on the cheek?”

Whiskey looked around and whispered in his ear, “snoopy Alexandria is looking out her window. So how bout a smooch for old times?”

Drew wrapped his arms around her waist, dipped her then kissed her long and hard. Just like old times, my how they appear when someone is watching.

“See you in court, counselor,” Whiskey said.

“See you Tuesday.”


Friday, Whiskey picked the kids up from school and drove them to Boston. Janelle lived in a corner townhouse in the nice section of town. Her and Drew came out with her kids. Whiskey’s kids wasted no time and dashed from the SUV.

Janelle shook Whiskey’s hand, it was a firm grip and she loved wearing gold bracelets, “how are you doing, Lynne?”

“I am doing okay,” Whiskey said and shift her glance, “and when will you be bringing them home?”
“They’ll be back by 8,” Drew said.

Whiskey got in and drove away. She didn’t want to cry but all of a sudden 13 years flashed before her. Her first date with Drew at the pizza joint. The first time they made love. When they got married. When he graduated law school. When they lived in a crappy apartment in Boston. Every moment, every kiss, every smile, every Christmas gift, they way he surprised her with the home of her dreams in Potters Mills. How he said he loved her. This is what she wanted but there was a whole in her heart. She pulled off and let the tears fall. She wiped her tears and tried to clean up the runny mascara. Whiskey got out of the SUV and went into the bar.

After she cleaned up the makeup she sat the dirty bar. There were a couple of men in staring off at the tv. Bottles of cheap liquor lined the shelves and generic beer was on tap. Old biker dudes played pool in the corner. Whiskey had no intention of anything but drinking and drinking a lot. Since becoming a vampire, she could drink and drink and it would have no affect. It curbed the cravings. It’s only been two weeks since she died. Just two weeks. And she kept her distance from Jack. She couldn’t deal with him right now.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked and threw his white towel over his shoulder.


“We don’t have none of that salt and lime,” he said.

“I don’t want that. Just leave the bottle.”

One, two, down the hatch. This is what life feels like, this is what divorce feels like. One more, it was shit tequila but it did the job. The bartender watched her but didn’t say anything. Sometime before the evening news came on, a man approached her. He sat down beside her. She looked him over. He was who the hell knows but with tidy hair and tidy clothes and he smelled good. His heart was nice and strong.

“So, I was going to come over here and say a cheesy line but you’ve probably heard them all before,” he said.

Whiskey looked at him, “tell me, why did you come over here?”

He touched her hand, “name is Oscar.”

“Whiskey,” she answered.

“Whiskey sounds good to me” he said.

“No, my name is Whiskey,” she smiled. She stroked his hand, “I’m having a shitty day. I just realized I’m getting divorced...”

“Sorry, I will leave you to it,” He started to rise.

She held is hand with strength that surprised him, “no you misunderstand me, I want you to take me somewhere, take me away from here.”

“Where do you want to go?”

She stood up hungry for his sex, hungry for his blood, “I don’t care if it’s the roach motel.”

“Well come on then.”

Oscar hailed a cab and followed her in. The cab took them several blocks away a tall apartment building. In the elevator, Whiskey lunged at him, kissing his neck and unbuttoning his shirt. He returned her kisses. There was no one in the elevator. His apartment was small and sparsely furnished. He turned on the single light and it created thick shadows in corners. His hands moved up her shirt as she struggled with his pants. Oscar grabbed her breasts and bit the nipple and drew blood.

“Sorry about that,” he said as he gently licked the wound.

“I don’t care, Oscar,” Whiskey said and pulled him closer.

 He lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around him. He carried to the love seat and rammed her hard. Whiskey grabbed him closer. His veins begged to be drained. She gave in and sunk her fangs deep into his neck. He came and while he was still inside her, she slurped his blood, until his heart stopped. The world seemed so much better now. She felt better. With her fingers she wiped the blood from her face and licked off the fingers. After shoving him to the floor like a discarded juice box, she dressed and went back to the bar and picked up her car. The drive back to Potters Mills was at least bearable.


Whiskey heard an empty house and the faint voices of Jess and her kids. It was that feeling again of utter loneliness. There was only person to call. She opened the door and fell into his arms crying. He stroked her hair and held her. And at once all was right with the world.

“Whiskey listen this is for the best right? Drew is happy. Aren’t you happy?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know. I thought I knew. But it just really hit me. Those memories. It was never bad between us, Jack. Drew was really great. I feel like I’ve been betraying him all these years with you and when you weren’t here, I thought about every minute of the day. Every minute Jack,” Whiskey said and wiped away her tears. “He deserves all of this, well maybe not the divorce but the happy devoted wife. And Janelle she is smart and she’s a lawyer and lives in Boston and you know he loved Boston.”

Jack cupped her face and looked into her eyes, “you and Drew were good for each other but you have to realize this is the best for him and for you. You are a vampire now, you know what that means?”

“I know what it means, Jack. I wondered when I would have to die to keep the secret safe. My kids will live and then die. My grand kids will live and die.” She shrugged away his hands, “how could I be so reckless. Every time I am with you.”

“Because you are meant for so much more. You did your part for humanity. You gave the world three beautiful children who will grow up and do the world some good. Now it’s time, for you to be the person you were meant to me,” Jack said.

“And what hallmark card did you steal that from?” Whiskey snapped back.

“Yeah, I don’t know, I just figured you needed to hear something sappy,” Jack said.

“We’re not 18 anymore Jack, it takes more than sugar,” Whiskey replied.

He smiled, “come on, let’s have some fun.” He grabbed her hand and led her outside.


Whiskey found herself in a small hick town, she maybe only seen on road signs. There was a bar with a pony rearing up under pink neon. The Blue Pony. Yet the pony was yellow the neon was pink. Honky tonk blared from the ramshackle building. The lot was filled with dozens of cars.

“Jack, you know I hate country music,” Whiskey said.

“Baby, this is where the freaks are, I promise you,” he smiled and winked and led her into the bar.

“Tonight, we are going to forget about being human and remember that we are vampires. Tonight is about pleasure and blood. Let me show you.”

Whiskey liked the idea of blood and fun. Her risky business with Oscar was far from her mind. Jack found an open table and scooted her in. He ordered them whiskeys.

“What is your pleasure tonight? Who do you want to taste?” he whispered in ear.

Whiskey scanned the room and a young blonde piqued her interest. She wore tight blue jeans and black cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat. She had blood red lips and deep muddy eyes. She two-stepped in the crowd and she laughed when she bumped into someone.

“Her,” Whiskey said.

“Her? Interesting choice. So bring her back here, Then we’ll take her somewhere private,” Jack said.

Whiskey smiled, threw back the shot of whiskey and approached the blonde girl. She stood next to her and waited until they made eye contact. Whiskey didn’t speak to her just slipped a message in her door. The blonde girl started dancing with just Whiskey. This was desire. Something beautiful was interested in her just a plain girl with brown hair and a pale face.

The blonde grabbed her hands and moved closer to her. Then kissed her on the cheek and smiled. Whiskey wanted nothing more to taste her sweet blood.

“What’s your name?” Whiskey asked.

“Lisa. I don’t normally do this. I have never been attracted to another woman but when I saw you,” Whiskey liked hearing those words from someone’s mouth that was not Jack. Of course, this was her night, things were going her way.

“Lisa.” Whiskey started. Lisa came in for a kiss. Lisa’s friends stood around them, shocked. “Lisa, you want to get out of here?”

“You know I do.”

“I’m not alone,” Whiskey said.

“I don’t care, I just want to taste you,” Lisa said.

Whiskey grabbed her hand and led her away. A small girl with a large ass and an equally large cowboy hat stopped them, “Lis, where are you going?”

“Shannon, don’t worry about it. This blows in here tonight. I’m leaving,” Lisa said.

Whiskey slipped a message into the friend’s head and she vanished into the crowd.

“So what should I call you?” Lisa asked.

“What do you want to call me?” Whiskey said and took off her hat and kissed her.

“I always liked the name Hayley.”

“That’s my name Hayley, like the comet and this is Rhett.”

Lisa couldn’t keep her hands off Whiskey. And Whiskey loved every moment and every soft touch from Lisa’s hands. Jack drove the three of them to a hotel room. Once inside, Lisa stripped off her clothes. Whiskey shoved her to the bed and kissed her hard.

“Baby, this is going to be the best night of your life,” Whiskey whispered.

“Make love to me, Hayley. Make love to me. I want nothing but you.”

Whiskey moved Lisa’s hair and bit deep into her neck as she rubbed Lisa. Lisa moaned and wriggled on the bed. Jack came over and bit the other side of her neck. Lisa’s heart rate spiked. Jack let go. Whiskey wouldn’t. Finally she did. The blood rolled down her lips and down her breasts. Lisa lay passed out on the bed. Jack took Whiskey and they licked the blood off each other.

Lisa woke a couple of hours later, Whiskey kissed her hard. Lisa fumbled through Whiskey’s clothes.
Whiskey looked into her eyes, “Lisa, this is what you will remember. We made love all night long and I made you come so many times. You love me and only me and if you find me again, we will be lovers forever. Tell me you love me, Lisa.”

“I love you, Hayley. Don’t leave me,”

“I have to, baby girl, but remember what I said. If we find each other again, we’ll be lovers forever,” Whiskey said and covered her with the blankets.

She probably ruined that girls life. They would never see each other again and she would die lonely and pining for Whiskey. Yeah it was harsh and ruthless but it made her feel so good.