Thursday, November 22, 2012


So day was (well technically it is still Thanksgiving because I am writing this at 9:30 pm) Thanksgiving and it was a nice and quiet day.

Okay so I did not make the crust for the pie, I cheated and bought the frozen pie shells. Since pumpkin pie takes a good while to bake and I did not have all the time in the world to make crust but there is nothing more I love than pumpkin pie. So I just had to make some pies. By the way they were fantastic. I always eat mine with gobs of Cool Whip (not Reddi-Whip, I would eat whipped cream if there was no cool whip available).

I made the turkey earlier. It was a 15 pounder and I stuffed it plenty with bread stuffing. I also made homemade mashed potatoes, candied yams, corn and homemade gravy from giblets and drippings. So after eating two plates this afternoon and just had another plate of leftovers I am stuffed. What a meal!

Speaking of food and I am not sure why this thought popped in my head but one thing JK Rowling did in her Harry Potter books was describe the feasts in great detail. And did that make me very hungry and wish that I could go to Hogwarts. But I digress.... let's talk about something other than food.

So I had some nice surprises in my email today. Two people from odesk want me to write for them. I wrote back today so after I get a reply hopefully, I start working on some new projects. Also, one of my friends called today and asked me to write a poem for him which I will be paid for.  As for the story I just finished, I have to do some tweaking and then it should be good. I will probably work on that as soon as I am done with this post.

I start a brand new job on Tuesday and it is a job that pays well and is something that I really want to do other than write that is. Everything with this job happened so fast. I had the interview last Friday, they called me on Monday and offered me the job. I am in the first group to be hired. Perhaps, everything happens for a reason, even if at the time things didn't make sense at all.

Well I have some writing to do. I did not forget about my vampires. I should work on it very soon especially if I get some other writing projects going.

And this is where we part on this well trodden path into the garden of Eden.

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