Monday, April 25, 2016

The Lawn Fawn of Napa Grand

I am a lawn fawn encyclopedia pita
lawn fawn is a keen Napa grand
Less questions- the key to the brujahjah log.
I rule the maze, Ella!
I envy the Prius march
freesia days, pretty
I am to lasso the oasis.
And the day shall be ruined
And a ton of you showed me out.
Too late to turn very YOLO
I attended this caravan before.

Source: Source: Laabi, Abdellatif. "Je Suis de l’Enfant de ce siecle." PoetryTranslation.Org. Web 25 Apr. 2016.

Hey all, here is poem 25. This prompt asked to "translate" a poem in a foreign language by sound. I did have to play it with just a tad just for it to make some kind sense. You can read the full prompt here

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