Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hey Man, I Need Some NBA Tickets

Jake's phone rang while he was in the middle of fighting with his wife. He looked at the caller id, it was JJ, his pain in the ass brother.

"JJ, this is not a good time. It better be important," Jake said. Hi wife stormed off into the kitchen.

"I need some nba tickets."

"Yeah could you be more specific? And when the hell are you interested in basketball. Is it a girl?"

"No, I wish. I want to impress a prospective client."

Jake shook his head, he knew prospective client was just an euphimism. His brother was trouble and Jake always got him out of trouble. The very reason why he and his wife were fighting. "Where are you?"

"How about los angeles lakers tickets? Everyone loves the Lakers, right?" JJ replied.

"Against Philly or New York?" Jake knew some people and he could get decent seats in either in Philly or New York. He hated helping JJ but they were family and he couldn't turn him away. And maybe this time JJ was on the right path.

"No, I want staples center tickets. That's where they play right?"

"Your in LA?" Jake asked.

"No but I will be landing there soon. I knew I should stay with you guys and I know my parole officer will have a field day but I had to do this. I have a chance at something real here. I could make a lot of money and I bet I won't have to steal or set fires."

"I don't understand, what are you getting yourself into?"

"I met this guy who is a private eye and he wants to hire me and my  illegal skills to help him out. Anyway, I am supposed to meet up with him in LA do a job and see if I am the guy he is looking for. Well he loves basketball and I told him I have connections. Well I want to prove it to him by getting some awesome seats at a game."

"JJ, you get caught," Jake said.

"Yeah, well not all the time, like twice. I just don't you tell everything I do. This is my straight and arrow path just like you wanted for me, except this is my path and it is a little crooked."

Jake exhaled, "all right, I will see what I can do."

"Thanks little brother."

"I'll call you in a few hours but first I have to make things right with Sandy."

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