Sunday, October 28, 2012

What About Sandy?

I am glued to Hurricane Sandy.  Perhaps because it is a big storm and I have a thing for storms. Give me a hurricane any day, tornadoes I am deathly afraid of. Anyway, my family who is lucky enough to live in eastern PA (Philly and Allentown area) will be graced with her presence and she will come knocking at their door pretty rough from what I understand.

I, on the other hand, have no idea what kind of action we will see from the store. The Weather Channel isn't all that helpful. If Sandy hits closer to Philly then New York, we will definitely see some action. If it hits further up the Jersey coast then we will see less. According to one map, State College will have more weather then we will. Good news is, that snow they are talking about should be in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virgina and North Carolina in the Appalachian mountains. One less thing I have to worry about.

This is exciting, I love a hell of a good storm (except for tornadoes, unless I am watching them on TV and they are hundreds of miles away). And yes I did some preparation. I bought some propane cans. These are the little ones that fit in the camp stove. I do have a camp stove but I got them for our propane heater. Our power did go out last night for a time, more than likely a transformer blew and they fixed it pretty quick, it is nice to have alternative heat source since our furnace uses electricity to turn on.

There is a slight panic in the air because I went  to Wal-Mart to buy the propane and they were sold out. Tractor Supply was also sold out completely. My brother in law's Wal-Mart was also sold out. We found them at True Value. Lucky for us, they had quite a bit but people were coming in to buy them.  We actually had to go to the grocery store not because of the storm but because we needed stuff. Save A Lot was out of milk save for skim. So went to another store to get the milk. Unfortunately, we had to buy wheat bread because they were out of regular white. 

And I got some batteries for our flashlights. Again, our power went out last night and we used our cell phones and candles for light. 

I am ready for the storm to hit. I want to sit back and experience all that nature has to offer.

So for now, this is the end, may your sandbags be plentiful and your roof stay over your head.

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