Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sweet Dreamland Wheels by JM Scott

Hey all, it has been pretty crazy with me these last few weeks. We went to the Jersey Shore at the beginning of this week. Now I am finishing up school work for the week. I wasn't planning on writing another book post but oh well. Anyway Sweet Dreamland Wheels is FREE for the next several days.  This book was created during the month of April and it is filled with found and experimental poetry. There is so much to talk about with this book but first lets talk about construction of the book.

Remember when I published my other poetry book Into the Garden and I said it was a nightmare because formatting was a bitch? This book was created using Kindle Kids Book Creator, a free tool provided by Amazon. If you are a poet and are looking to publish your poetry with the proper format, then you must get this tool. It is very simple to use. To construct the book your pages must be in PDF format. For this book all pages I set for 4x6. Then I manually added each page in the book. Because of the short pages the poems sometimes go to another page, but because of the formatting, no two poems run into one another. Since this worked so well, I will be reformatting my first poetry book to match this one.

The cover- it's pretty wild right? The center picture is actually coral in a fish tank and I did a special effect and it sort of looks like a face. Then I used a vector drawing colored it with various skins and pasted the photo in the center. The background is sand. I really like how it turned out. One great thing about poetry books, is the cover can be a little wild.

I hope you get your free copy and I really hope you enjoy the poems. Here is a sample that is found in the book.  Till next time...

So This is Really the Apocalypse

Drops of blood pitter-pat
down Phoenix Road
fresh stalks of piranha
rolled oranges
with fucking rough underwear,
and swallowed the scraps.

I saw los chicos
on the sticky trail
blanked and blurry
forfeited their hearts
with no great loss.

The girl got eaten by an orange,
a raw throat
rolling in the gutter.

Source: Cortese, Kate. “Swallowed.” Nano Fiction. Nano Fiction, 10 May 2014. Web. 25 Mar. 2015.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Get Your Summer Reading On! Books by JM Scott

Hello, For all intensive purposes summer is here and you are going to need some reading material. Currently, I have two books that are FREE and a brand new one I released today!

Blood on the Carpet is FREE! Until this Saturday June 6, 2015. This collection features one long short story and a bunch of flash fiction stories all in the mystery genre. Many of the stories have a female main character. It is an excellent read because the stories are so short and  perfect for reading stuck in traffic (that is if you are a passenger), on the beach or at the amusement park while you are waiting for kids to come off the rollercoaster.


Heart of a Goddess is a horror short story. Leonard meets the woman of his dreams in a snowstorm. He discovers she is Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of the underworld. She promises Leonard an eternal life with her if he brings her a beating human heart to consume. This was my first ebook I self published. And it is very special to me. I am in the Mythology class at school and we just learned about Morrigan and I got warm in fuzzy inside because I thought of this book right away. This book is FREE until this Saturday, June 6.

Finally, Sweet Dreamland Wheels my latest poetry collection is now live on Kindle. It is not on sale yet but will be soon. Currently, it is $1.99 in the US market. This book is all found poetry or experimental poetry. Some popular authors I used as sources are Stephen King, Dean Koontz, HP Lovecraft, CS Lewis, Joyce Carol Oates and others. Other sources included a menu, finding words while on a walk and listening to conversations. I will write more about this book in the coming days.

If you like you what read, there are plenty more of books to choose from in different genres and prices. And if you Kindle Unlimited member, you can read any of my books for free, anytime.

Till next time....