Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tonight is the End

At 5 tonight I will leave home and I will drive down the mountain one last time. I will work for some hours and then I am done. Oh yeah, I got another job. No more 12 hour shifts, no more leaving work at 6 am, no more waking at 4:30 am (or earlier depending on if it snows and I hear the Penn Dot truck), no more only enjoying sunshine on day shift when wintertime is here. Oh yes, such a wonderful day. I hope tonight goes quick.

I got another job in a field in which I prefer (soldering and assembly), a nice 40 hour work week, done early in the day and here's the best part off every weekend. I am so ready to work a normal time. I would actually have more time for writing because my work will be regular, I would have more time to work on my jewelry and on my store. And of course more time for camping with out taking time off of work, more time to spend with the family.

Where I am at now I work 3 days on and 3 days off and at first it was great but really I spend my first day off napping because I don't get much sleep on working days. I was here for almost 2 years and it is time for a change.

I start at the new job Friday morning. I am a bit nervous (who wouldn't be) but I am also excited to start something new, I can't wait until Friday! And I must be excited because I used an exclamation point in the last sentence.

Aside from getting a new job, I got a reject for my poetry book yesterday. I sent the manuscript in June and I was kind of hoping since they were taking so long to get back to me that they were really pondering my book. And maybe they were. I have gotten rejects within weeks of sending something and sometimes I wait for months before I hear anything back.

As of now I still have a story out to one publisher, a batch of poems to two publishers and a haiku batch to Frogpond. Now back to the drawing board to find a book publishers. Maybe I should do the contest thing but they cost more money then I really want to spend.

Well that is all, my home time is dwindling down. Until we meet again on this gravel road through the haunted forest.

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