Monday, April 18, 2016

The Paradigm Edict

I dictate prejudice, vindicate paradise, indict revenge, proclaim the predicate. This crucifixion is the archetype antithesis. And so, I preach to the paranoid and work on the death of August. Variant objects on paracord cost only but a dime. An asinine hell signifies voir dire and I sample obscure time tokens while I say, pronounce that I am the benediction paradigm- a shift of vendetta to the zero-grade form.

Source: Words associated with paradigm and the entry of "deik" in the Indo-European Word Roots

Hey all, here is poem 18. It is nice to create a short poem once in awhile. Do not be fooled though, this took a few hours to create.  This is a rather difficult prompt to explain, so why not check out this prompt and two others here.

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