Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkins and a Corn Maze

The sky promised a typical autumn day filled with chilled gusts and maybe some rain but with the days quickly coming to the second best holiday in the world (Halloween) we had to get a pumpkin. I remember those days when my parents took me to a pumkpin patch to pick out my pumpkin.

I've only lived in the area since I was 20 and I didn't have a huge desire to go to  a pumpkin patch because if I really wanted one I would just go to Wal-Mart. Anyway we were supposed to go to Way Fruit Farm and lucky for us, it was closed so my husband mentioned Harner Farms. And that is where we went to. Good thing too because they also had a corn maze which was really fun.

The brown stalkes reached to the sky and the sun decided to come out and shed some light on the maze yet the wind blew. The stalks smacked against each other and there was a quiet in the corn eventhough you could hear other people in the corn. There was also a fall festival there and my daughter played some games, we bought some baked snacks and of course we got the pumpkin.

Halloween is my favorite holiday right up there with Christmas and July 4th (I've always July 4th don't know if it is the beer, the fireworks or a little of both. Maybe it is because that is our Independence Day.) And this year the three of us will be dressing up.

My daughter will be a zombie bride. I have to start making the costume. I bought this really nice white dress at the thrift store so all I have to do is rip it up, make it dirty and throw some blood on it. I am going to make a bouquet out of brains ( don't fret, I am using cauliflower and some red food coloring). I am going to take the brains and make a bridal bouquet with it. In my opinion it is going to be freaking awesome.

I am going to be a vampire punk rocker chick. And my husband is going to be a dead preist. Yeah and if there isn't a bizarre story to be told here. I was thinking about making one anyway when the day comes.

If we are lucky we can hit two different towns for trick or treating. That way I can get plenty of snickers and peanutbutter cups. Yummy....

And there it was, a perfect fall day one to be recorded to remember always. Until next time...

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  1. I like your post.It sounds like a fun time.