Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Underside of a Log

Lafferty, R.A. "Dream World." Web. 9 Apr. 2016.

I know, a day late but here is poem number 9. Technically you can read this any way you wish, however, this is how I created it all the yellow words go together to make one poem, all the blue words go together and then lastly all the green words go together. This was an erasure style poem, but not exactly, the highlights are the words I selected. You can read the full prompt here and it will probably make more sense if you read it on your own.

A little note about method: I retrieved this from (lots of free stuff to read!). Anyway I opened the text file, copied the entire thing and pasted it in my word processor. Then I made a chart and copied selections from the text in the chart. I had hoped the chart would allow for easier reading and since I was posting online, I thought it would look better as well.

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