Monday, April 11, 2016

Libra Rising

Putting together pieces of broken
works form of things apart
in your mind’s eye. There is something
this teaches you and when you reconstruct
the old world, there is elegance - a cultured touch
and sensibility that provides into fascinating
worlds. The most tenacious destiny
verges to deluge- one more delicious moment.

From a tree out of the personal, you are forced
to watch and listen, a fair witness with no vantage
point. Being a truth vessel, perfectly designed to hold nothing
but perversity, corruption and radical distortion,
you are aware what is good and what is true. Gifted
in darkness, simply with constructive forces, the pure
idealist is perfectly transparent.

Spinning trance states being inside the inside,
weaving time of detached persuading. Invoking the next dance,
this penetrating sensibility is a collective voice of scrutiny-
the force of every stitch

Magic has bland realism masquerading
as straightforward. The ruse is free and frolics
randomly. A motivating spark abandons your future
soul and entertains itself in tides of events.
The first cue to explode future for real.

Bitten by a snake initiates rigors
and evolutionary transformation,
metamorphosing into extremes states of anguish
and elation. Freedom fingers collective cycles, you feel infinity,
the simple for breath destiny. Obsessed,
you are a rabidly lost visionary of staggered freedom.

Thinking up names for colors,
the mind populates the world with the rich
sphere. Your refinements are adept in magic,
a penetrating power into the spectrum
of universal light,
an infinite force of concrete and better intelligence.

Writing with the tip of your fingernail, the same story
reveals the nuance of the superfine stitch. You, selected by destiny
by an eerie gaze of idiosyncratic shots.
How is it done, why it done this forever utterly nothing.

A pair of middle maverick sensibilities, defiant
of masks and privilege, you are desperate to break
the jugular. Tempted shadows assume a claim upon you.
You cannot refuse bare karmic
shadows rage and love become eventual existence.

Changing water into wine is hope to find,
to search, to strive in the dispensable
container. Miracle continuum offers action
to everybody as the springboard for the ordinary
enhances the prophetic earth with the ravishing embrace.

Eating cherries
by the paradoxical drama it’s the
generous permission, granted for currents. Fool
the bluff and the wild territory
runs everywhere. Hide and seek with the divine
and glory of life is liberated.

A black pearl hidden
in an oyster takes tremendous pride
from your core, the deep ache is hell, suffering,
facing of the void. Midstream stamina is deceptive
and world appearances is corrosive. What
matters? The restored world supremely.

Broken open, spilling out
blood and guts- the critical release. Tension
and pressure brings destiny to postpone
the reckoning, glory in defeat.
It was always in you, ripe, bursting nothing longer.

Tapping the pulse
of the times, you are susceptible
to dynamics, not consciousness. An excess of vital
spirits track you forward
throughout their resonant reverberations
of destiny.

A tornado approaches
releasing spirits. You seek the violent
urgency, plunged into the obsessive
or addictive release. Tremendous temptations force
you through an extreme existence-
deep inside alive, cleaning of consciousness.

Your own reflection dominates
your insulated life. Destiny jerked you,
lingering on the brink between worlds. You
and your world is a tense drama engaged
to your journey of the status quo, seeking fascination.

An alchemical code brings everything
here. The authoritative shake is myth.
Your penetration upon the spiral is clear-
you partake in dedication chaos
and commune with the permeating chronicle,
riveted realization of renewing birthright.

Removing a thorn, the fatal clarity
you hunger is dark, subtly poisoning
the atmosphere, a gradual abyss,
a claim of sober strength
happens to attain the superficial prototype.

Zeal is an quandary. The best is unmistakable
and you are the steadfast novice puzzling
the age juncture the shame under the fall, dedication
within the basic foster.
We all just got here.

Source: Londale, Ellias. Inside Degrees. Web 11 Apr 2016

And finally after many hours, poem number 11. I absolutely loved this prompt and it inspired me to do more with this prompt. The first step  was to create my astrological birth chart and then look up the degrees and the signs then I was to craft a poem from the results. You can read the full prompt here.

What do you think? I think it turned out really well.