Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Tale

It was a dark and stormy night (don't all fireside tales start with that) there was a rocking vampire. Night's special daughter, hair streaked with purple and blue eyes that would remind you of the Atlantic Ocean. She ran through the rain looking for shelter.  A man chased her with a stake in hand to rid the world of one more blood thirsty creature. She didn't choose this life, she was a victim but she grew to love the night and the never ending feast of flowing blood before her.

A church loomed before her, the man closed in. She tried the red door and she slipped in. All the penny candles were lit for it was All Saint's Day and the church glowed with serenity and peace. She ducked into a confessional.

"Good evening miss, what is troubling you?" the preist asked.

"There is a man chasing me. I think he is in here. He watched me come in."

"Be still." She heard his door open. Then heard both men talking.

"Father, there is demon blood in the church."

"You will not harm anyone in the house of God."

"I am doing God's work. The girl is a vampire, she feasts on the living. She is Satan's daughter."

"And we feast on the animals of the world. And we are all animals. Go or I should call the police. And I don't think they will believe you especially over the word from a preist."

"You will be sorry when she takes your blood. Then who will be your savior?"

She heard the door slam. "Miss you can come out."

Slowly, she left the booth and gazed into the young man's eyes. His wolf eyes glimmered in the candle light. And if there is ever a thing of love at first sight, this would be it. A man of the cloth and a daughter of the night. Sometimes love has no reason just answers to a soul's contentment.

So they lived secretly, he broke all the vows but it didn't matter. She wanted to turn him but he didn't want that. After many years they had a daughter, who was blood thirtsy as well but in a different way. Years went by and the hunter came back with the witch who discovered the unlikely family. She cursed the family and they would suffer.

He died shortly after the witch cursed them. Both the vampire and the daughter anguished over his death. Yet, he came back. He broke from the simple wooden casket and dug his way out the earth and made his way home. Not a vampire nor a zombie just a dead man, doomed to walk the earth forever. He always had pain from decomposition and his face had no skin. His bones were brittle and he hurt all over.

They made do they were happy to have him home again but now they had to go into hiding. Their daughter played dress up one day in the bright sunshine. She wore a lovely white dress and pretended she was a bride. A car from nowhere came down the street and smashed into her. The vampire and the preist knew she would come back and she did.  Now they really had to hide.

Now the only night they can go out with out fear of being caught or cursed was Halloween night. They spent all night walking the streets sometimes getting candy but  most of the time they enjoyed their one night of pure freedom. Maybe you saw them tonight, maybe they came to your house. Maybe you thought they just had great costumes on but they are the real deal.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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