Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day Tomorrow!!!

Well I did my homework, I am a good voter. Well not really, I did my homework for different races the one is for state representative for my district and the other is for president. My husband personally knows Glen Thompson, he is running for United States House so I am voting for him again.

So for the state representative the race it is Tommy Sankey, republican, and Mark McCracken, democrat, and I am going to vote for McCracken. I went to both of their websites and read what they had to say. If you remember, I rambled on about political mail and I how much I get from Sankey. McCracken is also a supporter of the second amendment, which I am a  huge supporter of constitutional rights.

And for whatever else at the state level, I more than likely will vote for incumbents. I  know, bad voter right there. I do it all the time. Unless of course, the incumbent is crap and I want to make sure my vote counts and have someone  else in office.  I know you all really want to know is who I am voting for president. I think most people would think that to be important.

First things first, I went to each of candidate's website. And Obama's is written in clear and concise format. I don't have to have a PhD in political writing to understand what it is going on. Romney's site is not as easy to read. In fact, there was so much text I got bored. Not saying I am  stupid but I don't want to get lost in political language. I really only care about certain issues. One of them being social security. I don't know what Obama wants to do, I couldn't find it, Romney's plan made no sense. Other than he wants to increase the age for full retirement. Holy shit, how much older do I have to be? I already have to be 72 years old to get full benefits. I guess I must be one breath away from the grave before I can get full benefits. My luck, I get my first social security check and then I kick the bucket. Well I guess that's money saved.

I care about jobs and job creation. I like seeing tax credits for business who want to keep jobs in America. I also believe in clean, green energy and I know that is one huge job creator for the US and it is a job that can never be out-sourced. I also care about health care and honestly, I don't like either's plan so no one wins there.

And I'm voting for Barack Obama. Comments are always open, would love to hear them

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