Sunday, April 16, 2017

Benediction Turmoil

When TNT  isolates  loyalty
who’s fear would it be?
tsunami herds turmoil
by benediction

fission is literature
burying the forgery  of memories
flares of oration realize
snapping slander,
scouring coal

tremors  burrow
the suspension command
back to a charmed  wasteland

distortion highlights
the bladed desecration
gritty circuits
stampedes the  lofty  horizon
formation ticks once again,

the slaughter will be blunt
and worship will be right


Hey all here is poem 13. After this poem I am three poems behind There have been forces beyond my control and I couldn't write any poems. And then when I did have some free time, I had to work on my school work.  Well I am going to try working on another. Find more poets at NaPoWriMo

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