Saturday, September 29, 2012

About the Ghosties

Remember, I said last post I am starting a new hobby called ghost hunting. No, I don't plan on getting equipment (even though if you browse enough on haunted house websites you can buy your stuff to find the ghosts) I just want to see something or maybe feel something.

I do believe in ghosts and I would really like to see some proof. Though I had what some would call a paranormal experience. I just call it weird experience and I am the one with the over active imagination  and I am the one who also really believes that there is something else surrounding us.

The science brain that I have knows that we have energy inside of us. And energy can not be created or destroyed just changed. So maybe ghosts are residual energy from someone else. Who knows? Let me tell you about my experience, actually I have two.

When I was about 13 or so I lived in a ranch house in Delaware. It was not a antique house it seemed relatively new. I had the room in the basement.  I used to have the feeling I was being  watched it used to creep me out so much I would hide under the covers. So I got black curtains and I always kept them closed but I still had the feeling of being watched.  Of course, I was in the basement and maybe there was a real person outside looking in, there are a lot of perverts out in the world. One night, I had the window open and I went to bed the next morning I woke up and my window was closed. It was one of those small basement windows that open inward. My parents didn't close the window. Okay maybe there was a gust large enough to close the window. I doubt it though.

The other story,  I lived in a 100 year old plus house in Bellefonte. And my experience there was just odd glints of orange light from the corner of my eye, mostly in the middle of the night. So it could have been tiredness or outside traffic. Sometimes, I would hear someone coming up the steps when everyone was accounted for including my cat. It sounded like a person coming up the stairs. Yeah, I know it was an old house and it could have been settling but it seemed more like footsteps.

Lets bring this around full circle, I was researching last night on the internet of supposed haunted things in my area that I would like to see. I was researching Egg Hill and soon I found myself on You Tube because someone made a documentary on the place. And you know when you are You Tube they have a suggestion sidebar. Well I started clicking on some other ghostie videos. One was hard to see but most seemed really fake. Maybe it is because I am not experiencing it first hand and there are so many explanations for the phenomena going on. Some of the videos are plain fake and that's an obvious fact for a blind person.

So soon, I will be going out to these places and maybe I will see or hear something or maybe I won't. At least it will be adventure nonetheless.

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