Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meet Juniper

Since seeing  The Karate Kid a million and half moons ago there is always one thing I wanted ( sure I wanted to be a black belt in karate and do that crane kick with precision but then again I was a young kid when I first saw the movie) a bonsai tree.

I always thought they were cool. Who wouldn't though it is a tiny little tree. I could never find one. Really, I could have put more effort into it since I used to go to New York City all the time, I am sure I could have found there or even used the web. Last week, I went to Wegman's and I saw a customer carry one out. I really got happy because now I could buy one but I had to wait for payday.

Payday came and went and yesterday I made a special trip just to Wegman's and for $17 plus tax I got a lovely Japanese Juniper. 

Isn't she lovely. Since it is a Juniper tree the name is Juniper. I never had one before so I have to get a book from the library in the near future to learn how to prune it and how to repot it when that time comes. According to the little tag that came with the tree, bonsai means "tree in a tray" and this particular tree is 4-6 years old.

My main character's  name in my novel that I am working on is Juniper Laurel, so this is a nice little reminder that I should be working on my novel.  Yeah I am cool.

Other than my tree there is nothing new going on just working and enjoying the awesome leaf changes. I love the fall.

Until next time may the pizza on your plate be overflowing....

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