Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Working on Freelancing

As you noticed, or maybe not, I am looking for freelance work. Because this is what I want to do not to make a living off of but for extra cash and start becoming a credible writer. I joined this site called oDesk. And it is much like elance (if anyone knows what this is.) I admit it, I am a complete newbie when it comes to looking for freelance work. Most of the time, they don't teach you this kind of work in college. I think you can take some classes on the web or some other place to show you how to do things but really I am going to go old school here and live and learn.

There are jobs I won't even bid on because I will not write other people's papers. I will edit them but that is about it. If you can't do the work then you shouldn't pay for it either. I believe that is completely unethical for anyone. I know there are writers in this world who wouldn't care what they were writing as long as they were getting paid.  But I say to each their own.

I joined oDesk because there were oppurtunities I was interested in and these are more the creative writing jobs. The one I just applied for is where I write a story and then I will sell the story to these people who will make an ebook out of it. Guess what though, I get the byline and I get money. Yes, I lose all rights to the story but I am okay with that. I put a lot of thought into it and I believe just getting my stories to circulate will be a good thing. At least right now since I am starting out in the world of publishing.

And of course, my fans I will be sure to let you know everything to know how this ebook goes. If this works out maybe I will be invited to write more stories.  This is a win win situation for everyone.

Until next time, let the snow cover the mud and watch the stars shimmer.

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