Friday, November 30, 2012

Egg Hill Church

A really old headstone
About a month ago, the husband and I went to the Egg Hill Church. If you remember, I was supposed to write about this when we went there but things came up and I never got around to it. It was also today the local newspaper had an article about a local paranormal group that does investigations. According to the article, all these people are certified and ready for business. Just one more side note before I get onto to the real interesting part of this post, I used to tell my parents that I wanted to go to college for Parapyshcology (really fancy term for ghost hunting and study of paranormal activity) but I missed out. It wasn't until a couple of years ago Penn State has a paranormal society. Damn, if I would have known that then I would have joined.

View of Egg Hill Church from Road

So back on topic, Egg Hill Church and Cemetery is supposedly a haunted place. There is a legend that sometime in the mid nineteenth century, the reverend at the church poisoned the adult congregation and slaughtered the children in the basement. There has been many people who went here to see if there was any paranormal activity and people also tried to find any truth for this legend. There are no records what so ever of this massacre. There was an article in The Centre Daily Times right before Halloween talking about Egg Hill and how people still make the trip on a rocky road to find this place and meet the ghosties.

Old headstone leaning against
basement door of the church

With all that being said, I went to Egg Hill and I took some pictures. There is some really old headstones. The church is a simple wood plank church with a chain link fence (the fence was added to deter people away from it). It is actually registered as a historic place. The church is sealed off and there are no trespassing signs. I just looked around the outside and the graveyard. I did peak in the basement and maybe it was the way the light came in but it looked like old blood on the wall. Now the foundation is made of stone so it could have been iron in the rock or from the roof which I believe is also metal. 
Church bell tower

I don't know what I am supposed to feel if there really is a place that is haunted but it felt like any old place. It was quiet and peaceful. The church is tucked away deep inside the woods. And the road there is rocky and you can only drive 5 miles an hour. There is a lovely creek that runs alongside the road. A person lives right near the church so don't think  about going there to break in  to do whatever. I didn't disturb anything just looked around.  Also, I'm not going to post the directions you can find where it is yourself, should you want to go.

Wait for the bumps in the night and on your back, scream silently because no one can hear you.

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