Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sweet Infringence

slowly over a cup of gold
from the black rose lake
steel glass thorns
 into shadow worlds
for pure love of the waiting

waiting for rapture
to coincide with wild flowers
and I bleed wild flowers
through the garbage
and intertwine in lava

lava erupts from melodious
serenity, come encase
my heart mind and burn forth
with sweet infringence.

infringent roots grow deep
in the ancient world.
The roots grow deep.

deep, pure sounds murmur
to my noisy mind and burn.

burn gold.

And here is poem number five. Today, I took an ancient poem (one from the 90's) and used this tool to remix the poem to form a new poem. I like some repition, which is a poem thing (so there is a fancy, literary word but my brain is kind of mushy right now. I have no idea what it is at the time) I haven't used a lot of. Oh yeah, I made up the word "infringence"  because I like the way it sounds. I have no idea what it means, what do you think it means? Find more poets at NaPoWrimo

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