Friday, April 8, 2016


It was a Friday and I left early from school this was not normal, I always went to school without early days my dad was real particular on that. We went to Barnegat. It had to have been warm, the sun was shining and he left me wade in the ocean. I wore jeans and spent the next two days sore. We had Burger King to eat one of the days. I think it rained on Saturday.

It was May maybe my dad’s birthday, which actually would make sense, I left school early and it was hot out. Everyone was outside for recess but not me, I don’t know what I are for lunch maybe nuggets since that was my favorite. I never left early from school. I used to have perfect attendance. I think it was third grade because there was no way it could be fourth grade. The four of us went to Barnegat.

We went right to the beach and dad let wade in the ocean. not my brother though, no one else was swimming. I wore jeans that day because the ocean water chafed my inner thigh. We went to Burger at some point. My brother and I wore crowns. I remember the picture because it is black and white although I am young enough to have my pictures taken in color, dad just liked black and white film.

There was only time, I left school early and that was in third grade. It was around and the sky was so blue and it was warm but I wore jeans. We went to Barnegat in New Jersey, it’s like every thing before this trip and almost everything after this trip has vanished. It was a motel we stayed at but I don’t remember it. From what I can remember from the black and white photo was there two beds and a tv. My brother and I sat on the bed with our Burger King Crowns. I know it was Friday and it was warm there and I waded in the ocean which was cold but not too cold. Was this the first time I saw the ocean? When did I go to North Carolina? I was there once before the divorce. Mom read Stephen King and Dad waited for the ferry. Maybe it was second grade.

The first time I saw the ocean had to been in second grade. We went to Barnegat. I remember the name of the place but I remember nothing else. There is a photograph, a black and white one that shows my brother and I wearing are Burger King crowns, I do not know what I ate and I am not sure what we did but I think it rained Saturday. Friday though, it was May because it was really warm and it probably was my dad’s birthday or close to it. It was hot there at the shore and my dad let me go in the ocean in my school clothes. I soaked my legs and then was sore for the next two days from the ocean soaked jeans rubbing against my legs. It was a motel we stayed at but I don’t know much. I really think it rained Saturday. Sunday has vanished

Saturday at Barnegat, I think at some point I ate dairy queen and it wasn’t like the dairy queen we have at home because it had food. I remember that being a strange word that almost sounded like brasier. It must have been lunch but who knows what we ate for dinner. I think it rained Saturday but I think we saw a lighthouse and maybe looked for shells. Maybe we did that Friday, we did spend time at the beach as soon as we got there. I remember being happy then. I got to leave school early and that is something I never did it had to been May and it was definitely a Friday. Everyone was out at recess. The sky was so blue and felt almost weird to see all my classmates in the playground and I was sitting in the back of the car. When we got to the beach, my dad let me wade in the ocean. I know at some point we ate Burger King. There is a black and white photo of my brother and I wearing our crowns. I am wondering if this was the first time I ever saw the ocean because I all remember is the ocean and the beach and how the water was cool but not too cool and the sky was blue and the sand soft. There was no one there. I think it rained Saturday.

I know this is not very poem-esque not even prose poem, well I guess it could be considered a prose poem. The prompt today was write 6 versions of a memory that you don't really remember.  You can read the whole prompt here. I had a lot of trouble with this prompt and even now, I have no idea what to do with it.  I may have been getting mixed up with other stuff in the longer paragraphs.

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