Sunday, April 16, 2017

Halos in Darkness

whimsical wickedness
halos in darkness
tonight the leaky clover
sizzle  and wallow
temptations drizzle, the howl

shoplifts lingering
thoughts, a feline  tourniquet
in this blatant destiny  hollow
arranges breakneck whitewash and
the backward stanza

here it is now-
skirmishes  in the collective
with dromedaries  as  fugitives

and blankets of odd thoughts
in my garden of the moonless sky
filled with
halos in darkness
and whimsical wickedness

Here is poem 14. A surrealistic poem for you. I have ideas for two other poems, I am hoping they turn out as good as they are in my head. This is an old poem  and revised it heavily and it is like a brand new poem. Nothing like recycling old poems. Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

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