Saturday, April 30, 2016

Seemless Mythology

Hand weaving witch’s
spandex, the wax composition
board of hollyhock
and hibiscus, I hatch
the gilded grimoire
to target a promise keeper.
The dark-wood chapel
saves the bronze medallion
and a Bahama Yogi makes
ivy origami.
Showering in la pacha tea,
I eat the burnout like bramback,
the absolute calvary beams
dimensions in gold silk.

Source: Words gathered from Google search pages, 1-5 using the term “kava damask.”

And here is poem 30. When I return, I will do the last two prompts from The Found Poetry Review. I think I made some good poems, and some not so good ones. What really matters is that I wrote a poem pretty much every day. Why the hell can't I do this at least every other month?

Which poem did you like the best?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Lazy Eye Orchestra

Source: Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Beautiful and Damned. Kindle for Windows 8.1. Loc, 1103 of 5049.
Hey all, here is poem 29. I know, I didn't do a prompt but  I will do the last two prompts when I get back from my little vacation. I just couldn't leave this challenge unfinished, so I decided to do some found poems on my own. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Determination Conspiracy

early existence
broken chrome colonies
frantic erasures

behind Earth faces
confident expenditures
fatal envy dulls

a deluded chapter
for eyelid fanatics
a good flat fire found

atomic arrows bribe
because esoteric brass
colors a galaxy

The song composed from these words

Determination Conspiracy

Source: Goodale, Earl. “Success Story.” Web. 28 Apr 2016.

This prompt was pretty nifty. In short, we were to grab a text and collect words that begin with the letters A,B,C,D,E,F, and G. Then we create a poem. Once the poem is complete, were to compose a song, the beginning letter corresponds to a note, the syllables correspond to the note beat. You can read the full prompt here

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

(someday somewhere)

And Ritchie you are so right
(someday somewhere)
sleep while the grill is hot
the horizon cries at twilight
Kansas is just around the corner
though he’s long gone
(someday somewhere)
Ritchie keeps singing
that the fire caresses the moon
sunshine melts the ground
fluffy lyrics and the road moves on
(someday somewhere)
then that song from high school
blending of universes and time warps
silver silo
the out of focus fuzzy
hearts with trademarks
flavorless, warm and flat fountain Coke
I can see for miles and miles.
(someday somewhere)

Hey all here is poem 27.  This is a reversal poem. Today's prompt actually had a few to choose from so I chose a reversal and picked an old poem. You can read the original, somewhat, by reading it backwards.  I did some editing, but you will get the idea of what the original sounded like. You can check this  prompt and the other prompts for the day here.

I actually remember when I wrote the original or at least sort of. It was at least  5 years ago and we went to the grocery store to pick up food for our camping trip. A song was playing through the store.  I am not sure of the actual song title but it is an oldie and it goes something like "someday somewhere, someday somewhere, I'm gonna love you." or something similar to that. It sounded like Ritchie Valence, but I don't think it is. And on our way down, there was this silver silo and only a strange square shimmered like wavy heat, the rest of the silo was normal. And I was drinking warm fountain Coke from McDonald's. The second to last line is a song lyric as well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


my brain sits on the shelf
submerged in nightcap oak
I flex the mini-blinds
the sun stares through my window
it ignites the dandelions
but nothing burns.
It is the zombie
taxon kept in the jar,
playing banjos
at noon
enwhay ethay yskay eginsbay otay
umblecray ardsshay ofay ilversay
and the ducky clouds
pander stolen Coach bags,
which I don’t yearn for
Thank you.
Unless the bag is endless
atoms and worm holes
I find my vision weakens
when rain plays
the piano.
Where are the dancing
leaves and motionless
At night, I creep
over the stars and drink
with the moon
and I come to
realize I’m just a soul alloy.

Hey all here is poem 26. Here is the full prompt which you are better off to read yourself because I can't really explain it. Just to let you know the mumbo-jumbo is  not mumbo-jumbo but pig Latin. So then first word is when. If you don't know how to work pig Latin take the first letter or two letters like in words like crap and move them to end and add ay. Words with a vowel in the beginning just get an ay at the end. Fun times.  What do you think?

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Lawn Fawn of Napa Grand

I am a lawn fawn encyclopedia pita
lawn fawn is a keen Napa grand
Less questions- the key to the brujahjah log.
I rule the maze, Ella!
I envy the Prius march
freesia days, pretty
I am to lasso the oasis.
And the day shall be ruined
And a ton of you showed me out.
Too late to turn very YOLO
I attended this caravan before.

Here is the original
Source: Source: Laabi, Abdellatif. "Je Suis de l’Enfant de ce siecle." PoetryTranslation.Org. Web 25 Apr. 2016.

Hey all, here is poem 25. This prompt asked to "translate" a poem in a foreign language by sound. I did have to play it with just a tad just for it to make some kind sense. You can read the full prompt here

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Secret Lives of Backyard Critters

Here's the original:

Source: Fischer, Jean. "Blackout Poems and Writer's Retreats." Jean Fischer's Something to Write Home About.  4 Aug. 2013. Web. 24 Apr. 2016.

And here's poem number 24. This one is pretty interesting. The basic idea is to take an erasure poem and fill in the blanks so that it is cohesive. So I tried my best with the spacing and the words, I had a take a guess since the author of the original black out poem was consistent with the markings. You can read the full prompt here . Oh yeah, I misspelled the word sweet and since I was using paint, I had to redo that little bit of line as you can tell.