Thursday, April 21, 2016


epidemic of Palm Sunday, gushed
forth derived alukah- dwelt often in
contemporary mythology. Caressing thunder
challenges mockery, the disquiet story
writes real lives screenwriting happy.
I belong across country, earth
cast glamour once over sandstone
inhabitants. Fertilization, predestination,
information, calculation,
unforseen rents flourish, a reception market
different poetry of spontaneous kernel
truth. A structured twentieth century
pleasure encounters beyond anything.

each devout shadow translated several
species detached by flesh, a viable
shiver pools at some desolate forgotten
desire, entanglement, simple drunk force-
a wind vial. Covered myself without disturbing,
hairy little men distributed optimum wastages. Endeavors
pay best sellers, sweat literary capabilities
peddling veiled concepts and South Carolina grits.
It’s a girlie market abstraction, just
might become memory, the best
epithanic takes Saturday review, civilized
assumptions glimpsed joy.
Forty plus frights served.

They uncovered burned ghouls
in Israel . Streams wandered their way,
derivation sucked native rain blue, lonely
depths drowned demonstrate play. Climaxes
contain an intractable dilemma. You
cry for the moon on a minivan, temper
powder made clotting apples prick
verdigris dawn inside crimson blush. Seldom
vanished morula and dropped saline
solution and poured the index procession
marching to sell a single Hollywood song.
Grammar education skills proper phrase, hardwired
lyric poetry truckin itself to create
articulation. Shrunken honesty in
painting churches, protected assumptions
from the public entity feature thoughts-
a dedicated generation will feel me.

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Hey all here is poem 20. This was one of the most tedious prompts to date, you can read the full prompt here. It took me all day to work on it and I started it about 24 hours ago.

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