Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

There's something about a foggy and overcast Sunday, when silence is in every corner and the sun is blanketed. Through the quiet, the neighbor plays "Teenage Wasteland" from his open garage as he works on something unseen. The cigarette smoke curls up and wafts out the open door.  Saturday night's zombie is in the back of my mind. And this right now is a scene from a movie not made, or a future unwritten.  I can see it, I can hear the desolation of the world around me.

For some today, Eclipse Day, they believe it  could bring an end, the rapture. For me, with my Pumpkin Spice Special K cereal  box ready for the big event, I just cannot wait to see it. The sky is a mix of clouds and sun. Facebook is lighting up left and right with videos of the event from the west. And others running for under their beds.

It's like the wind that was in Maryland on Saturday that came down from the sky, taking your breath away, creating white caps on the small lake. The awe of the natural world. The moment when you feel small when look at the universe on a dark night and see the million year old stars. Thoughts overcome you, wondering what life was like a hundred years, a thousand years ago, when man first stepped from evolution and wondered across the land. I wonder what life was like here, when this country was more wild than city. When trees and littered the land. When a small strand of smoke would dance against the sky with no one around for miles.

There's power in nature. And while I am only going to see 80% coverage (that is if the clouds aren't assholes), I am excited. 2:35 cannot get here fast enough.

Till next time....

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Let's Talk About Race

I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to write what I think about "race" relations in this country.

The title of this blog post is useless but effective.

Race as we know it in this country and probably others is a social construct. We are part of one race the human race. This includes all people of all skin colors. Physically, our differences are small. As a species we have the least amount of genetic variation.

People whom hate "others" will more than likely not change. It doesn't matter what you say or how many studies you throw at them. Or how much you condemn them. They are set in their beliefs. Fine, let the racist dinosaurs die out.

Relations between people of different skin colors suck in this country. And I have been thinking of ideas on how to make things better. I can't think of any. I heard about restitution. I don't think it will solve anything, it sure won't solve the deep seated issues.

As horrible it is,  America's history is dotted with European conquest of people of different skin colors and culture. The Spanish converted native populations in the Southwest, Mexico and South American. Other European cultures eradicated, killed, moved millions of natives on America's mainland. And of course, millions of Africans were brought against their will to be slaves.  We all know this or at least I hope so.

And still I have no idea how to solve our social problem. I am not worried about ISIS. I am worried about us, and how we are fighting against each other. As the saying goes:  United We Stand, Divided We Fall. We need each other.

Please tell me what you think this country can do to be united and equal for all people regardless of skin color.

Till next time...

Friday, August 11, 2017

Nukes are not Toys

Nukes are not toys.

You don't get to slap plutonium or uranium in a missile and release it like caged fireflies.

If you want to rule the world, what is the sense of destroying it? Even you, are not immune on the surface.

Power is an addiction, a desire, always sought but never fully attained. And those nukes, are nothing but the checkmate for the world. On August 6, 1945 the United States dropped an a bomb on Hiroshima. On August 9, 1945 the United States dropped an a bomb on Nagasaki. Both in Japan. Both are shameful events. They happened. There are dozens of pictures if the world needs a refresher on the damage.

History is supposed to be a reminder where we went wrong as a human race so we don't make the same mistake twice. Yet, selective history is the only thing you see through a warped lens.

In 2017, I thought, believed,  we as a world moved beyond nuclear weapons. But I guess not because power, dominion, is more important than anything else.

Nuclear weapons are not toys and you don't get to play God, because God isn't real and the only thing you are doing is feeding grand delusions of greatness. When in reality you are nothing but a name and a face in front of the world's cameras.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Trick or Poem by JM Scott FREE in all Kindle Markets Through Aug 10, 2017

For the last two weeks, every time I have gone to the store there has been a new pumpkin spice item. Yes, I admit it, I am a pumpkin spice addict. First, was the pumpkin spice Life cereal. Then the pumpkin spice instant oatmeal (I bought both of these). I also bough pumpkin spice air fresheners. I was in the grocery store this morning and I noticed pumpkin spice Special K. MMMM Anyway, with the advent of pumpkin spice comes Halloween. Yeah!

Trick or Poem is FREE in all Kindle markets through August 10, 2017. This  chapbook features 31 Halloween and/or horror themed poems including digital poetry collages, pictograph poems and many others. Why not grab your copy today?

And without further ado, here is a sample poem from the book called "Nevemore Alive than Dead." It is a pictograph/text speak poem. Enjoy.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Opinions on Nothing

Everyone has an opinion. I figure in this day and age, I could be a pundit of some sorts. My opinions are worth just about as much as everyone else's. Today, I am going to share some opinions. And I think it would be cool to have my words as a meme. So have it....

Illegal Immigration

*One thing that irks me is when I read comments on illegal immigration and someone will write something to the effect "if there were no illegal immigrants in the fields, your produce will be more expensive." So I guess it is okay to pay the illegal immigrant substandard wages so you can have cheaper produce. These are the same people who want a higher minimum wage

English Tests

* Literacy is power. For every person who comes to this country not speaking English, they could seriously screw themselves over. There is a certain amount of trust when someone translates for you. When you can read and understand the language, you have power to make your own informed decisions. I think the skills test is useless and a waste of money. If I were to move to Mexico, I better know Spanish because I know I could get screwed over.

The same can be said with native Americans who have low literacy skills or illiterate. I know there are some people who just can't learn. And there are others who can. Literacy is power. Know and understand the language and you will know and understand your rights.


*I don't trust any theocratic government.

* There is no war on Christmas. It is war on Yule.

Random Garbage

* I love when there is a severe thunderstorm warning. I love the dark skies and the reverberating thunder and when the power goes out. Lately, thunderstorms at home have been boring.

* I don't know why but I have been fascinated with The Philadelphia Experiment. I have been doing some reading about the guy Al or whatever. And his future map is interesting.

*Love him or hate him, I believe Donald Trump is the harbinger for the true American Renaissance. In Europe, there were Dark Ages marked by religious fervor and the crusades. Then the Renaissance came about, or the age enlightenment,  where science and art flourished. I see a pattern,  and I am looking forward to our American Renaissance.

* Why is it in space we can be BFF's with Russia? I would like America and Russia to get along because we have a joint enemy. I will not mention this regime by name because maybe I am a little paranoid, but if you follow the news, you can  figure out. All I am going to say is I wish there no such thing as nuclear warheads.

*Am I only the one who thinks it would be great if Twitter went silent for an hour?

* Driving down the mountain to State College, I see the most bizarre thing. There is a mailbox and on the mailbox there is a campaign flier for Trump, underneath it is another sign that says "greed kills jobs."

And what are your opinions? Till next time...

Friday, July 28, 2017

What Was Found in the Mason Jars in the Root Cellar of My New House

crimson walls and gratuitous
grab invisible knobs
of brass and steel

nowhere comes too soon
no exit into the melodrama
no entrance into the freedom
from chains that restrict to
fever floods.

the solitary flame of
Aladdin’s lamp
taunts, teases and shrieks

Can’t get to me

silent blackness. Heard
in echoes

cackles and shackles
mask martyred mastodons
while the genie plays god on television

Oh, I know the nightmares

I catch them in mason jars
spread them on toast
and eat it over and over.

The bones of this poem is fairly old, I would say almost ten years. I did a lot of revision on this and it turned out a lot better. Lately, I have been big into revising my old stuff because I can. I feel like I write better poems now. Anyway, I like how it turned out.

I am trying to post more. I know I've said it before, but I was attacked by the lazy, napping monster.

Till next time....

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Into the Garden by JM Scott Free on Kindle Through July 21, 2017

Into the Garden by JM Scott is FREE in all Kindle markets through July 21, 2017. I hope you all grab a free copy and take a read. These are some of my earlier poems. Some are good and some not so much.  I still love writing acrostic poems, but I don't write them as much as I used to.

Please enjoy this free sample called "Black Plums."