Friday, April 15, 2016

Iron Pyrite

violent quakes
hid in shadows
running down the valley
a path only a goat would choose

the fuzz come to bust
the whiskey connection
almost excruciating residual heat
space the shadow

alien burn marks
anywhere in the galaxy
going to fire
my breath would catch
red envelopes for my queries

the blade kept a good edge
flaky with the passing of time
in this cursed valley
swimming with the fishes

under the light of the moon, a king’s
ransom of gold lay in my hands
four full copper
pack of rabid, female badgers

a curl of smoke drifted up
until the words on my door twisted around
sink into the floor boards

my continued silence
a string of curses
another tankard of ale
I’d find the gold

Source: Heppner, Jamie. "A Collection of Shorts." Kindle Book

Hey all, here is poem 15. I really like how this turned out. Today's prompt was to reread the last book we read that we didn't like and look for lovely gems. You can read the full prompt here. So I just want to say a word or two this book, I don't hate it, it was okay and since I read a lot of things for school like text books and other short stories, I haven't read a full book in awhile, this was the last one I read from start to finish. And it makes me feel kind of bad because this author is an independent author ( I have this thing like we are in some same club) and I used this book for the prompt.

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