Sunday, June 29, 2014

Books on Writing

This term in school I am taking creative writing and of course, we have these writing books we have to read. I've read a lot of writing books, I am not sure why because I really don't learn anything new. I don't learn anything at all but there is something about those books. The one I read to was Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg and I like it. She writes like she is writing a letter to me her friend...

I am old enough to have actually written letters to my friends. One in particular, I used to write long letters to. I don't know if she kept them or not and I don't even remember what I wrote. She used to write back to me, there was a lot of joy in going to the mailbox and getting a letter or a postcard. Now with Facebook there are no need for postcards or long letters or even birthday cards.  Diatribe over.

Back to these writing books, I love them and there is one thing that is common in all of them. They all talk about the joy of writing. The actual physical process of writing and makes me remember physically writing because there is still that joy when I am writing so much and so fast that the clack clack of the keyboard is almost like music.  I remember those joys of writing and especially right now where my writing is slowed down so much. There is the same message in every one of these books, just write and write. Write without excuses and just write.

I turned in a poem for the writing class and I am terrified everyone would hate it. I am also afraid that I won't get an "A" on my poem or any other writings I turned in because you know that "A" is like the pinnacle right? You know that, I know that. Of course, I have rejected A worthy poems in my day as a literary magazine editor, so what is an A really worth? I don't know. I like my poems, I know other people like my poems. SO where does that leave me? Who knows?  Maybe that is all part of being a writer.

Okay I am thinking about heading outside for a little bit. Until next time...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Has it Been a Month?

Hell, I've been slacking on the posting. A whole month has went by and I didn't write anything. First I want to say, how much I hate Math. Thank God, this is the only math class I have to take for my degree program. Nothing makes me feel like a moron when it comes to the math class. I used to be good at math. Well good news, I only have one more week of Math and I am done. My other class I am doing real well. It's Humanities and I like art and I like talking about art.  Next term I am taking creative writing, (I hoping I get my creative juices flowing plus I should be able to post some of my work on here unless it is really excellent than I might send it away) and Intro to Critical Thinking. I am not sure how the thinking class will go but there does seem to be exams which I do pretty well at except for math.

Honestly, I've just been working on school for the past month and spending too much time on games on my computer. I really should get my priorities straight and spend more time writing. Perhaps I am on vacation. Funny thing too is I have a bunch of story ideas but not a lot of drive to put those stories to paper. Enough about that.

I am so glad summer is here. We've already went swimming several times at the state parks but those super hot days aren't here yet. Still would like to get a pool but maybe I will wait until they go on clearance. I am not talking about a large pool, but one of the ones that are taken down every year. I have a small pool already but I need a filter pump which for some reason are quite high even though the one I need is discontinued. I can buy a new pool with a filter pump for a little bit more at Big Lots. So it doesn't seem like a good idea to spend so much on a pump. 

I signed up for Amazon's affiliate program but they are going to drop me because I haven't had any clicks. I only signed up to use their advertising banners for my books and ebooks. Now I have to think of something else to do. That is on the list. Really though, I am used to being ignored. Speaking of Amazon, I did sell my poetry book for full price which was freaking awesome. I just checked today and no one reviewed it which sucks because I would love to know what other people think of it .  In the last month, I also have added two additional print books. The only one  left is Nickolaus but I am going to leave it as an ebook since it is a Christmas story.

I will be releasing a collection of Christmas stories and poems through Kindle. I will start working on it probably in the next month so it will be  100% ready for Christmas. It's weird to think of Christmas now but in the world of retail, Christmas goodies will be coming too soon for my taste.

And there you go, that's what I been up to. Once I become famous, I am so glad I will have enough money to hire an accountant because Math is for the birds. Until next time, wear plenty of sunscreen and be sure to give libations for the lost homies.