Thursday, September 27, 2012

Defying Gravity Plus Other Going Ons

It's been a few days and I really wanted to write last Sunday  but I have no idea what I did on Sunday. Anyway, so I decided on a new hobby. Ghost hunting and visting interesting places that require some adventure spirit and gas money.

I got a book from the library called Weird Pennsylvania and it is chock full of supposedly haunted things and other interesting places that aren't found browsing at the local tourism center. There is a bunch of things to do in Bucks County (just north of Philly) but that will require a lot of planning and researching especially in the map department.  So I came up with a little road trip to visit some interesting things in western Pennsylvania especially Bedford.

First stop, Gravity Hill a little bit northwest of Bedford in the town of New Paris. I got the directions from the book but you can get them from the Teapot visitors center in Bedford. If you ever heard of Gravity Hill it is a place where it looks like things will move uphill. I heard about these places years ago. There is one in Bucks County and I tried to find it when I lived there but I spent hours driving around and never did find it. The one in Bedford is all advertised either there are little markings on the stop sign right before the hill.

The drive was excellent as we wound through rolling farmlands with an ominous black clouds in the horizon. We found Gravity Hill and it was not all that I expected but it was still cool. There are two parts of Gravity Hill , the first part doesn't do much but the second part well that was much better. We put the car in neutral and the car did seem to move uphill. It is supposed to be an optical illusion and maybe it is. I still thought it was cool anyway.

So after that we went to Schellsburg because I wanted to see these sculptures in the woods. We find the place but the sculptures are marked off with no tresspassing signs and I just didn't have the balls to go into the gift shop and ask if I could see them. So we continued on the Lincoln Highway (Route 30 W). We stopped at a scenic overlook in the Alleghany Mountains and soon we found ourselves at the Flight 93 Memorial.

If you ever do find yourself in Shanksville, PA on Route 30, then do make it a point to stop here. It is couple mile drive from the entrance off the road to the actual memorial. It is a large open field with just the road. When you park in the parking lot, this is your last chance to finish smoking or whatever. When you enter the plaza the debirs field is on your left. Walk a little while and there is impact sight and way out in the field there is the original memorial that reserved for only family of the ones who died in the plane crash. The wall of names is at the back. And each peice of marble has one name of the deceased on it. It is somber and sad but for some reason there is great peace and serenity there.

After the memorial, it was time to eat and then we found our way back home. I have a bunch of pictures but I have to take them from the camera yet so look for them in the near futre.

Until the next adventure comes...

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