Monday, December 17, 2012

I am Free Download Addict

Hmm there are several words I love, one of them being "free". So one of the publishers I like on Facebook had free ebooks from Amazon. Yes I had to get them. I go to Amazon and download the free kindle app. (Notice the word free keeps popping up?) Anyway I download the free ebooks and then I have this brilliant thought maybe there are other free ebooks. And there are! Life is so good.

I downloaded hell of a lot of ebooks for free of course. Then I start downloading free mp3's from amazon. I spend almost all day Saturday downloading free stuff. I am the reason they make hard drives freaking big. I need all that space for all my free downloads. While perusing Amazon Mp3 I am downloading music samplers left and right (come on portions of albums for free who could possibly resist?) One extra good thing was I finally got some Christmas music since I barely had any. There are so many more samplers to download, like 30 or so. You think I won't download them all, you know I will probably download most of them. The word "free" hooks me everytime.

Okay since I got a bunch of free ebooks, I actually thought to read one of them. I don't remember what it is called since I was only reading to see what the world was buying. I am assuming this book is for young adults and older and it is what some would call a supernatural romance. I don't care for romance, supernatural or otherwise. I don't want to review the book because it probably won't be glowing.

What I want to talk about is how I see myself as a writer. I read this book and I know that I am a good writer maybe better or maybe the same. The only difference is she had a book pubslished and I do not and the reason that is possibly because she makes the time to write where as I  write whenever the mood strikes me. One thing I should do is make the time to write, everyday or at least every other day. The husband tells me all the time I should write all the time. In fact, he asks me if I got any writing done and more often than not, I say no. He really does try to keep me going.

In fact, he has been going through my publisher's books. You know the industry standard for trying to be published regardless of what you write. He tells me all the time to write more and maybe I should. Maybe for this year instead of having a poetry project maybe I should spend some time writing- however it comes out.

And with, may the owl know your secrets and sing them across new fallen snow.

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