Thursday, April 7, 2016

Carved Stars from Evangelism

I was nothing (a bunch of gods hanging
around, shooting pool)
toothless piloting across the wasteland
Kansas is just around the corner
I bite the acid- trying to suck star shine-
hit the liquor store, then seduce
sanctioned degenerates, dirty rejects.

I am the angel who slaughters
the lamb, the smoking moon
sleeps in cobwebs- darker side
of heaven- it is my halos
in darkness, arrows forged
in steel and low winding fumfu.

I am shadow, watching
witchery through a straw &
alligator skin shrivel.
This born sand life disappears in between
cackles and shackles.
Burn me with sweet infringence.

I want blue-sky thinking
secrets among worms and centipedes.
The antecedent mountains become
mysterious ice phenomenon, assembly
line witches slip through sun streams
and I put high-voltage black berry brandy
under the bed, find the rosary
and the way that zings.
Truth remains croaking over the freeway.

I elicit rapture and shrapnel-
undecided you say I have a lake in me
perhaps solitude is done best alone

Here is poem number 7! This was one of my favorite prompts thus far. For this prompt we were to write a cento using lines from our own poems. I learned another way to recycle older (and not as good as current poetry) from my last poetry class and this is another way to make new stuff from what I have. You can read the full prompt here.

Some of these lines do come from older poems, some from newer poems. What you see here are not the exact lines from the original poem, as I did change line breaks here and there,  but word order remained the same. The only thing I changed was a verb tense in one of the lines and added punctuation where I saw fit. I will definitely use this method again when I want to write a poem but don't know what to write.