Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So This is Tuesday

After two weeks at my new job, I finally get to do real work. I almost forgot how much I love the smell of melting solder and flux. And so far things are good there and I am really liking the job and of course I really love how my day is done at 3:30. And I also like how I only spend eight hours of my day working, instead of 12. Anyway enough about work... let's talk about something else.

I am finishing up most of my current writing projects. I still have to finish editing the other ebook and then I have to write 2-3 thousand short story for kids and then I will be done with my freelance work. Hopefully, once I get that done, I will write another chapter of Suburban Vampires. I know that makes everyone happy.

And really this should be a longer post but sadly I didn't have anything to say. I felt like writing some even if it was only a couple of hundred words. I can't wait until my ebook comes out. I think it is a good story even if I am tooting my own horn. I am reading this writing book and this guy pretty much says if you get paid for writing then take the job (he also condemns writing some one else's school work, that will be a story for another time).

I know its short but oh well, may the moon slap you in the ass.

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