Thursday, April 14, 2016

Enjoyable Wander

Ambitions of blackjack margaritas, salt water
Taffy in sleazy hotels as nostalgic
Liberty risked prohibition in seagull
Arcades to find sexy working women.
Nothing shines like an ocean nugget-
Taste of old wax and summer.
I was revamped by the hurricane facade-
Casinos magically gliding by. Restored

Crab fries and city eggs
In the heart of the lighthouse like the
Time in the maze of lasers, a resurgence of
Your white sand boardwalk beams.

Source: Words gathered from various pages about Atlantic City on Trip Advisor.

And here is poem number 13. This prompt called for us to look through travel websites, collect words and make a poem from them.  You can read the full prompt here.

I chose Atlantic City because I love it there. It took me forever to work on the poem today because I was distracted and doing other things. I didn't want to work on the poem until I  did my one assignment for class and I didn't do that till much later because making banana bread was really important earlier.

One last thing, this poem is an acrostic using the words "Atlantic City." I do love my acrostic form.

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