Friday, July 28, 2017

What Was Found in the Mason Jars in the Root Cellar of My New House

crimson walls and gratuitous
grab invisible knobs
of brass and steel

nowhere comes too soon
no exit into the melodrama
no entrance into the freedom
from chains that restrict to
fever floods.

the solitary flame of
Aladdin’s lamp
taunts, teases and shrieks

Can’t get to me

silent blackness. Heard
in echoes

cackles and shackles
mask martyred mastodons
while the genie plays god on television

Oh, I know the nightmares

I catch them in mason jars
spread them on toast
and eat it over and over.

The bones of this poem is fairly old, I would say almost ten years. I did a lot of revision on this and it turned out a lot better. Lately, I have been big into revising my old stuff because I can. I feel like I write better poems now. Anyway, I like how it turned out.

I am trying to post more. I know I've said it before, but I was attacked by the lazy, napping monster.

Till next time....

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Into the Garden by JM Scott Free on Kindle Through July 21, 2017

Into the Garden by JM Scott is FREE in all Kindle markets through July 21, 2017. I hope you all grab a free copy and take a read. These are some of my earlier poems. Some are good and some not so much.  I still love writing acrostic poems, but I don't write them as much as I used to.

Please enjoy this free sample called "Black Plums."

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jet Star Jockey by JM Scott Free in all Kindle Markets Through July 16, 2017.

Hey all, I know I should be posting more but lately my brain has been fuzzy. I feel like I have this fog over my brain and my days run together. Anyway who cares about that?

Jet Star Jockey is FREE in all Kindle markets through July 16, 2017. I love how this book turned out. It was a great poetry project for 2015. From what I can see, there doesn't seem to be a lot of other poets who do this, or at least not that I have seen. Well anyway enjoy this free sample from the book.

If you grab a copy of the book, why not leave a review and let me know what you think.

Till next time...

Sunday, July 2, 2017

What the Hell is Going on in the White House

In case you missed it, there is crazy shit coming from the president.

No need to rehash all the wackiness. I don't want this to be insulting to those who voted for him, but how can anyone still stand behind him? I was never a fan, but one thing I always said was DT's downfall would be Twitter. It will be his own doing. First, let's talk voter records....

I am guessing the whole reason why DT's committee wants voter records is to find fraud. Okay fine. I get that and for some reason we have a shit load of money to do this but whatever. Let me save you the trouble....

In 1998, I registered to vote as a Republican.  In 2000, I voted for Al Gore for president. In 2004, I voted GW Bush. 2008 and 2012, I voted for Obama.  Before going any further I changed party affiliations twice in this time.  I was independent then I switched to Democrat before the 2008 primaries . I voted for Hillary in the primaries. In 2016, I voted for Hillary Clinton. I have lived in PA since I was 17 years old and I have not lived in another state since turning 18.

My father in law was a registered voter. He no longer shows up in the log book. I would know since my father in law, my brother in law and myself live in the same precinct. When I sign the book to show I was there (yes, I physically have to sign. I also have my ID ready. However, the people there only ID me once, the first time I voted in that precinct. The same people are always there). I always notice my brother in law has not been in. I also know my father in law's name is not there because he is passed away in 2010. I know this because his name will come right before mine.

Funny someone did their job and removed him from the rolls. Unless of course they have a secret book where they keep the all dead names and vote. Pennsylvania is a swing state and this year, the state went overwhelming to DT. Not exactly sure where there is fraud. I guess maybe he didn't get enough votes in our state. I don't know.


What the fuck? Are there people who really believe this? Christmas is a federal holiday. Almost everything is closed except for a couple of gas stations and the movie theaters. When I was kid everything was closed. Where does this idea come from?

Scientists say Jesus WAS NOT  born on December 25.  The Christian church made it that day because of Yule. And the church was looking for converts.  Evergreen, Santa, and all the other stuff is pagan. I would guess what most us celebrate are  Yule traditions.

So really it is war on Yule. So maybe this year, I should stay HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING YULE as opposed to Merry Christmas.

And I would also assume if Jesus's birth was so important to practicing Christians then this fake war on Christmas means nothing to them because they know their relationship with Jesus. They do not need to be told Merry Christmas to keep their faith alive. Why would they feel insulted if they were not wished a Merry Christmas? It shouldn't matter either way.

Enough said for one day...