Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bacon and Coffee Under Grey Skies

I find elephant slaves
and pampered parrots
under the enraptured investigation
of glorifying realism
- a terrible ancient empty.

Drop evolution
a second time
and chew the roach bubble
of the harlequin martyr
who cheered overnight
- a fruitless skeleton fire.

I buy my friend
a chemical America
and forget the film industry
the saint, the gambit, the pride
-a majestic machine life.

Poem created from words found on Google search results for the phrase "charlatan elephant"


Sweet Dreamland Wheels, my upcoming poetry book features all found poetry. It will be available on Kindle the first week of June.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Book cover picture grabbed from
As many of you know, I make a weekly poetry collage from state travel brochures and other magazines. When South Dakota came, I found out Pioneer Girl  by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is the annotated autobiography. So the next stop was Amazon. It was on backorder. My husband purchased it for me  two months ago and I finally received it last Wednesday. Today I finished it. It is an excellent book and worth the $30 paid. Should I ever find myself in South Dakota, I will definitely be visiting De Smet and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.

I love the Little House series. I read all the books when I was young and my brother in law gave me the entire set that he found in his house. I also love the show. There are really no words to describe this book. According to the introductory information Wilder wrote this book and hoped to sell it. With her daughter Rose Wilder Lane, they made it publication ready for a juvenile audience. But there wasn't enough interest in the book. As a suggestion to Lane to make it more salable, to make a series of children's books from the original manuscript which Wilder did. She wrote this autobiography when she was in her 60's.  This book is the original manuscript with thoroughly researched annotations, photographs and maps.

If you read any of the books the material is the some what the same but the annotations are there to guide on who what really happened and who is really who. The Little House books were fiction but based on Laura's life. This book is Laura's life.  The annotations in itself were interesting and the pictures were awesome. If you are like me, you probably thought Charles Ingalls in the show. To see the real people is just so interesting.  This book is American history, the western part of American history. Reading Pioneer Girl is sort of like listening to an elderly person talking about the good old days. 

It makes you think about your own history and your family's history. Could you find the census records or newspaper clippings from the town a grandparents lived in as children. Could you find old photos? I think you could. Years ago I went to Ellis Island and I found my great grandfathers record of immigrating to this country from Germany. I made a copy and gave it to my grandmother.  Our history is interesting. That is something to think about for all of us. Maybe we should write down our lives so our kids know where we came from. 

Till next time...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Suburban Vampires Chapter 6: Blood and Desire

You can read previous chapters here

There was something happy and something sad the moment Drew packed his final bags into the car. Divorce, wasn’t it to be sad? There was something in Drew’s eyes, happiness. She saw that look before when she told about their first baby. This was too easy. Even the kids didn’t seem fazed about their Dad moving to Boston, that in itself should be odd. Whiskey knew all about divorce. Maybe it was the changing times. They were thrilled about coming to his house every weekend. Ariel had friends in Boston and she was busy making plans with them. And Janelle’s two kids were close to Elsie and Jakob’s age and, of course, Janelle had one of each. Drew hugged each of the kids and Whiskey knew one day, she would have to “die” young. Would her kids be nonchalant as they are now? She shook her head.

“You doing okay?” He asked. He was always so nice and caring.

“Yeah I am actually okay,” Whiskey said.

“So I guess this is it?” Drew asked.

“I know it’s weird isn’t it? Because I feel like I should screaming at you or throwing something at your head,” Whiskey said and smiled.

“What and get the neighbors talking?”

“Hell, they are already talking. I’m in the quiet whisper with awkward glances until I get closer than they ask me how is the weather phase,” Whiskey said.

“Lucky you. You could come back to Boston. Your alimony and child support will cover it,” Drew said.

“I like it here, Drew.”

They said nothing. Drew smiled and said, “okay so I’m heading out do we hug or should I just kiss you on the cheek?”

Whiskey looked around and whispered in his ear, “snoopy Alexandria is looking out her window. So how bout a smooch for old times?”

Drew wrapped his arms around her waist, dipped her then kissed her long and hard. Just like old times, my how they appear when someone is watching.

“See you in court, counselor,” Whiskey said.

“See you Tuesday.”


Friday, Whiskey picked the kids up from school and drove them to Boston. Janelle lived in a corner townhouse in the nice section of town. Her and Drew came out with her kids. Whiskey’s kids wasted no time and dashed from the SUV.

Janelle shook Whiskey’s hand, it was a firm grip and she loved wearing gold bracelets, “how are you doing, Lynne?”

“I am doing okay,” Whiskey said and shift her glance, “and when will you be bringing them home?”
“They’ll be back by 8,” Drew said.

Whiskey got in and drove away. She didn’t want to cry but all of a sudden 13 years flashed before her. Her first date with Drew at the pizza joint. The first time they made love. When they got married. When he graduated law school. When they lived in a crappy apartment in Boston. Every moment, every kiss, every smile, every Christmas gift, they way he surprised her with the home of her dreams in Potters Mills. How he said he loved her. This is what she wanted but there was a whole in her heart. She pulled off and let the tears fall. She wiped her tears and tried to clean up the runny mascara. Whiskey got out of the SUV and went into the bar.

After she cleaned up the makeup she sat the dirty bar. There were a couple of men in staring off at the tv. Bottles of cheap liquor lined the shelves and generic beer was on tap. Old biker dudes played pool in the corner. Whiskey had no intention of anything but drinking and drinking a lot. Since becoming a vampire, she could drink and drink and it would have no affect. It curbed the cravings. It’s only been two weeks since she died. Just two weeks. And she kept her distance from Jack. She couldn’t deal with him right now.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked and threw his white towel over his shoulder.


“We don’t have none of that salt and lime,” he said.

“I don’t want that. Just leave the bottle.”

One, two, down the hatch. This is what life feels like, this is what divorce feels like. One more, it was shit tequila but it did the job. The bartender watched her but didn’t say anything. Sometime before the evening news came on, a man approached her. He sat down beside her. She looked him over. He was who the hell knows but with tidy hair and tidy clothes and he smelled good. His heart was nice and strong.

“So, I was going to come over here and say a cheesy line but you’ve probably heard them all before,” he said.

Whiskey looked at him, “tell me, why did you come over here?”

He touched her hand, “name is Oscar.”

“Whiskey,” she answered.

“Whiskey sounds good to me” he said.

“No, my name is Whiskey,” she smiled. She stroked his hand, “I’m having a shitty day. I just realized I’m getting divorced...”

“Sorry, I will leave you to it,” He started to rise.

She held is hand with strength that surprised him, “no you misunderstand me, I want you to take me somewhere, take me away from here.”

“Where do you want to go?”

She stood up hungry for his sex, hungry for his blood, “I don’t care if it’s the roach motel.”

“Well come on then.”

Oscar hailed a cab and followed her in. The cab took them several blocks away a tall apartment building. In the elevator, Whiskey lunged at him, kissing his neck and unbuttoning his shirt. He returned her kisses. There was no one in the elevator. His apartment was small and sparsely furnished. He turned on the single light and it created thick shadows in corners. His hands moved up her shirt as she struggled with his pants. Oscar grabbed her breasts and bit the nipple and drew blood.

“Sorry about that,” he said as he gently licked the wound.

“I don’t care, Oscar,” Whiskey said and pulled him closer.

 He lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around him. He carried to the love seat and rammed her hard. Whiskey grabbed him closer. His veins begged to be drained. She gave in and sunk her fangs deep into his neck. He came and while he was still inside her, she slurped his blood, until his heart stopped. The world seemed so much better now. She felt better. With her fingers she wiped the blood from her face and licked off the fingers. After shoving him to the floor like a discarded juice box, she dressed and went back to the bar and picked up her car. The drive back to Potters Mills was at least bearable.


Whiskey heard an empty house and the faint voices of Jess and her kids. It was that feeling again of utter loneliness. There was only person to call. She opened the door and fell into his arms crying. He stroked her hair and held her. And at once all was right with the world.

“Whiskey listen this is for the best right? Drew is happy. Aren’t you happy?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know. I thought I knew. But it just really hit me. Those memories. It was never bad between us, Jack. Drew was really great. I feel like I’ve been betraying him all these years with you and when you weren’t here, I thought about every minute of the day. Every minute Jack,” Whiskey said and wiped away her tears. “He deserves all of this, well maybe not the divorce but the happy devoted wife. And Janelle she is smart and she’s a lawyer and lives in Boston and you know he loved Boston.”

Jack cupped her face and looked into her eyes, “you and Drew were good for each other but you have to realize this is the best for him and for you. You are a vampire now, you know what that means?”

“I know what it means, Jack. I wondered when I would have to die to keep the secret safe. My kids will live and then die. My grand kids will live and die.” She shrugged away his hands, “how could I be so reckless. Every time I am with you.”

“Because you are meant for so much more. You did your part for humanity. You gave the world three beautiful children who will grow up and do the world some good. Now it’s time, for you to be the person you were meant to me,” Jack said.

“And what hallmark card did you steal that from?” Whiskey snapped back.

“Yeah, I don’t know, I just figured you needed to hear something sappy,” Jack said.

“We’re not 18 anymore Jack, it takes more than sugar,” Whiskey replied.

He smiled, “come on, let’s have some fun.” He grabbed her hand and led her outside.


Whiskey found herself in a small hick town, she maybe only seen on road signs. There was a bar with a pony rearing up under pink neon. The Blue Pony. Yet the pony was yellow the neon was pink. Honky tonk blared from the ramshackle building. The lot was filled with dozens of cars.

“Jack, you know I hate country music,” Whiskey said.

“Baby, this is where the freaks are, I promise you,” he smiled and winked and led her into the bar.

“Tonight, we are going to forget about being human and remember that we are vampires. Tonight is about pleasure and blood. Let me show you.”

Whiskey liked the idea of blood and fun. Her risky business with Oscar was far from her mind. Jack found an open table and scooted her in. He ordered them whiskeys.

“What is your pleasure tonight? Who do you want to taste?” he whispered in ear.

Whiskey scanned the room and a young blonde piqued her interest. She wore tight blue jeans and black cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat. She had blood red lips and deep muddy eyes. She two-stepped in the crowd and she laughed when she bumped into someone.

“Her,” Whiskey said.

“Her? Interesting choice. So bring her back here, Then we’ll take her somewhere private,” Jack said.

Whiskey smiled, threw back the shot of whiskey and approached the blonde girl. She stood next to her and waited until they made eye contact. Whiskey didn’t speak to her just slipped a message in her door. The blonde girl started dancing with just Whiskey. This was desire. Something beautiful was interested in her just a plain girl with brown hair and a pale face.

The blonde grabbed her hands and moved closer to her. Then kissed her on the cheek and smiled. Whiskey wanted nothing more to taste her sweet blood.

“What’s your name?” Whiskey asked.

“Lisa. I don’t normally do this. I have never been attracted to another woman but when I saw you,” Whiskey liked hearing those words from someone’s mouth that was not Jack. Of course, this was her night, things were going her way.

“Lisa.” Whiskey started. Lisa came in for a kiss. Lisa’s friends stood around them, shocked. “Lisa, you want to get out of here?”

“You know I do.”

“I’m not alone,” Whiskey said.

“I don’t care, I just want to taste you,” Lisa said.

Whiskey grabbed her hand and led her away. A small girl with a large ass and an equally large cowboy hat stopped them, “Lis, where are you going?”

“Shannon, don’t worry about it. This blows in here tonight. I’m leaving,” Lisa said.

Whiskey slipped a message into the friend’s head and she vanished into the crowd.

“So what should I call you?” Lisa asked.

“What do you want to call me?” Whiskey said and took off her hat and kissed her.

“I always liked the name Hayley.”

“That’s my name Hayley, like the comet and this is Rhett.”

Lisa couldn’t keep her hands off Whiskey. And Whiskey loved every moment and every soft touch from Lisa’s hands. Jack drove the three of them to a hotel room. Once inside, Lisa stripped off her clothes. Whiskey shoved her to the bed and kissed her hard.

“Baby, this is going to be the best night of your life,” Whiskey whispered.

“Make love to me, Hayley. Make love to me. I want nothing but you.”

Whiskey moved Lisa’s hair and bit deep into her neck as she rubbed Lisa. Lisa moaned and wriggled on the bed. Jack came over and bit the other side of her neck. Lisa’s heart rate spiked. Jack let go. Whiskey wouldn’t. Finally she did. The blood rolled down her lips and down her breasts. Lisa lay passed out on the bed. Jack took Whiskey and they licked the blood off each other.

Lisa woke a couple of hours later, Whiskey kissed her hard. Lisa fumbled through Whiskey’s clothes.
Whiskey looked into her eyes, “Lisa, this is what you will remember. We made love all night long and I made you come so many times. You love me and only me and if you find me again, we will be lovers forever. Tell me you love me, Lisa.”

“I love you, Hayley. Don’t leave me,”

“I have to, baby girl, but remember what I said. If we find each other again, we’ll be lovers forever,” Whiskey said and covered her with the blankets.

She probably ruined that girls life. They would never see each other again and she would die lonely and pining for Whiskey. Yeah it was harsh and ruthless but it made her feel so good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Moonwallow Gates on SALE

Hey all just a quick post to let you know that Moonswallow Gates is on sale for the next couple of days for both the US and the UK. I went through it again and improved it. This is my first novel and I still really like it. It is dark, features magic murder and mayhem.  Another book will be on sale in a couple of days!

My new poetry book, Sweet Dreamland Wheels featuring all the poems from the PoMoSco will be published in the beginning of June. 

Suburban Vampires is coming back. The next chapter will be posted on this Wednesday. I am going to write three more chapters this week while on break from school and then post them every other week.

Till next time...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Poisoned Milk

Poisoned milk from your poisoned tit. You force
Open their petulant mouths with
Invisible instruments of discourse. And you
Say I care and I love you with your
Over sweet false voice. Vile
Nipples shoved in the mouths of
Each person around you. They
Drink your

Milk, green and soiled, and they are addicted to
It like the idiots you want them to be. When your
Life shrivels up, you’ll be crying in the devil’s
Kitchen as demons feed you poisoned milk.


Hey all, this is acrostic poem. I have a break this week from school so I will be working on some stuff to put on here. One thing will be a new chapter of Suburban Vampires. Take care and see you next week.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Poetry, Prose and Plans

I know two weeks went by without a post from me, but in my defense, I have been super busy with poetry writing and the end of term school stuff. So now you know let's move on to the topics of the day....

Poetry- As many of you know, I participated in the Found Poetry Review's National Poetry Month project, PoMoSco (Poetry Month Scouts). I just uploaded the last poem today. This whole week, I was doing two a day so I can finish early enough. So what am I going to be doing with all these poems? I know I mentioned about making a chap book and that is the tentative plan. I downloaded the Kindle Kids ebook creator (it is also for comic books and graphic novels as well) and I hope this helps with format and since there will be pictures in the book, I think this is the best tool.

My last poetry book Into the Garden was a formatting nightmare where I had to edit the book line by line in HTML and it still wasn't perfect. If this new tool works well, I will redo the first poetry book and release it again. I think it will work better because your work with PDF's. I don't have a title yet or projected release date but I am shooting for June sometime. Some of the poems need  tweaking because the prompts made it somewhat difficult to create a perfect poem. On the other hand some turned out really well and may not need any revision.  I really enjoyed working on most of the prompts, I liked some better than the others. All 30 poems will be in the book! 

Prose- I don't know how many of you noticed that you have to click on the button that says "I'm 18" or whatever that button is. Months ago, I said Google was going to make certain blogs private,  if they had adult content,  so I was going to get rid of  Suburban Vampires. Then a week or so later, I got another notice stating they weren't going to do this, instead people with adult content had to activate the warning. What the hell does this  all mean?

I am going to bring back the series, in fact I want to spend more time working on it and actually finish it. I decided to start using to do lists again and I do get a lot of things done when I use them. This is my last week in this term and then I have a break. Plan is to write a couple of chapters so I can post them on here. 

In addition to the other stuff on my to do list, I added one key thing: to send one story or poem to a publisher. I am happy to report I have been doing this steady for the last 5 weeks. I try not overwhelm myself and just send one thing either poems or a story. I made a damn spreadsheet. You better believe I am getting serious about publishing.

Okay well, the month of May seems like it will full of possibilities. Till next time...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Adventures in Car Buying

We've had our car for three years and we put 60,000 miles on it. It is now hovering about 177,000 miles. I am hoping it makes it 200K but, it's going downhill fast. We replaced various parts and sensors and the car still doesn't run right. So we've been looking for another car. And let me tell you, this is no easy task. 

If you remember right, I mentioned in my last post that we were going to DC. My husband found lots of affordable cars in Maryland. So I brought the checkbook. We had to rent a car just to get to DC (first time Priceline users but that is a post for another time) anyway. He finds this really nice car in our price range at the Fitz Mall in Gaithersburg, MD. We are staying in Rockville MD so it wasn't far. We wrote to the dealer and went to DC. The sales guy, I think his name was Jason, said all the car needed was tires and rotors. Now, tires you have to replace every so often and rotors are easy and inexpensive to fix if you have someone, like I do, that knows how to fix  stuff on a car. When he writes back to us we are in DC. It is close to an hour train ride from DC to Shady Grove. We tell him we are interested in actually looking at the car because it was a good price and only needed tires and rotors. The guy writes back and says he'll let us know when the car is ready to be looked at.

So we do some sightseeing stuff. Finally, the guy says we can come look at it. This is at 4 pm or close to it. We rush to the closest Metro, take the red back to Shady Grove, pick up the rental and drive to Gaithersburg. I probably should mention that we actually told this twat burger we were in DC not lurking around Popeyes in Rockville. Anyway back to the story. My husband gets to the dealer and tries to find this Jason guy but the twat burger pushes him off on another salesperson. Who proceeds to tell him that the car needs thousands dollars worth of work to even pass Maryland inspection. And we can't drive it because it is unsafe and it will need to be towed. Blah blah... then the salesperson tried to sell him a more expensive car.

My question WHY LIE? Why waste our time for nothing? We seriously wasted 2 hours on this twat burger. And this could have been prevented if he would have been honest in the first place. People like that give car salesmen a bad name.

The adventure ended this weekend. We rented a car for the day to go to Harrisburg where we had two prospects lined up, mileage was under 200K, and in our price range. We got the first car on our list today. It was a 2000 Nissan Altima. I love this car. It has a sunroof. Now, I just need to think of a name for it. I was thinking Davina but I don't know. The place we bought car one, Team One Auto Group, was honest and friendly.

And there you go, my advice:  avoid Jason at the Fitzmall in Gaithersburg, MD  because he is a liar or withholds the truth and you will waste your time unless of course you are buying a more expensive car and he will probably love to lick your hemorrhoids.

Until next time...