Friday, May 5, 2017

What is it About Healthcare

The internet is an uproar about the AHCA that barely passed the US House yesterday. It bothers me too. Because you know what I see? I see 435 people who can't work together and only want to pass party agenda. How did it get this point.  The senate isn't any better.  Chances are this bill won't pass the senate because there is not enough votes. I know Casey will not vote for it and Toomey will because he is a sheep. Actually they are both sheep.

My congressman, Glenn Thompson, said that he voted for it because he wanted healthcare that works for all Americans. That is funny because this new plan DOESN'T. Neither did Obamacare. It was flawed. I understand the price of what some people have to pay for their premiums and their deductibles and it is not right.

I don't care how much the big insurance companies cry about their loss of profit, even though they are still pulling in billions of dollars in profits. And if you think that your premium will go down if this is passed, you are sorely mistaken. Because looking at it from their view point, you are already paying for it then you will continue to do so. It will also make up for all those who drop their plan because of expense.

If this bill is passed, it will directly affect my parents who are in their late 50's and early 60's. It will directly affect me. So I think about it. If I lost my insurance, then I would have to pay more should I get it again.

Not that I hold a lot of stock on what DT says because I think he doesn't know what he is saying half the time, he did say healthcare for everyone. I really wanted to believe that. I really did. But just like most things out of DC it is a  pile of steaming shit.

I also love how so many people are rejoicing because they believe their premiums will go down (they won't,  because the CEO needs his fourth Lamborghini). And how the lazy, poor people will just back to the ER, which by the way costs more to the taxpayer.

Please tell me,  why are some of you so afraid of universal healthcare? Afraid of communism? Afraid of socialism? Afraid of losing your freedoms? Well with the new religious liberty act, only one group apparently has religious freedom and those are the Christians and the rest of just pay taxes for the supposed greater good.

For some reason we have a ton of money to make nukes, you know because that is so important. But we can't do universal healthcare. Our priorities are fucked up. But what do I know? I am  just one of millions of people that is ignored by our representative.

Dear Glenn Thompson, News Flash!!!! People want healthcare. They also want it affordable. They want to go to the doctor's without worrying about medical bills. I don't know why you got into office because it seems like you do nothing for anyone in our district. I am one of those people that used to go the ER for something simple like bronchitis because I didn't have insurance. You think I am the only one? Why not visit some of your rural areas and ask them what they did before the ACA. How many of us used the ER as our only place to get medical care. How many women had a gynecology exam, perhaps their first one in years because of the ACA? How many people are living better lives. Since you don't make an appearance in the district, then you have no idea. Just like your cohorts in congress, none of you have an idea of what the people want.  I know it doesn't matter, because some how in 2018, you will still get elected but it won't be because of my vote.

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