Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tis the Season for.... Politics

Yeah, it is 2012 and the time for presidential election but lets zoom in. Zoom way in to state politics. Don't worry though I will have plenty to talk about when it comes to Obama and Romney.  So the incumbent in my area Bud George is retiring from office and he has been there since the we became a commonwealth (for those who don't know Pennsylvania is where I hang my hat). With this opening there are two persons who think they are worthy.

Obviously, one is a democrat and one is a republican. I just want to make on thing clear I am  registered democrat only because in this state you have to pick one or the other to vote in the  primaries (oddly, I rarely vote in the primaries however, I voted 4 years ago when Hillary was against Barack). When it comes to voting time I will choose candidates because of their ideas regardless of their party affiliation.

Almost everyday I get a piece of mail from candidate Sankey, he is a republican. Really, I have so many fliers I could make an impressive political pyramid. And the big thing he is really playing is how he is small business owner and he wants to create jobs. The catch phrase is something like a real job creator. He owns a business but I don't really recall him hiring a lot of people. I have fliers showing his work shoes and his past accomplishments. Oh yeah he loves the area and cares about us.

I care about the job market. I want America to keep jobs here, I believe in higher minimum wages and all that because I want America to be self sufficient as much as possible and rely less on other countries. The one thing I do know is since it is getting expensive to ship from overseas to back here, some jobs are coming back to the states. He wants to create jobs as does everyone else but you know what he never says how he plans on creating jobs. Obviously, being a republican he wants to lower taxes and things like that.

I don't want to argue about party platform. And maybe sometimes certain ideas work and other times other ideas work. Ideas must change and adapt just like the people have to. But honestly, I don't think it is enough. Cutting taxes may help business "a" and business "b" hire maybe three or four people but does that mean that these people will make more than $7.25 an hour? Does that mean they will have benefits that won't slaughter their paychecks? No it just means 4 people now have jobs and really if we want to dive in semantics he did get jobs created.

I can go around saying I want to create jobs and it sounds so nice. But I am the voter and I want to know how he will create jobs. What are his plans to encourage a more diverse industry to come his voter area? And not just job creation but what about jobs that are quality in pay and benefits.

So here's my thought, send me one letter with all his ideas and thoughts. With all money spent on fliers, he should have saved the money and hired someone new for his company.

Oh yeah, love this time of year...

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