Friday, April 1, 2016

Yeah for National Poetry Month

It's National Poetry Month and I know you are all excited about it. I know I am. The folks over Found Poetry Review have created another interesting challenge for this year. This one is a  little bit different from other ones. There will be thirty different prompts, a new prompt every day created by various people. You don't need to sign up just like them on Facebook or Twitter and keep up to date when a new prompt is posted. I am going to try and do all thirty just because I really should write more poetry. I am going to work on the first one here shortly.

Since the nature of the challenge is different, I will be posting poems here first. So if you love my poems, please do come by and check it out. And this should be interesting since that would actually mean I should be posting everyday. Okay mostly everyday because I have some plans this month and I won't be home, so I will be catching up on the off days.

Till next time...

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