Thursday, September 13, 2012

Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies

Another zombie movie I found on beloved Netflix. I do plan on writing about the things I see on Netflix  but more often then not I will be writing about those independent type of films. Because what is the sense of talking about something that most people may have seen such as Deep Impact or The Last Airbender (not that I have seen this movie but I do know it was in the movie theater).

And about Zombies.... well don't get me wrong I like zombies. Who doesn't like the living dead rising again to munch on the living with the blood and the maiming all around (zombies aside, it seems like one could be zombie with the help of drugs but that is a story for another time)?  I didn't watch zombie movies for a long time for the simple fact that you seen one zombie movie you seen them all. Zombies can't talk and they have a hunger for fresh meat. So why did I watch this movie? Abe Lincoln. I couldn't resist a movie with a profound historical character as Abe battling against the very hungry zombies.

So this is how it is, Abe is notified of a bad disease in a southern town. He and a bunch of government officials make a detour to this town on his way to Gettysburg, PA to deliver his speech. The action develops quickly and he meets his lost love who has a daughter which may or may not be his. Townspeople are looking for food but Abe knows just what to do. A confederate officer even helps Abe rid the town of zombies. Some positives most zombie killing was done  by blade but when they used guns they didn't pump 900 bullet holes into the zombie without reloading. Watch for a character named John, a southern sympathizer, that works with Lincoln and really pay attention to the end, I don't want to say to much here.

I liked this movie. The premise was slightly bizarre but that is what I liked about it.  The gore was pretty decent too (if you're into that kind of stuff) but it is a zombie movie so expect blood. I would say clear a night to watch this. It really isn't cheesy and it is filmed pretty well (no b-movie type of filming).

Grab popcorn and watch the president kick zombie ass.

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