Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy Days

Thanksgiving is only days away. Yesterday or was it the other day, I got my turkey, the potatoes, the yams, corn, and pumpkin. Couldn't find pie crust, so I actually have to make my own. I prefer the raw dough that you roll out and slap in your pie pan but they were out. It's not that I can't make my own crust, I am forced to make my own crust when I make turkey pot pie ( as in the pot pie that is meat and veggies in a pie crust) because I the pan I use to bake the pot pie is a rectangle and most pie crust comes round and it's really not all that sturdy. I tried to use the roll out dough for pot pie and I spend more time ripping it.

Pies will be made on Wednesday. MMMmmmm. I can smell the pies cooking. Pumpkin pie is my most favorite pie in the world. Apple is  a close second.

So with the holidays coming up, I am a bit stretched for time and my writing bug doesn't feel like writing. Another reason for such a delay in posts. I am still thinking about SUBURBAN VAMPIRES. Honestly, though I just need to sit down and write it because it is all there is my head. I just need to go from point a to the computer screen to here.

I did finish the story for odesk and I submitted it. I also have been trying to pick up some more work from there as well but we will see what that future holds.

Well let's see, there is nothing else really going on in my life. Well nothing really worthy of posting, just day to day stuff. Gosh what a short post today, I will try to make an effort to make a longer this week sometime. The ideal thing would be to post chapter one of SUBURBAN VAMPIRES.

Tell the next time, may your cranberry sauce be chilled and the turkey hot...

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