Saturday, May 27, 2017

Living the American Dream

three eggs, one box of mac-n-cheese, one
pack of chicken, one half-gallon
of milk, full box of cereal, one loaf of bread
one half jar of creamy peanut butter,
four slices of generic, individually wrapped
American cheese.

Pay day is in two days
but rent must be paid
and the electric
Kerosene is $3.39 a gallon

Government assistance is in two weeks
of $189 for a family of three
for the whole month.

She makes the kid a grilled cheese
and she eats one spoonful of peanut butter

She goes out to the kitchen
opens the fridge
closes the fridge

opens the fridge
hoping cake appeared
behind half empty ketchup

No cake.

The peanut butter isn’t all that filling
She drinks water
until it sloshes
around in her stomach
and checks the fridge one last time.

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