Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ruined Fallout

Look around your cacao
gravity, at all your disguised
praise. They’re worth
more than you think.

But if you have triggers and uranium pits
from El Nino, your bleached coral is protected
for much less than you’d expect.

One big tomorrow, our haunted
heart is a unique, personalized cancer
that helps me uncover all the sacrificed
darkness your entitled to. No
wonder souls switched their smoke and ash
to guns, saved with our veteran suicide
on outstanding greed- the most native fire.


Advertising letter from State Farm Insurance

Perez, Craig Santos. "Halloween in the Anthropocene, 2015." Web. 2 Apr, 2016.

Day two of poetry challenge. The prompt was different and little challenging, but I think I came up with something interesting. The first part was to find some kind of junk mail, or government document and then take out the nouns. Then replace the nouns with words from another text. You can read the full prompt here. For this poem I used an advertising letter from State Farm Insurance and chose words from the poem Halloween in the Anthropocene, 2015.  If you have a chance read the original poem, the link is provided, it is an amazing poem.

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