Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hear My Plea, Bring Back The Secret Circle

I love the paranormal. I love paranormal shows like Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and of course  The Secret Circle. I used to watch Charmed and Roswell.   I don't have cable and I don't get much through the air other than PBS so I watch all my shows through Netflix. And there is nothing more I hate when I am completely hooked on a series on Netflix and then I come to find out the damn show was cancelled. I know some of you know how that is.

With all the new supernatural shows it is a wonder this one was cancelled. Maybe witches aren't as cool as vamps. Of course vamps are hot right now. What is agitating is that the show ended so good, I was really looking forward to more because I felt we were really getting to a juicy story line too.

Okay, so the CW doesn't want to carry it, there has got to be another network willing to take the plunge, what about FOX or maybe even TBS or TNT and why not Nickledeon ( the show is rated TV 14 and that is a stretch for this network but they can make it work and maybe even gain a more diverse audience. Although I love Nickledeon and I would watch Spongebob Squarepants any day)

I heard rumors that Netflix, wanted to have its own original content hey this is perfect. I read somewhere that solo magic is more expensive than circle magic. Who would have thought magic comes with a varying price tag.

There seems to be a lot of people who love this show and are trying to bring it back. I am just another gal with the same home. So maybe in the near future I can watch more episodes of this show because witches and magic are just as cool as vamps.

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