Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunny Friday and Bad Moods

I was planning on writing about Egg Hill but I am not in the mood right now because I am a little annoyed so I don't feel like writing about that topic.

So I am supposed to go through this employment service for this new job and I show up this morning for work and guess what- they had no idea I was supposed to be there. It is like anyone's worst fear coming true. Now, I have no idea what is going. All it seems like is a lot of phone tag and I feel like a damn puppet.

As you can guess, my mood is a little sour. Let me go into further detail about the past events pertaining to this job. I went to emploment agency over a month ago to apply for this job it was temp to hire. After 90 days I would be hired on. Sounds pretty good right. Anyway the employment agency says the company is pretty quick but I didn't hear anything. I even called the agency two weeks later and they never called me back.

Then I come to find out the company I applied for through the employment agency was participating in a job fair. I went with resume in hand and actually talked to one of the human resources people. She gave me her card and told me to call her. I did call the following Tuesday after the job fair.

Here's where it gets weird... the employment agency calls on Thursday and says the company wants me to start right away. And it was supposed to be this coming  Monday. Then they say they want me to come in on Friday. And all this happens.

So damn annoying...  No one seems to know anything and there is nothing I can do at this current moment. Maybe I should just cast a spell or read the tarot cards and see what my future holds.

This is where the story falls, a light in the dark goes out.

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