Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gingerbread Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

On average, I spend more time browsing through Netflix and adding titles to the instant queue than I do actually watching things. I do watch quite a bit but some are Hollywood movies like the Hellraiser series or they are not even worthy of any one's time.

Last night as the very disappointing remnants of Hurricane Sandy meowed through, I watched Gingerbread Man  3: Saturday Night Cleaver. Three words: HOMICIDAL GINGERBREAD MAN.  I was intrigued, curious, and all other adjectives about this movie. I already knew going into it the cheese level would be off the scale but sometimes it is just plain fun to watch a stupid somewhat gory horror/comedy movie.

I never saw the other 2 but I don't think you need to (hell, I am not even sure they exist, I am sure they do but who cares anyway). So the bad ass gingerbread man is freed from his prison, some how finds himself in this laboratory where they are experimenting with a time machine. And he gets his doughy ass sent back to 1976. Not just any old place in 1976 but a disco roller skating rink. The movie just gets better from there.

The movie spoofs Silent of the Lambs, Carrie and even Porky's the spoofs are cheesy but also a little funny. Though this is not a Troma movie, there are some of the same elements. Raunchy sex scenes and sex jokes (definitely the Porky's spoof scene), there is some gore (hey for some reason a roller skating rink just happens to have a giant tub of hydrochloric acid and there is a nail gun) but it is totally fake and funny. The storyline is stupid as hell but look at the title of the movie, really how serious can you be with a HOMICIDAL GINGERBREAD MAN.

Sometimes a movie like this (check back into Poultrygeist ) is reminder that we need to just watch something for stupid's sake. And as writers it is a gentle reminder that it is okay to have fun with writing and that we all don't have to be serious all the time. There is plenty of time for serious movies, serious story lines and serious character development.

With that my little chickadees, may your trick or treat bags hold steady and the candy plentiful.

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