Thursday, July 12, 2018

How to Get a Promotion

Lunchtime. Order from Junos on fifth.

Turkey with cheese and lettuce on wheat, side of half a pickle for Dan, stupid boss man. Fifteen meatballs, no bread extra parm for Casey, skinny diet girl. Ham and cheese- plain for Hector the decent one. Caesar salad with cheese and extra olive for Cheyenne the bitch who never has any money. I pay so I don’t look like a fool. A large pizza for the marketing team who act like they are on Mount Olympus.

A little cyanide I’ve been saving for everyone but Hector.

The promotion should be coming any day.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Daughters of New America Coming Soon

Hey all, Great news... Solider Girl part of the Daughters of New America  series will be released to Kindle this week.

There are three different novellas in the series, you do not have to read them in the order they are released.  I have been working on them for more than a year now. And it started with a dream of people exploding for no reason and here we are now.... I am excited to finally share these stories with you.

I finished the first draft of the third novella the other day. It was a bit sad, because I have been thinking about these girls and their stories and now it's over.

Projected release schedule:

Solider Girl  Before July 15, 2018
Survivor Girl  Early August 2018
Solitary Girl  Early September 2018.

The illustrations for the book covers were done by CAB a teen artist. I think she did a great job with the symbolism I wanted for the covers.

About the series:

After people explode for no known reason, three teen girls make it their mission to survive in this new world.  Each novella is told from their point of view, and each girl eventually makes to safe place, Mapleton a CDC farming facility in Vermont.

Solider Girl- Bryndle Sweetwater, 15,   and her army father live in a base in Nebraska. With trouble coming in all directions. They flee to Mapleton, where it becomes up to Bryndle to save her new home.

Survivor Girl- Holly Biscayne, 17,  is a homeless girl from the streets of Allentown.  Eventually, she leaves with other survivors to upstate New York, where she believes she found a home. That is until she learns the reason why they are holding a pregnant girl captive.

Solitary Girl- Lane Snow, 16,  is from Spring Valley a nice farming community in Pennsylvania. She finds her way to campground where she meets Clay Shephard. After she becomes pregnant, her and Clay leave. And then on their way to Mapleton, Lane is taken hostage. She wants nothing more to deliver the baby she is carrying and be free from Ipswich.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Downsizing Robin Hood

The accountant stood in the locked office bathroom. Phantasmagoria marinated inside her. She held a small laser, watching the door.  With the laptop, open and ready, the numbered screen waited for her command.

This was it.  This was slaughter time. All those years of hiding and cooking dollars for what? A pink slip and no severance. It’s the economy they said.

She looked at the screen and finalized the transactions. Money flew from all over the world to bank accounts held by the little guy, millions of dollars gone in an instant.

Now upper management may have to downsize themselves.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

You Only Live Once

I get paid a lot of money to dig graves. The job is set up by person who I never see or hear, but only know through texts.  Someone delivers the body and cash in my garage. I don’t look out; I keep painting.

Tonight, a woman screamed and cried from the  coffin. I don’t get them in coffins, just bags or linens.  I crank up loud music and dig her hole. When I come back, there is silence. Good.

I have a good thing going. Why wreck it for morality? You only live once, some people better than others.

Hey all, I love drabbles, I am trying to write a new one every night. Sometimes it easier than other days. I have this great idea that I am starting to work. I want to create a bunch of apocalypse drabbles and poems and make a book.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Daughters of New America Update

It's almost July; we're already half way through 2018. Sometimes, I wish time would just slow down.

I'm a little behind today, so it's going to be a short post. I had to go to the junkyard for a part for my car which took some time. I want to get the mowing done since I've been doing it the same time every week.

Both Solider Girl  and Survivor Girl are ready for final revisions. I can do Solider Girl, but I need to wait on Survivor because I need to finish writing the first draft of Solitary Girl. Since those novellas converge for a short time, so I need to get the timeline right.  I also have the book covers done, the novellas organized with part titles and chapter numbers. I am really pushing for a mid-July release of Solider Girl.  Early August, I want to release Survivor Girl and then early September for Solitary Girl. This should give me the time I need to properly edit and revise (to the best I really can) the second two.

During July, I am participating in Camp Nanowrimo where I will be working on a hybrid prose and poetry book The People You Know. My goal is to write 50 page (50 poems and some of the prose).

Well that's about all for today.

Till next time...

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tryptophantasia and Other Poems by JM Scott Free Through June 25, 2018

Hey all, Tryptophantasia and Other Poems is FREE in all Kindle markets through June 25, 2018. I am proud of this collection. If you read any of my other poetry books, you will be able to see the maturation of the poet n this collection. I'm not saying I'm awesome, but I am better then I was a couple of years ago.

Now, if I could get a magazine to think I am okay enough to print...

Anyway,  enjoy this free sample from the book.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Brain Sweats

summer heat, cut grass
they’ve been at it all day
miniature ants collecting
miniature chunks of the french
fry that appeared
out of nowhere in on the
old tile kitchen floor

fireflies lack strength to flicker
lightening crawls to the north
letting this hamlet
in the mountains swell

I read a quote from Maya Angelou
and said the more creativity you use
the more you have.

I also read prize winning short stories
I  have no idea why
they were prize winning

why does  my brain sweat
and my fingerprints ooze
on the sticky keyboard?

And it’s here where
I share some share
award winning insight,
some greater truth to bear
the summer days without
air conditioning but
this is where you
come in with all your deconstruction
and see invisible
words in the white space.

Hey all,  It is hotter than a bitch. The thermostat says 83 and it's almost 11 at night. It's nights like this I wish I had AC. Anyway... still waiting for thunderstorms....