Tuesday, April 12, 2016

But I'm Doing Fine

2 weeks ago, I fell out of a box
and bashed my shin on the edge
right where the top of the ham
hits the inner glute
-deep bruise contusion
someone has stabbed
it with a hot knife,
and then just left the knife in there
If I had to describe the feeling
imagine someone holding a pin
to your eye and slowly moving it forward
but- I’m doing fine.

It’s almost like a I can feel blood moving
I am either freezing cold or sweating buckets
I have a tingling/burning feeling
I haven’t been able to pee all day
but- I’m doing fine.

I have been taking Ritalin
I feel light! My head is clear.
but- I’m doing fine.

Source: Various health forum member questions and personal Facebook account.

Here is today's poem. This was an interesting prompt, you can read the full version here The basic idea is to collect twenty different people's posted feelings about their ailments. I had a lot more material to start with, but for some reason these lines were the ones that "spoke" to me. Interesting fact, many of these lines are verbatim, I only changed spelling and did line breaks where necessary.

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