Tuesday, April 26, 2016


my brain sits on the shelf
submerged in nightcap oak
I flex the mini-blinds
the sun stares through my window
it ignites the dandelions
but nothing burns.
It is the zombie
taxon kept in the jar,
playing banjos
at noon
enwhay ethay yskay eginsbay otay
umblecray ardsshay ofay ilversay
and the ducky clouds
pander stolen Coach bags,
which I don’t yearn for
Thank you.
Unless the bag is endless
atoms and worm holes
I find my vision weakens
when rain plays
the piano.
Where are the dancing
leaves and motionless
At night, I creep
over the stars and drink
with the moon
and I come to
realize I’m just a soul alloy.

Hey all here is poem 26. Here is the full prompt which you are better off to read yourself because I can't really explain it. Just to let you know the mumbo-jumbo is  not mumbo-jumbo but pig Latin. So then first word is when. If you don't know how to work pig Latin take the first letter or two letters like in words like crap and move them to end and add ay. Words with a vowel in the beginning just get an ay at the end. Fun times.  What do you think?

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