Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wrapping Paper

They read and recycle daily comics for party favors. We slice and dice daily comics for paper mache. Inky smiles melt and fold in on themselves for daily comics are just old school hacks. It is like the Easter Bunny left stale jelly beans. But I found stale jelly beans wrapped in a faded daily comic page, just the other day, from someone I cannot remember, but they must have been kind, and they must have known me because there were just red and orange ones, my favorite.

Here is day 6's poem. This one is a prose poem. I learned about prose poems in my last poetry class and it is something I would like to create more of. So when I saw this as an available prompt, I pounced it. Today's prompt was part of a list prompts that I could choose from. I chose prompt 9, which goes like this Write a prose poem of five sentences. The first sentence should include a pronoun ( not “I”) doing something that itself includes an image/object. The 2nd sentence should have a different pronoun doing something else with the same image/object. The 3rd sentence should be a statement about this image/object. For the 4th sentence, write a simile that is unrelated. In the 5th, use “I” and relate part of the simile to the original statement. If you want, you can check out the other prompts, here

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