Sunday, April 17, 2016

Every Life Again and Different

On prohibiting the ear of our virgin
in the imps happiness in eager
caucus ring for the little sweet
salvation the joy of the village
is the anxiety email freedom to die
of ancient literature and exhilarate.

The meaning divinest soul selects
her own society that I know her
from a vast nation, I can expose
the heavens. I know solitary
houses of the road where two
would creep up the fantasy.

The sun has left the door ajar
we can touch the air spaces
inebriated am I, that he ate and drank
the precious words on the bay
in this immortal copy.

When the floods split hills
by the sign of the scarlet prison happiness
or condemn a distant sky
he goads me like the goblin
bee and angels know the rest

And life has immortality
shadows tremble so some twelve
o'clock burning go dry for eden
I wandered into the sordid excellence
as a paradise- and if the soul of the past solstice
called my full growing fallen
I choose just a throne
behind this sweet sip your chilled eclipse.

Jasmine loneliness betrays a product
witchcraft, pedigree honey, instead of going
to heaven. At last I'm going along
breezes madder play, lethargic pools
take the purr A sphere of simple grass
and I put on the overnight dew
like pearls.

I would be hay
or a basket butterfly and sign off
as slow celebrate torches burn, transcend
ecstasy in the land of sunset washes
seasons correspond to the same ancestor
of the dawn.

A tape moment down on the deserts
but the sky pendulum, pathetic esoteric
timepiece, shadows hold their breath
cannot avoid this pristine purple in the morning
it suits his own austerity for satin racing.

We are sometimes taken at noon
the clouds intact as listless elephants
and encryption of the divine clew,
an inner core of intoxication
the sea in the west adjusted
human nature in the grave
and covered our names.

I strolled through buzzing dull
floes, the illustrious can be welded down
forests galloped until they fell
I visited the sky, endless junction
eternity is almost endless.

Just the beginning of life unopened
rare on the best vitality tray
cannot excel. I knew the light before
because I could not stop for death
he kindly stopped for me.

As softly as a star after midnight
the morning star uniforms the land
but cannot condescend if pride
is in paradise. My soul in
freedom behind this deadly
bone. I lost the world
other day. The morning of the eye
did not happen. I did not lost
much, but twice.

Source: Dickinson, Emily. “Poems by Emily Dickinson, Series One.” Mabel Loomis Todd & TW Higginson, eds. Transcribed by Jim Tinsley. Kindle Book.

Hey all, here is poem 17.  This was an interesting prompt. In a nutshell, we were to go through a book of poems and highlight lines we liked, then type in paragraph form without punctuation. After that we were to run through Google Translator a bunch of times. Then put it back in in English and then create your poem. You can read the full prompt here. I just love Dickson, I am always excited to study her poems for class. 

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