Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hey it's 2016, When Did That Happen?

Another year is upon us, what are you going to do? I don't make resolutions because I won't follow through with them. It is sort of like starting things on a Monday that doesn't happen either. Though I did come up with a new writing challenge. I spent a lot of time focusing on poetry the last few years and I thought I should focus on fiction, short stories to be exact.

I don't have a lot of good stories. Of course two years from now, I may think my current stories are poo (I wish a poo emoji right about now). I don't have a lot to send away to magazines except what I do for school.  I used to write short stories all the time too, back in the day when I used to think writing anything more than two thousands words a lot. Inspired by the Ray Bradbury quote about writing a short story every week that you are bound to have a couple of gems.

That's the challenge, one short story written and revised every week with a word limit of 4000 words.  That is 52 stories in one year, this is something I should do in my sleep. I have the skills I suppose I need the dedication.

And more dedication is where I will be in 2016. I wrote a writing goal list for all the works in progress, I will finish them all, writing anyway.  

For the current project, I did think of an idea to help with the challenge. And that is using the same main character for a bunch of short stories. Her name is Gerry Meyer (Geraldine Frances Meyer) and she is half demon. I have many adventures planned for her. The hardest part will be writing complete short stories instead of novel chapters.

I am working on assembling the poetry collage book from last year's challenge and that should be ready sometime this month. It will be ready for print probably in March. So keep your eyes open. 

That's about it,  I think that is enough. Until next time...

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